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UnF*ck Your Brain: Feminist Self-Help for Everyone breaks down the centuries of sexist socialization that causes us to struggle with self-doubt, burnout, and anxiety. Hosted by Master Feminist Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., founder of The School of New Feminist Thought and author of Take Back Your Brain (Penguin 2024), each episode teaches you how to turn down the noise of societal expectations, turn up the volume on what YOU really want in life, and change your thinking to make sure you go get it. This podcast is an essential resource for anyone eager to embrace a life free from limiting beliefs and societal constraints. If you ever find yourself asking questions like… *Why am I so anxious about stuff that isn’t a big deal? *How can I stop overthinking everything? *Am I selfish for wanting my life to look different? *Will I ever feel comfortable in my body? *Am I a bad parent? *How can I ask for more money at work? *Can I stop people-pleasing? *How can my partner and I communicate better? … then you won’t want to miss an episode. Visit schoolofnewfeministthought.com to learn more about The School of New Feminist Thought and more.

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When You and Your Partner Are Moving At Different Speeds: A Conversation with Dr. Alexandra Solomon
Is your partner wanting to move faster or slower than you to meet certain relationship milestones? We’ve been taught to see moving at different speeds than your partner as a huge red flag. However, Dr. Alexandra Solomon - a best-selling author, therapist, speaker, expert in the study of relationships, and my guest this week - believes pace discrepancies allow us to work on essential relational skills. She’s here to uncover the complexities that our relationships demand and share her top tips for opening up communication with your partner on this topic.   Get full show notes and more information here: https://schoolofnewfeministthought.com/330
The Take Back Your Power Training
For thousands of years, women have been taught to give their power away, to doubt their own authority, and to ensure the comfort of those around them no matter how it impacts them personally. That's why even the most capable, extraordinary women can remain convinced they're "not good leaders", constantly crowdsource their decisions, and put their own needs last for the good of the whole, over and over. It's time for that to change.   Join me for the Take Back Your Power Training + masterclass, where you'll learn to reintegrate your personal power, stop people-pleasing, and focus on what actually matters to you. Text your email to +1 347-934-8861 or visit schoolofnewfeministthought.com/tbyp/ to join today.
Greatest Hits: Loving vs. Being Loved and Which Feels Better
You might already know this, but feeling loved doesn’t hinge on someone else loving you. Even if you grasp that external love can’t dictate your feelings, or recognize how societal conditioning shapes women’s views on love and dating, there may be hidden thoughts blocking you from accessing the emotions you crave. Tune in this week as I explore the distinction between loving and being loved, and which feels better. I’m sharing the fundamental socialization that has us assessing our relationships in unhelpful ways, and what happens when you switch your focus from being loved to loving.   Get full show notes and more information here: https://schoolofnewfeministthought.com/329
Numbing Out To Avoid Our Feelings: A Conversation With Rachel Hart
This week I’m talking numbing out with fellow life coach (and my platonic life soulmate and bestie) Rachel Hart. Whether you use drinking, eating, shopping, or Netflix binges, numbing is what we do to distract from, or try to get away from, negative emotions. Tune in to find out why it’s important to get to the root of why you’re numbing out, why numbing feels so good, and what many women are using numbing for.   Get full show notes and more information here: https://schoolofnewfeministthought.com/328
Bonus: The Real Reason You're Anxious (Join My Free Training!)
Now that the holiday glow and shininess of a new year has worn off, many of us find ourselves thinking that it’s time to buckle down and get busy — to start checking things off our to-do lists. You may have this idea of how you have to get these things done or that you have to do them a certain way and that might not feel great. But why? Tune in to find out how social programming is making you feel anxious — not just about your to-do list but in all areas of your life — and how you can get that socially-programmed anxiety out of your head in my free training, The Feminist Mindset Fix on February 10. Text your email to +1 347-997-1784, keyword “anxiety,” or visit unfuckyourbrain.com/anxiety to sign up today.     
How to Fail and Get Back Up Again
As we wrap up this three-part series on goals, I’m going to talk about something that we typically don’t do when it comes to goals — analyzing what went wrong. Learn how to handle when life gets in the way of your goals, how to plan for the unexpected, and why analyzing what went wrong is key to your success.   Get full show notes and more information here: https://schoolofnewfeministthought.com/327
F*ck It Brain — Why Resolution or Goal Failure Snowballs
Ever notice how when you “mess up” with your goal, even just a little, it becomes so easy to stay off track? In part two of this three-part series about falling off the wagon with our goals, learn what the biggest cause of goal derailment is, what you can do to get back on track, and how you can learn to diagnose exactly what went wrong with your goal in my Get Back on the Wagon Challenge.   Get full show notes and more information here: https://schoolofnewfeministthought.com/326
Willpower Doesn't Exist - Why We Fall Off the Wagon
In part one of this three-part series about falling off the wagon with our goals, I discuss why we fall off the wagon, how your current reaction to falling off the wagon is actually based on your misunderstanding of why it happens, and the one very important thing that most people get wrong about goals.   Get full show notes and more information here: https://schoolofnewfeministthought.com/325
DRUMROLL: A New School, New Name, and New Look!
I am so excited to share this news with you. My work and my business are evolving and it’s time to make some changes. Tune in to learn about the evolution of my business thus far, find out the secret that I’ve been keeping for SO long, see where things are headed for the future, and learn how you can become a founding member of the next phase in this life-changing work.   Get full show notes and more information here: https://schoolofnewfeministthought.com/324
Unpacking Socialization and Myths about Dating: A Discussion with Damona Hoffman
I’m joined by Damona Hoffman, certified dating coach and author of F the Fairy Tale as we discuss unpacking the myths and socialization we’ve internalized about dating and relationships. Listen in as we talk about how you can use the skills that have made you successful in other areas of your life and apply them to dating, how to experience the joy of dating, and the key to designing the type of relationships you actually want.   Get full show notes, transcript, and more information here: https://unfuckyourbrain.com/323
UFYB Bonus: Your New Year Pep Talk
Many of us have a complicated relationship with New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve made them in the past but weren’t able to stick with them, listen to this episode to learn where you may have gone wrong in the past and how you can revolutionize your approach going forward. Plus, when you join the Clutch by midnight tomorrow, unlock this exclusive bonus designed to guarantee your success in 2024. Text your email to +1 347-934-8861 or visit unfuckyourbrain.com/clutch to join today.
The Must-Do Secret to Planning Resolutions
Many of us really enjoy the planning stage of New Year’s resolutions — the stage where you’re buying new gym outfits or color-coordinating all of the time you’re setting aside on your calendar to write your book. But are you really planning for success? Or are you just enjoying the fantasy? In this episode, I’m going to teach you the biggest mistake people make in planning a resolution and how to actually plan so you can succeed.   Get full show notes, transcript, and more information here: https://unfuckyourbrain.com/322

Podcast reviews

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4.6 out of 5
4920 reviews
rIVER121 2024/02/15
one of my favorite podcasts !
this podcast has helped so much with my personal development and dating life as well as helping with better managing stress at work
h1984c 2024/02/13
Makes it simple.
And it kinda is when you think about it. I’m a spiritual person. I think. I like to look for my meanings and messages. This podcast isn’t it. What t...
BP Writer 2024/01/29
Great podcast
Recently found this podcast and am enjoying it! Episode 312 with guests Dr. Adrienne Mann and Dr. Tyra Fainstad about their peer-reviewed research stu...
RahimaD 2023/12/19
Most helpful resource I’ve found in years
This podcast has helped me so much. I’m autistic and have always struggled with understanding people and situations, which causes a huge amount of anx...
Nikki1492 2024/01/13
Upselling all the time
Her good episodes are quite spotty. Most of the time she’s obsessively and forcefully trying to sell her course.
ava hodnett 2024/01/04
I m only 11
talemache 2023/11/24
Amazing with a capital “A”
I wish I would have found this podcast years ago because it would have saved me so much time worrying about what other people think about me at work a...
clairezab 2023/10/09
This podcast has positively impacted me so much. I think about these teachings on a daily basis. I am grateful for the ways in which it’s encouraged m...
Stumblette 2023/10/23
The topics are very wide. I wouldn’t recommend because I find more value in people who specialize in specific areas vs broad range advice. Example, so...
mplsjo 2023/10/20
Payment only
I started with this podcast a few years ago and for the avg person, helpful. Now it’s all classes. Find a new platform.
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