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Pop in your earbuds and get ready to be inspired. Veteran homeschool mom and podcast host of the Your Morning Basket Podcast, Pam Barnhill unpacks how to have a better homeschool 10 minutes at a time. Full of practical tips, stories, interviews, and inspiration 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool is your home learning go-to show for quick, helpful information. *Formerly the Homeschool Snapshots Podcast

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TMBH 32: How to juggle life and homeschooling
Our time as humans is finite. Sorry to be the one to break that to you. That means there are so many hours in a week to get the homemaking, the homeschooling, and all the other things (including a job if you have one!) done. In this episode of the podcast Pam talks about the myth of balance and the single mindset shift you can make that might just save your sanity as you do all the things. 
TMBH 31: The myth of “planning from behind”
I have a bone to pick with "planning from behind" and this show is where I'm going to do it. Find out why planning from behind isn't actually planning at all, what it REALLY is, why it's valuable (sure it is), and what real, helpful planning actually looks like for your homeschool don't miss this episode. 
TMBH 30: Why a "non-planning" person decided to make a plan
I have known Dawn Garret for about seven years now. She has worked with me for so long helping moms create homeschool plans that I had long forgotten that once upon a time she considered herself "not a planning person. It wasn't until she realized that here frustrations were coming from not having a path to follow that she started taking steps to create a plan that would bring sanity to her homeschool. Listen on to find out why she was skeptical about planning and how it ended up helping her anyway. 
TMBH 29: Three Reasons Why It’s Worth Your Time to Plan
I hear it all the time -- there is no need for me to plan, I won't be able to follow the plan anyway. If you can do that and not be frustrated by the resulting school year, then great. I say don't mess with what's working. But if you don't feel like you can plan but you DO feel like you need some structure to keep from dissolving into chaos, then this episode is for you. Even if you feel like homeschool planning never worked for you before, I give you three reasons why you might want to try again. 
TMBH 28 Summer In Your Homeschool
Summertime. Where the living is easier (and summer homeschooling is easier too). These are my top tips for making this summer in your homeschool the best yet! 
TMBH 27 How do I choose a curriculum?
When people begin homeschooling, the very first question they often ask is, "How do I choose a curriculum?" These three tips will help you get started!  Find the show notes for this episode at https://pambarnhill.com/tmbh27
TMBH 26 Pam's favorite homeschool books
I have been reading homeschool books for over 10 years now. Some have been forgettable, but so many have helped to shape the way I school my kids. Today I am sharing a number of my favorites and telling you why I think they are important reads. Check these out! 
TMBH 25 Nature Study: The Perfect Elementary Science Curriculum
Sometimes simple is better. Kids need to make observations about the world around them. Further science ability depends on being able to look closely, to see the details, and record them. I love that nature study (free and readily available in your backyard) is the perfect way to hone those skills. Find out more in this episode of the podcast. 
TMBH 24: What if I don't finish my curriculum?
Homeschoolers worry, "What happens if I don't finish our curriculum before the end of the year?' The answer isn't as cut and dried and you might think. Some curriculum resources are never meant to be finished 100 percent (really!) and those can be closed and left until the following year. Watch or listen for ideas on what to do when the curriculum doesn't get done and how to prioritize what's important. 
TMBH 23: Homeschooling and ADHD
Do you suspect that your child has ADHD? Have you wondered what that means for your homeschool journey? Should you have him or here tested? Can you even do homeschooling properly with an ADHD child? I am joined on this episode of the podcast by Colleen Kessler, a former teacher and expert on gifted and twice-exceptional kids (plus a homeschool mom to more than one with ADHD) to answer those questions and more. 
TMBH 22 Homeschooling on the Cheap
Is it even possible to homeschool cheaply without buying tons of expensive curriculum? What about homeschooling almost totally for free without buying curriculum at all? Whit a few handy tools and some extra time in your budget there are some things you can do to substantially reduce the amount of money you spend on homeschooling your kids. Find out all the details here. 
TMBH 21 Learning Styles Aren't What you Think They Are
Teaching to your kid's learning styles is a huge buzzword in homeschool circles, but on today's episode of the podcast we are talking about why it doesn't matter nearly as much as you might think and even how it can be detrimental to your kid's education. Have a listen and let me know what you think !

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
339 reviews
Cc78hhu 2022/05/05
Love this podcast!
There are 70 bazillion podcasts out there - THANK YOU for making one that’s digestible, practical, helpful AND supportive! I love this podcast. Keep u...
Jeneratr 2022/02/21
Such a Great Listen!
I love Pam’s interview style! She’s just effortless, and I feel like I’m always listening to 2 friends talking. I also love hearing about how each pe...
PainesterLP 2021/11/09
Life-changing Advice
That may sound drastic, but it was! Pam’s advice to only do 10 min of each subject and to augment your “morning basket” has comply changed the atmosph...
SomeFBaddict 2021/10/13
Needed to hear this
I just listened to all five of the 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool and after a very frustrating day with my two homeschoolers, it was exactly what I...
Dahmdr 2021/10/08
What an answer to a prayer!
Love the topic today. My seven year old came to the table this morning and said, “I’m not doing school” and walked away to build Legos!
Linwick Family 2019/06/07
Injections of wisdom
This podcast is the perfect length to listen to when I work out in the morning before the kids get up. It helps me remember what’s important as I home...
Kyam3 2018/12/14
Get connected and inspired!
I cannot thank you enough Pam for all the work you do. I’m still a homeschool wannabe and I’m just devouring these podcasts. It’s been the perfect way...
MRicalde 2018/05/27
Just what I needed!
I love this podcast! I’m a new listener and she seems to have all of my favorite people on her show. I thoroughly enjoy it from start to finish. Highl...
TheCeiba 2018/04/13
I am Encouraged
It's the first time I listen to a homeschool podcast. I appreciate all the helpful tips. I love learning new things from so many different homeschoo...
Homeschool Newbie 2017/10/16
Amazing - Just what I was looking for
I just found this podcast and I have been listening to every episode old and new. I have three boys (almost 5, almost 3, and 8 months). My husband and...


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