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Join us as we spend each episode talking with a mathematical professional about their favorite result. And since the best things in life come in pairs, find out what our guest thinks pairs best with their theorem.

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Episode 90 - Corrine Yap
Corrine Yap loves math, graph theory in particular, and also loves to perform her one-person play about Sonya Kovalevskaya. Also, tofu.
Episode 89 - Allison Henrich
Allison Henrich studies knots and her favorite theorem is about how one might unknot a knot. Also, music.
Episode 88 - Tom Edgar
We all know the (probably apocryphal) story of Gauss adding up the first 100 positive integers as a child. Well, Tom Edgar really likes this result and will be happy to tell you about dozens of different ways to prove it. Also, Groundhog Day.
Episode 87 - Tatiana Toro
Tatiana Toro is a geometer and therefore loves the ur-theorem of geometry, "due" to Pythagoras. She also likes to walk.
Episode 86 - Sarah Hart
Gresham Professor of Geometry Sarah Hart likes cycloids and we talk at length about all their fascinating properties. Also, Moby Dick (or The Whale).
Episode 85 - Matthew Kahle
Euler's polyhedral formula continues to amaze Matthew Kahle as he finds it showing up in different places in mathematics. Also, Bach.
Episode 84 - The Students of TCU
Kevin visited Texas Christian University in March and recorded this episode with some math students. Excellent theorems and pairings.
Episode 83 - Cihan Bahran
Cihan Bahran has a popular twitter feed in which he shares surprising theorems. His favorite? Matrix mortality is undecidable.
Episode 82 - Juliette Bruce
Juliette Bruce is an algebraic geometer who loves to think about embedding curves in projective space. Also mountaineering.
Episode 81 - Christopher Danielson
Technically this is a theorem, but it seems so obvious that it's unclear that it needs a proof. In this episode Christopher Danielson points out that polygons have same number of sides as vertices. Many shapes make an appearance.
Episode 80 - Kimberly Ayers
Kimberly Ayers likes dynamics and so obvs her fave theorem is Sharkovskii's result that "period 3 implies chaos." Also taffy.
Episode 79 - Philip Ording
Philip Ording wrote a cool book (you should check it out) and he likes the Erlangen Program. Not really a theorem, but we're not purists around here.

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4.8 out of 5
95 reviews
CarlLeGrone 2022/07/17
Very interesting theorems
Very neat theorems and many kinds of mathematicians.
HawaiiThad 2023/02/17
Not my favorite anymore
This show has gone downhill. Maybe they’ve done episodes on all the interesting theorems or interviewed all the interesting guests they could get. An...
M.S.Meatball 2018/10/25
Learn Something New Each Episode
The hosts have on great guests, who do deep dives into their favorite theorems. The episodes range in accessibility, but there are interesting take aw...
johnnerbonner 2021/02/13
Turned off from the beginning
What was that all about? The guest could have simply stated what it was about calculus that fascinated her and then given the Wikipedia example and t...
Joe from Doral 2019/05/07
Good but
I enjoy this podcast but I just wished they wouldn’t open *every* episode by discussing the weather. It’s trite.
3of7tricom34 2018/02/10
Already very much enjoying this
Just started, but already very much enjoying!
Graeme McRae 2017/10/03
Very approachable
I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to follow the math without any visual aids. For example, a case of Fermat’s “little” theorem was vividly ex...
Nesotoru 2017/09/14
New favorite podcast!
The first episode had a discussion of the Uniformization theorem, ice cream, and the Borsuk-Ulam theorem. Instant five star rating tbh
Rafalva 2017/07/30
Great Initiative
Congratulations. This is great way to develop interest in mathematics
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