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Three licensed therapists breakdown and analyze popular movies and characters from the perspectives of an individual, child, and a marriage and family therapist.

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Never Been Kissed: Neurodivergence & Predatory Relationships
[CW: Discussions of predatory relationships including references to assault] This year's winner of our Valentine's Day poll is Never Been Kissed! Listener beware if you are precious about this movie because we truly rip it apart. We first break down the characters of Josie and Rob. We discuss the potential of neurodivergence in regards to Josie and the impact of failed dreams via Rob. We spend a good chunk of this episode focusing on the predatory and reprehensible relationship between Josie AND A MAN WHO THINKS SHE IS A TEENAGER! So hang on to your favorite feather boa, cuz this is gonna be a bumpy ride.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Why You Need Your Memories
Would it be better to forget than remember when pain is involved? We try to answer that question in our PATREON picked episode on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We analyze the two main characters: Clementine & Joel. We also rip apart the ethics (or lack thereof) behind the “medical professionals” responsible for the forgetting procedure. Join us as we try to outrun the memory police! Thank you, Kayla!
Seinfeld & Festivus: Trauma & Personality Disorders
Happy December 23rd! Or how its known in the Costanza household: HAPPY FESTIVUS! Join us as we round out 2023 by getting out our metal poles and discussing the Festivus episode of Seinfeld. We discuss how trauma is represented by George Costanza as well as how Festivus is a holiday made by and for someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We wish you all a happy new year and we hope you all win your family's feats of strength!!
Jingle All the Way and Being a Present Parent
Merry Christmas! This holiday season we break down (and hate on) the 90s kid classic, Jingle All The Way! We discuss the representation of parenting via Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. We also explore the destructive nature of consumerism. Hope you all don’t mind our ribbing of a modern classic that unfortunately does not hold up in any way.
Fried Green Tomatoes: Identity & Chosen Family
Join us as we discuss the 90s classic: Fried Green Tomatoes! We are once again joined by Rachel Harrison, our close friend and art therapist. We discuss identity through the experiences of the three main characters: Idgie, Ruth, and Evelyn. We also discuss the importance of chosen family and community. Tawanda!!
Whiplash: Tough Love vs Abuse
In this episode we are joined by Tessa Marie Hoffman as we break down the 2014 critically acclaimed film, Whiplash. We discuss the “teaching” tactics displayed in the movie and evaluate the differences between preparing students for the realities of a difficult career and narcissistic abuse. We also explore the power dynamics of mentor/student relationships, specifically within the entertainment industry. Find out more about Tessa on IG @tessamariehoffman or at tessamariehoffman.net
The Shining: Domestic Violence, PTSD, & The Psychology of Kubrick
[CW: This episode contains lengthy discussions throughout about domestic violence] Happy Halloween! We are finally taking the windy mountain road to the Overlook Hotel to discuss The Shining! We are joined by Dr. Scott Jordon (aka Zombie Scotty)! We ask the question, would seeing ghosts give you PTSD? We have a very serious discussion about the domestic violence shown in the relationship of Jack and Wendy as well as its impact on their son, Danny. We also touch on the variety of ways that Kubrick uses aspects of filmmaking to provoke a psychological response within us. Join us! But don't go into room 237!! Where you can find Dr. Scott: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN5ddGv-AuqOj7iwdBxt_eQ twitter.com/Dark_Loops
The Addams Family: Psychopathy and Enmeshment
Are you creepy, spooky, mysterious, or kooky?? Well you've come to the right place because we are talking about The Addams Family!! We are specifically diving into the 1991 film and we are joined by Benjamin Taitz! We ask the eternal question: are the Addams Family a family of "psychopaths"? We also break down the relationship between Fester and his "adoptive" mother, Ms. Craven, as a textbook example of how enmeshment is used within an abusive dynamic. Join us if you dare! Find Ben here: @MHQPodcast-twitter, facebook taplink.cc/mhq
Special Live Episode from FanExpo Chicago 2023
Enjoy this live episode from Fan Expo Chicago 2023! Ben and Brittney chat with a live audience about a variety of topics from the portrayal of therapists in film/tv to surprising places that we have found positive mental health messaging. We touch upon several different pieces of media, from Ted Lasso to Bluey to the MCU. Thank you to everyone who attended live and asked such thoughtful questions!
Inception with Dr. Isaac Taitz: Consciousness, Dreaming, & Shame
Stay awake! Because we are finally delving into the multilayered dream space of Inception! We are joined by a super knowledgable guest on therapeutic dreamwork: Dr. Isaac Taitz. We discuss the real components of dreams and consciousness demonstrated in this sci-fi movie. We also continue our discussions on grief, specifically when grief is tangled up in shame. Lastly, we answer the question: Can you really incept a person with an idea?? Where you can find Dr. Isaac Taitz: www.allmindhealth.com https://www.facebook.com/allmindhealth Twitter: @AllMindHealth1 Instagram: @allmindhealth Youtube: @allmindhealth
Wakanda Forever: Layers of Grief
Wakanda Forever! This will come as no surprise to anyone but this episode will be mainly about grief and the myriad of ways we can experience grief and process grief. We discuss grief not only through the fictional characters of this movie but also through the significant real-life loss of Chadwick Boseman. So bring your tissues and an open heart as we dive into this heavy topic. ❤️
Up w/ Raiders of the Lost Podcast!
Hello!! We are doing a very special crossover episode with Raiders of the Lost Podcast, hosted by twin brothers Anthony and James Deveney who break down your favorite movies from the past and present. We are finally talking about Pixar's Up, a highly requested film by fans. As this is a hyrid episode, we get a bit more into the actual making of the film and behind the scenes trivia as well as discuss themes of mental health. So join us as we fly all the way to Paradise Falls!!

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4.6 out of 5
211 reviews
Samjodell 2024/01/23
Love this podcast!
I went to college for Psych and Sociology and I am a HUGE movie/ tv show girl, so this podcast for me is a no brainer! I love hearing all the differ...
Lovz11 2024/01/24
More movie Genres!
This is an amazing podcast I just stumbled upon. I’ve gone through a few episodes and love a lot of the movie choses, but would like to see more vari...
LaurenB.. 2024/01/09
I LOVE this podcast! I keep sharing it with my friends and family! We’re wondering if you guys would ever do TV series? My sister and I want you guys ...
everythings_coming_up_roses 2023/12/02
Please edit out mouth noises!!
I really enjoy the content itself but PLEASE for the sanity of listeners with misophonia, edit out those god forsaken mouth noises!!! I was so excited...
Boop明水月 2023/12/01
Love it!
I found this podcast in September of this year. I love the concept as someone who loves TV and psychologically. It adds a fun new layer to movies and ...
Mobmistress 2023/05/21
The only podcast I listen to
I love this podcast. I don’t really like podcasts as an overall medium but this one I can’t deny.
Peaky Swell 2023/10/22
I’ve always wanted a podcast like this to exist!
…and I just found it! I really appreciate their take on rom coms (I just listened to Sleepless in Seattle) as they make me feel validated in my critic...
chrysanthemum45 2022/10/27
Great Fun
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now. The discussions are interesting and lighthearted, while taking things seriously when discussi...
jen-95 2022/10/17
Great substance podcast!
I love that all the podcasters are professional psychologists on different specialties and different backgrounds give a professional, analytical, and ...
Jay73227 2022/07/29
So good!
Great conversations here that analyze films in a unique way. Love it!
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