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Raa Raa (Ramya Saravanan) is an author and has published books both in Tamil and English. She writes stories for children and for an older audience as well. She narrates her stories and short (feel good and motivating) snippets in Kadhai Ketkum Neram. Besides narrating stories written by renowned authors in the public domain, she also narrates content written by her that includes short stories, sleep stories, short snippets, motivational, and much more. Kadhai Ketkum Neram (KKN) serves as a platform to reach you all with diverse content. Kadhai Ketkum Neram (KKN) will always strives to give good and original content to you.

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Idhuvum Kaadhal thaan - Raa Raa | இதுவும் காதல் தான் - ரா ரா | Tamil Audio Book | Author Raa Raa
This is a short romantic story that evolves between Chandra and Keerthana. Enjoy the breezy love story.
Mahabharatham - Tharumam Kathathu - Chapter 32 | தருமம் காத்தது - Tamil Audio Book
Dhurvasavar sage visit to Pandavar who were in Vanavaasam
Mariyathaiyum Purithalum | மரியாதையும் புரிதலும் | Raa Raa Post | ரா ரா பதிவு | Feel Good Post | Tamil Audio Stories
More than love and affections, the one discussed in this post is important:)
Kurai Nallathu | குறை நல்லது | Raa Raa Post | ரா ரா பதிவு | Feel Good Post | Tamil Audio Stories
Many people complain about the things we have missed or haven't had for a long time. Listen to this; you might find it interesting
Part 6- Kutty Kadhaigal | குட்டிக் கதைகள்| விந்தன் / Vinthan | Interesting Short Audio Stories
This is a compilation 5 small stories Each story is unique and will be interesting to listen.
Thuppariyum Sambu -Chapter 13 | Singapore Singam | சிங்கப்பூர் சிங்கம் | துப்பறியும் சாம்பு- Funny Short Stories| Devan/ தேவன்
Another funny episode of Thuppariyum Sambu
Mahabharatham - Theemaiyin Mudivu - Chapter 31 | தீமையின் முடிவு - Tamil Audio Book
Sadasuran's death, marking the culmination of his past misdeeds. Additionally, we delve into the intricate web of troubles that ensued due to Draupadi's unyielding resolve to acquire the coveted golden flowers
Mahabharatham - Veeman (Bheeman) Yathirai - Chapter 30 | மகாபாரதம் -வீமன் யாத்திரை- Tamil Audio Book
Draupadi requested Veeman (Bheeman) to get some divine flowers which would be available only one Devaloka. 
Siranjeevi Kadhai - Kalki | சிரஞ்சீவிக் கதை - கல்கி | Funny Tamil Audio Stories
Another funny story from Amarar Kalki Avargal. The story revolves around Maranda Mudaliar. A man in 50s and who wished to live a long life.
Mr & Mrs Mutta Kannu Story written and narrated by Raa Raa | மிஸ்டர் அண்ட் மிஸ்ஸஸ் முட்டகண்ணு| கதை ரா ரா | Funny Audio Stories
Our spendthrift protagonist learns his lesson the hard way
Full Story:) Puthumaipithan- Sitrannai / சிற்றன்னை - புதுமைப்பித்தன் |குறுநாவல் / Short Novel
A Classic beautiful novel that captures each and every cute activities of a small child. Kunjamma, the cute and naughty child who will stay in your memory for ever. Sundaravadivelu, a widower with two small children Raja and Kunjamma remarries Maragadham. The story revolves around these people. Some mention that this story was inspiration for filmmaker Mahendren for the movie "Uthiripookal" . Listen to full story and share your reviews:) 
Mahabharatham - Inthiran Kattalai - Chapter 29 | மகாபாரதம் -இந்திரன் கட்டளை - Tamil Audio Book
 Indhiran asked Arjunan to help him. 

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4.6 out of 5
12 reviews
Bhargav Kesavan 2021/11/26
Very good
I recommend this podcast to you. It’s frequent and very nicely narrated.
ganeshkumary2k 2020/06/12
Nicely narrated and keep it up
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