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Sit down with Ali and Noah for their conversational style podcast that takes a deep dive into every aspect of the horse industry. We don’t shy away from complicated topics and we love to share all the feel good stories. Our goal is to create a space where everyone can show up, laugh a little, learn a lot, but more than anything relate to others. We’re all here because we love horses and what they add to our lives. Support this podcast:

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3Rein Media Q & A
On this weeks episode of The Leading Rein, Ali takes time to answer some questions about 3Rein Media and our future plans. --- Support this podcast:
Introducing 3Rein Media's Video Platform
On this week's very special episode of The Leading Rein, we introduce 3Rein Media's new video platform! This project has been a long time in the making and we are excited to be able to share more details on how you can access horse educational content from the comfort of your own home. Our first streaming event will be filming Clark Ranch Horses and Performance Prospects Winter Colt Starting at Houlihan Ranch on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Listen to more details from Ali and Noah here! Also, our website is almost finished but if you would like to be the first to know any updates and when virtual tickets go on sale enter your email in the link below to be added to our mailing list. --- Support this podcast:
Winter Tips with Natalie Sullivan
On Course Equine Nutrition Founder, Natalie Sullivan, shares her tips for keeping horses happy and healthy through the winter months! On Course Equine Nutrition Links: --- Support this podcast:
Ali Talks Business Plans and Scheduling
Ali talks about points to consider when making a business plan, and the importance of making one. She also discusses how they approach scheduling their year with both the horses and clients goals in mind. --- Support this podcast:
Horse Arenas and Small Businesses
Ali and Noah answer a popular questions about their horse arenas and share a few small business they love for Small Business Saturday! --- Support this podcast:
Cold Weather Prep with Julie OConnor
On a cool new episode of The Leading Rein, Ali sits down with Julie OConnor, a cold weather safety expert, to discuss winter riding preparation, gear and tips. Along with years of wilderness experience, Julie has a BS in Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Education and teaches a class called Winter Bliss - Dressing for Safety and Comfort in Winter. If you are interested in this class or connecting with Julie you can contact her on Facebook at julieoconnorconsulting. --- Support this podcast:
Noah Talks Colt Training Timelines
On this week's episode of The Leading Rein, Noah discusses the general timeline for developing young horses. --- Support this podcast:
Equine Dentistry with Emily Ardrey
On this weeks episode of The Leading Rein Ali chats with Emily Ardrey about her decision to pursue equine dentistry, taking advantage of opportunities and the joy horses have brought to her life! --- Support this podcast:
Get to Know Tina Cornish
On this weeks episode, Ali talks with her mom and longtime professional, Tina Cornish, about her journey with horses and how the industry has evolved. Tina gives a few tips to parents and kids searching for opportunities!  --- Support this podcast:
Amateur Hour 3
Amateur Hour Alert! Ali chats with Corie Allen, a newbie to the amateur club, about how her journey with horses has evolved, takeaways and where she’s headed! --- Support this podcast:
Avoiding Burnout
On this weeks episode, Ali answers common questions about avoiding burnout and balancing competitive and horsemanship goals. --- Support this podcast:
Continuing Education
This week on The Leading Rein, Noah and Ali discuss ways to stay busy during the smoke and the importance of continuing education. --- Support this podcast:

Podcast reviews

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4.8 out of 5
17 reviews
BrtMas 2022/04/12
Wonderful and Much Needed!
This podcast and all of 3rein media is filling a much needed gap in the equestrian world! The educational opportunities are endless and the content is...
coltonjwill 2021/09/27
Great podcast!
Love listening to each episode, full of great advice and stories.
amazingLOAF 2021/09/27
LOVE this podcast
I absolutely love this podcast!! Aly is so knowledgeable and everyone she speaks to is incredibly talented. I am always looking for ways to learn more...
Tayla Thomas 2021/09/14
Great podcast, lots of insight and wisdom
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I listen to it when I’m fencing and I really look forward to new episodes every week. Noah and Ali put a lot...
Katiehorselady 2021/09/14
A really fun ride!
I’ve have really enjoyed listening and learning along with Ali , Noah and their assortment of weekly guest!
chelse_j 2021/09/14
I love it!!
I can’t say enough good things about this! I really feel like you guys are filling a gap, in a much needed area in the horse world. It’s great to be a...
Hasil69 2021/09/14
Great podcast
Very enjoyable podcast! Always packed with helpful information and both Noah and Ali have a very kind way about how they present it. Very pleased to ...
emiilyjadee 2021/09/08
A pivotal turn in the equine industry! Combining modern technology with the equine world was the best idea. So thankful to have the option to expand m...
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