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Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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Cleaner Air with Dr King (372)
Lung Disease is killing more of us each day.  As temperatures rise, why is our air more contaminated ?  Dr King explains how it's happening and what to do about it. Dr Karl Dr Bronwyn King
The Standard pt 2 with Professor Lewis (371)
In part 2,  Prof Lewis introduces Dr Karl to Quarks, Leptons and Bosons. It's a messy subatomic zoo and still our Standard Model of everything. Avoid brain pain and listen to part 1 first .  Dr Karl Professor Geraint Lewis  
The Standard pt 1 with Professor Lewis (370)
The Standard Model for everything ... is full of weird names and strange numbers. In part 1,  Prof Lewis explains to Dr Karl how we got into this mess and why this mess still holds true. Dr Karl Professor Geraint Lewis
Vaper Trails pt 2 Prof. Chapman (369)
Vapes are 21st century inventions but the science of smoking and its dangers are well known. Prof. Chapman tells Dr Karl how Vapes are likely to be worse than tobacco, why "Puff Parameters" lead to such conclusions, and how lung cancer became a top killer. Dr
Vaper Trails pt 1 with Prof. Chapman (368)
On Jan 1st , Australians have new buying restrictions for vapes. Prof Chapman guides Dr Karl through the Science of Nicotine addiction, how to battle Big Tobacco and why access rules must change. Dr
Sleep with Professor Siobhan Banks (292)RPT
There are many sleep myths.  Dr Karl clears up some with sleep researcher Professor Banks. So are there links between bad sleep and inflammatory disease?
Creatures with Professor Dieter Hochuli (302)RPT
Creatures surround us . All we have to do is look. Professor Dieter Hochuli shows us a living world right on our doorstep. @dieterhochuli
Medical Cannabis with Dr Bahceci (299)RPT
Medicinal use of cannabis is a big deal. How many cannabinoid chemicals are there? How receptive is the human body? Can you drive a car after CB pain relief? The answers vary. Dr Karl and Dr Bahceci have the Australian science. Always check with your local authorities on the law. @DilaraB_PhD  
Arthritis supplements with Professor Collins (316)RPT
Someone you know is being treated for Arthritis. Fifteen per cent of Australians suffer pain daily and there are few safe drugs. This has led to shelf loads of "supplements" and "alternatives".  Does any of it work? Professor Collins compiles the best research to date. Most do nothing (so don't waste your health, time or money).
Sunscreen Science with Geoff Mutton (342) RPT
What is the best way to protect your skin? Dr Karl seeks ground truths from an industrial chemist. Is it all in the science of drying paint ?
Bee Genes #2 with Dr Remnant (367)
Epigenetic jellies did not help. Feral bees made it worse.  When a species-jumping parasite landed in Australia, our biosecurity controls ultimately failed. Bee geneticist Dr Remnant explains to Dr Karl how we lost round one against Varroa and the battles now being planned. Dr. Remnant  
Bee Genes #1 with Dr Remnant (366)
Human prosperity has risen on the wings of bees - until recently. A species-jumping parasite has landed in Australia. Bee geneticist Dr Remnant explains  to Dr Karl how and why this is so risky. Dr. Remnant  

Podcast reviews

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4.5 out of 5
32 reviews
Factory Rat 2022/04/29
Great interviews.
This is an interview show with scientists rather than a call-in program like Karl’s Triple J show. I especially like the episodes on electricity.
ks,ks,dkmd 2021/12/25
Jdw alaska 2020/09/27
Joel W
Great topics. Love all of dr. Karl’s work 😊
dorcasgood 2020/07/28
sciencey but never talks down to the listener i really enjoy it
clint wolf 2017/06/14
Great, very interesting podcast. Keep up the terrific work, Dr. Karl.
dudeman618 2017/05/05
Love the show
Listening in USA, love Dr Karl and the show is awesome
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