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Are you managing stress or is your stress managing you? What practical steps can you take each day for sustained emotional, spiritual and relational health? In the Rhythms for Life podcast, authors, speakers, and founders of Q Ideas, Gabe Lyons and Rebekah Lyons, invite listeners to journey with them and expert guests into transparent conversations brimming with practical advice. From artists, nutritionists and psychologists to thought leaders, advocates and entrepreneurs, listeners will meet expert guides that will help them keep stress and anxiety at bay and pursue everyday moments of abundance by establishing four life-giving rhythms: rest, restore, connect, and create.

Podcast episodes

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Free to Be Rescued
You don't have to keep striving for freedom--instead, you can live in the freedom you already have in Christ.
Soul Rest: Farrell Mason
Misdiagnosing Anxiety: Curt Thompson MD
Building Endurance: Christine Caine
Hope vs Despair: Seth & Amber Haines
Practicing Presence: Faith Eury Cho
Rebuilding Your Mind Body Connection: Robin Long
Embracing God’s Love: Madison Prewett Trout
Uncovering Our Hidden Addictions: Dr. Chip Dodd
Cultivating a Pilgrim Perspective: Ruth Chou Simons
A Healing Mindset: Dr. Josh Axe
Engaging Teen Mental Health: Kennedy and Pierce Lyons

Podcast reviews

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4.9 out of 5
1205 reviews
CiCeM3 2024/01/31
Literally perfection. This feeds my soul. God is amazing!! Thank y’all
Lienna M 2023/09/20
My new favorite podcast
Rebekah shares a wealth of knowledge. Stress is such a big part of our fast-paced lifestyle and we all need practical tools to sustain emotional and s...
Counting my blessings! 2023/07/09
Awesome podcast!
If I could, I’d rate this podcast a 10+. I’m learning to trust God even more through listening to Rebekah, Gabe and those who they, no doubt, prayerfu...
jeffyoungren 2023/09/11
Great podcast, restructure your ads
6 minutes before any content on the latest episode!
Tish Banda 2023/02/25
Life changing
I really don’t have words for the healing this podcast has led me too. The vulnerable talks about mental health and how to walk through that. Seems li...
Fjdlfjdofjdj 2023/02/05
Emotions series changed my life!
Loved the series with Dr. Dodd, and I’ve been enjoying more episodes since. Love this podcast!
rociogarden 2022/10/27
I am so appreciating the emotions series. And the book Every Moment Holy is a new favorite of mine. Thank you for pursuing TRUTH and GOODNESS💗
LaAsWil 2022/10/04
Changed my life!
I don’t say things change my life, like ever. But this podcast has truly helped me figure out my purpose, make a plan, find my rhythm, and seek the go...
laurenleeealter 2022/08/11
So helpful!
Loving that this sweet couple is openly sharing about hard things and the power of next steps! Thank you for speaking truth with love. For those who n...
Erika O. from MD 2022/08/04
God has used Rebekah Lyons over and over again in my life. From hearing her speak about overcoming anxiety on another podcast which led me to read her...
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