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On Market Mondays, Earn Your Leisure and Stock market expert Ian Dunlap discuss strategies to make money in the stock market under any circumstance. During Market Mondays, we also answered a variety of investment questions from live callers. Market Mondays is a new, exciting look into the world of investing and money management.

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Why DEI Matters Behind The Numbers
In this episode, hosts Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, and Rashad Bilal sit down with Rick Wade, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Outreach at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to discuss the current landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the corporate world. Rick Wade shares valuable insights on the business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion, emphasizing how companies with diverse executive teams are more profitable, and how investing in closing skills gaps among minority populations today is crucial for future competitiveness. He also discusses the impact of minority suppliers on cost savings and innovation for companies. Moreover, Rick addresses the importance of recommitting to DEI initiatives, highlighting a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus that focused on holding S&P 500 companies accountable for their commitments to DEI following the George Floyd murder. He stresses the economic benefits of investing in DEI and the positive impact on future workforce and community job creation. The conversation extends to emerging markets, as Rick discusses the potential for business in countries like India, China, and despite challenges, the Middle East and Africa. He emphasizes the need for companies to understand and engage with these markets, leveraging resources like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Foreign Commercial Service Office Division to facilitate connections. For entrepreneurs watching the show, Rick provides advice on how to act on the information shared. He encourages them to start by learning and navigating platforms such as, and to get engaged with business organizations like local chambers or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He emphasizes the value of networking and suggests being intentional in investing time and resources into these organizations. In conclusion, Rick expresses his appreciation for the work of the hosts and encourages partnership between Market Mondays and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, highlighting the potential to create thriving business communities akin to the historic Black Wall Street. He emphasizes the necessity, not just the desire, for intentional collaboration in this work. Join us for an insightful and informative discussion, touching on the business case for diversity, emerging markets, and actionable advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Don't miss out on the valuable insights and impactful perspectives shared by Rick Wade on Market Mondays. Hashtags: #MarketMondays #DiversityAndInclusion #BusinessStrategy #Entrepreneurship #GlobalBusiness #EconomicOpportunities #USChamberOfCommerce #EmergingMarkets #DEIInitiatives #CorporateResponsibility Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
Should the Airline Sector Get a Bailout?
In this episode, hosts Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, and Rashad Bilal discuss the current state of the airline sector and whether it is in need of a bailout. They delve into the financial performance of major airlines such as JetBlue, Southwest, United Airlines, and Delta, highlighting their struggles and questioning the necessity of a bailout to prevent potential business failures. The discussion also touches on the impact of factors such as fluctuating gas prices, attempts at mergers, and outflows from hedge funds on the airline industry. The conversation further delves into the broader implications for the airline sector, with a focus on the influence of aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing. The hosts examine the trickle-down effect of issues at Boeing, highlighting how the company's struggles with the 737 have impacted the entire industry. They provide insights into the challenges facing the airline sector, emphasizing the complexities of investing in a space that has seen significant turbulence and uncertainty. Additionally, the hosts share their outlook on the sector, expressing caution and skepticism about investing in airlines at the current juncture. As the discussion transitions to the S&P 500 hitting an all-time high, the hosts explore the question of whether it is too late to invest in the index. They provide historical context, noting that the market has never had a down year during an election year when an incumbent president is running for reelection. The hosts present a compelling analysis of the interplay between the stock market, the White House, and the role of the Federal Reserve, shedding light on the potential influences and considerations for investors. The description of the video will wrap up by encouraging viewers to engage with Market Mondays for in-depth discussions on market trends, investment insights, and macroeconomic factors. The episode promises to offer valuable knowledge for both seasoned investors and individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of the financial world. Join Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, and Rashad Bilal as they explore critical topics that impact the world of finance and investing. #MarketMondays #Airlines #Bailout #SP500 #InvestingInsights #StockMarket #FinancialAnalysis #EconomicTrends #Boeing #FederalReserve #ElectionYear #WhiteHouseInfluence #MacroEconomics #InvestmentStrategies #MarketTrends #Finance #Investing Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
MM #196: Bitcoin Heads To Record High, Bezos Sells Amazon Stock, Cheap Chip Stocks, Government Antitrust
Welcome back to Market Mondays on the Earn Your Leisure channel! In today's episode, we're diving into a range of hot topics that are shaping the financial world: Market Mondays w/ Doha Mekki (DOJ Antitrust Div - PDAAG) - We kick off the discussion with our thoughts on OpenAI's latest innovation, the Incredible video generator SORA. How will this technology impact content creation and digital marketing? - Jeff Bezos has sold over $2 billion in Amazon stock for the third time this month. Is this a red flag for individual investors, or is there a bigger picture to consider when elites liquidate their stocks? - Morgan Stanley has spotlighted Ameriprise Financial and CRH as top stock picks. Do you agree with their assessment? Let's break down the potential of these recommendations. - The valuation debate heats up as we compare NVIDIA and Google. Is NVDA truly worth more in the current market scenario? - Troy and Rashad weigh in on which companies to place puts on: Southwest, Intel, Footlocker, or Coursera. Hear their insights and strategies. - Bitcoin's streak of weekly gains puts a new record high within reach. When do we predict this all-time high will be shattered? - We explore top semiconductor stocks, including Magnachip, Himax Technologies, ASEW Technology, Arteris, and Navitas Semiconductor. Which of these have the potential to skyrocket? - Reflecting on financial regrets, we share the top mistakes we wish we could do over. - Interesting trend: single women own more homes than single men. Let's discuss the implications of this in today's market. - Capital One's potential acquisition of Discover Card – could this be the next big merger to watch? - With U.S. equities now comprising 70% of the MSCI World Index, we address concerns over market concentration. - Plus, a special segment with Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Doha Mekki discussing the critical intersection of antitrust laws, economic rights, and civil rights. Join us as we unravel these topics and provide actionable insights for your financial journey. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments, like, and subscribe for more financial wisdom every Monday. #MarketMondays #FinancialEducation #StockMarket #OpenAI #JeffBezos #InvestmentTips #Bitcoin #SemiconductorStocks #AntitrustLaws #EconomicRights #CivilRights #EYL Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
Is Apple's Vision Pro the Next Big Thing?
In this episode, Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal delve into the world of Apple's latest innovation, the Vision Pro. They discuss its impressive functionalities, the potential market impact, and its intriguing connection to a popular animated TV show. The hosts share their excitement about getting their hands on the Vision Pro, with Troy planning to provide a comprehensive review on the next episode. They highlight the positive reception the product has received, despite a few minor criticisms about its size and head strap. However, the potential of spatial computing is a game-changer, as it redefines how users interact with their surroundings in various settings. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they discuss the eerie coincidence that in 2007, an episode of The Simpsons seemingly predicted the development of the Vision Pro, coinciding with Apple's patent filing in the same year. The hosts contemplate whether this is coincidental, predictive programming, or perhaps Apple playing the long game with their innovation. Additionally, they explore Apple's strategic approach, touching on Tim Cook's recent comments about the Vision Pro and the company's focus on AI. The potential for an AI breakthrough and June product announcements create further anticipation. Despite the product's high price point, both hosts express their loyalty to Apple, showing confidence in the brand's ability to justify the cost with its performance. They also address the absence of popular apps like YouTube and Netflix on the Vision Pro and speculate on the reasons behind these omissions, suggesting that partnerships and content deals could influence these decisions. The potential of the device for live sports and its meditation features add to the anticipation and excitement surrounding its release. Don't miss out on the in-depth review of the Vision Pro, upcoming product announcements, and the evolving tech landscape in the next episode of Market Mondays. Join Troy and Rashad as they navigate through the world of technology, innovation, and market trends, providing valuable insights and perspectives for tech enthusiasts and investors alike. #MarketMondays #VisionPro #AppleInnovation #TechTrends #SpatialComputing #AI #TechReview Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
How Political Polls Can Be Manipulated and Misleading with Roland Martin
In this episode, Rashad Bilal and Roland Martin engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the complexities of polling and election dynamics. The conversation delves into the intricacies of polling methodology, sample sizes, breakdown percentages, and the implications of social research in presidential polls. The dialogue kicks off with Rashad Bilal raising a question about the respected poll size for presidential polls, to which Roland Martin discerns that the sample size is only one aspect of polling, stressing the importance of analyzing breakdown percentages. He draws attention to a recent NBC poll, highlighting discrepancies in the poll's demographics and ideological composition, which significantly impacts the results. Martin articulates the significance of time sensitivity in polling, emphasizing that polling data may be irrelevant as market conditions evolve. The discussion shifts to dissecting the limitations and misinterpretations associated with polling. Martin sheds light on the intricacy of polling data, exemplifying the complexities of polling dynamics by referencing historical examples and the Affordable Care Act polling. The conversation then transitions to an analysis of an "Earn Your Leisure" poll, where Bilal reveals the voting statistics garnered from their poll. Martin engages in a critical assessment, emphasizing the significance of understanding the demographic breakdown of poll respondents and the platform on which the poll was conducted. The discussion culminates with a deep dive into the shifting voting patterns within the black community, outlining the evolution of voting patterns and self-identification within different age groups. As the dialogue progresses, Martin provides a comprehensive breakdown of the nuances of black voter patterns, encapsulating a historical perspective and contemporary trends. The episode offers a critical insight into polling dynamics, election trends, and the complex interplay of demographics within the modern political landscape. Join Rashad Bilal and Roland Martin as they unravel the intricate layers of polling, election dynamics, and the evolution of voter behavior in this engaging and enlightening episode on Market Mondays. Hashtags: #MarketMondays #PollingDynamics #ElectionTrends #PoliticalAnalysis #VoterBehavior #PresidentialPolls #MarketConditions #DemographicBreakdown #SocialResearch #BlackVoterPatterns #RacialPolitics #RolandMartin #RashadBilal #ElectionInsights Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
MM #195: Vision Pro Review, International Business, Help For Entrepreneurs, & The Super Bowl's Biggest Winner
**Market Mondays: Unpacking the Future of Tech, Investments, and Global Economics** In this thrilling episode of Market Mondays, we dive deep into the latest trends and crucial questions shaping the financial and tech landscapes. Join us as we explore a range of topics that are at the forefront of investors' minds. - **Live Review**: Troy gives an on-the-spot evaluation of the much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro. Discover the features that could redefine our interaction with technology. - **Airline Sector Analysis**: With turbulence shaking the airline industry, we dissect whether another bailout is on the horizon and what it means for investors and the economy. - **Investing in the S&P 500**: As the S&P 500 crosses the monumental 5000 mark, we tackle the burning question: Is it too late for investors to jump on board? - **Global Business Insights**: We had the privilege of speaking with Rick Wade from the US Chamber of Commerce about international business, focusing on Africa and the art of networking. His insights offer a fresh perspective on global commerce and opportunities. - **Recolonization Concerns**: The discussion takes a serious turn as we address new fears surrounding the recolonization of Africa. What does this mean for the continent and the world at large? - **Cloudflare's Success**: Troy shares his insights on what made Cloudflare stand out as a winning investment pick, offering valuable lessons for selecting stocks. - **Superbowl Ads Breakdown**: We discuss the best Superbowl ad from last night, extracting crucial marketing lessons that businesses can apply. - **Sam Altman and OpenAI's Ambitious Goal**: With news of Sam Altman and OpenAI aiming to raise a staggering $7 trillion, we share our thoughts on this ambitious venture and what it could mean for the future of AI and technology. Stay tuned for an episode packed with expert analysis, insider perspectives, and actionable advice for navigating today's complex market landscape. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, Market Mondays is your go-to source for the insights you need to stay ahead in the game. #MarketMondays #TechTrends #InvestmentInsights #AppleVisionProReview #AirlineBailout #SP500Investing #GlobalBusiness #AfricaEconomics #NetworkingStrategies #RecolonizationFears #CloudflareInvestment #SuperbowlAds #MarketingLessons #SamAltman #OpenAI #FutureOfTech #EconomicAnalysis #StockMarketTips #InvestorGuide #GlobalEconomics Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
The King of Streaming: Netflix Smashes its Earnings
Welcome to episode, we dive into the ever-evolving world of media and discuss the latest earnings report from the entertainment giant, Netflix. Rashad Bilal, Troy Millings, and Ian Dunlap, share their insights on Netflix's recent success and the state of the media industry. Join us as we explore whether Netflix is the best media company to invest in and the future of media and investing in media companies. #Netflix #MediaIndustry #Investing #EarningsReport #MarketMondays #FutureOfMedia #TechSector #TraditionalMedia #StreamingServices #ContentEvolution #BusinessConsolidation #MediaInvestment #EntertainmentIndustry #StreamingPlatforms #DigitalMedia #MarketTrends #MarketInsights Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
$2 Million, $4,000 a Week for Life, or 850 Credit Score
In this episode, Ian Dunlap and Rashad Bilal discuss a thought-provoking question: Would you rather have $2 million up front, $4,000 a week, or an 850 credit score? Join the hosts as they weigh the pros and cons of each option and share their insights on the best choice for financial success. The hosts dive into a passionate discussion about the significance of credit scores, emphasizing the importance of cash on hand and the impact of race on credit approvals. Ian and Rashad provide practical advice on leveraging assets and making strategic investments to maximize the $2 million lump sum. In addition, the episode delves into retirement planning, specifically addressing pension strategies for civil servants such as firefighters, teachers, and cops. Rashad shares valuable insights on pension options and the critical decisions individuals must make for their financial future. Furthermore, Ian and Rashad explore the complexities of lottery winnings and annuity payments, shedding light on the considerations and beneficiaries associated with these financial choices. The hosts provide valuable information on pension rollovers, survivor options, and the importance of proper planning to ensure financial security for oneself and future generations. The conversation takes an interesting turn as the hosts analyze the global real estate market, specifically delving into the challenges faced by real estate developers such as Evergrande. Ian offers thought-provoking insights into the potential impact of these economic developments, highlighting the need for strategic solutions and foresight in the face of market fluctuations. This episode is packed with essential financial advice, in-depth discussions on retirement planning, and analysis of the global real estate market, providing viewers with valuable knowledge to make informed financial decisions. #MarketMondays #FinanceTalk #RetirementPlanning #WealthManagement #CreditScore #InvestmentStrategies #RealEstateMarket #FinancialSuccess #PensionStrategies #GlobalEconomy #MarketAnalysis Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
MM #194: Meta Stock Surge, 2024 Market Crash?, Political Power, Trump vs Biden & Black Media ft Roland Martin
In this episode of Market Mondays, we dive deep into the recent financial performances and groundbreaking product launches that are shaping the tech and financial landscapes. From Meta's record-breaking earnings report to Uber reaching an all-time high, we analyze what's driving these companies' successes and what it means for investors. First up, we discuss Meta's astonishing earnings report and the historic intraday gains that followed. What does this mean for the future of Meta's stock, and how might it impact the broader tech industry? Next, we shift gears to Uber, celebrating its all-time high. What's behind this surge, and can Uber maintain its momentum in the competitive ride-sharing market? The conversation then turns to Apple's latest innovation, the Apple Vision Pro. We dissect the features of this new product and debate whether it will be a gamechanger for Apple and the tech industry as a whole. Amidst the tech talk, we also explore Robert Kiyosaki's ominous market crash prediction for 2024. With the current market trends, we discuss the likelihood of this forecast coming to fruition and how investors can prepare. NVDA's record-breaking performance is another highlight of our discussion. We provide our 1-year and 3-year targets for NVDA, considering the company's trajectory and the tech sector's future. Finally, we welcome Roland S. Martin to share his insights on the upcoming election, the role of polls, the state of the Democrats, politics, and the importance of corporate funding for black-owned media companies. Martin's perspective adds a crucial layer to our discussion on how financial markets intersect with political and social landscapes. #MarketMondays #Meta #Uber #AppleVisionPro #MarketCrash2024 #NVDA #RolandSMartin #TechStocks #FinancialAnalysis #InvestmentStrategies #BlackOwnedMedia #trump #biden Join us for a comprehensive analysis of today's hottest topics in finance and tech, and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more insightful discussions every Monday! Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
The Future of Money: Crypto vs. Banks
Join hosts Ian Dunlap, Troy Millings, and Rashad Bilal in this insightful episode as they discuss the ongoing debate surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The hosts tackle the recent controversial remarks made by Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, regarding the legitimacy of bitcoin as an asset and its role in the financial landscape. In this episode, the hosts dissect the differing viewpoints on the value and potential of bitcoin, providing a comprehensive analysis of the various perspectives. They explore the criticisms leveled against bitcoin, highlighting concerns about its volatility, use as a currency, and the lack of tangible assets backing it. Rashad, Ian, and Troy engage in a thought-provoking conversation, delving into the implications of Jamie Dimon's stance and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency market. The conversation goes beyond the immediate criticisms, as the hosts present a balanced perspective on the role of cryptocurrency in the modern financial ecosystem. They acknowledge the potential benefits of blockchain technology while also addressing the criticisms of bitcoin's lack of intrinsic value. Further, they discuss the parallels between the skepticism surrounding cryptocurrency and previous market bubbles, drawing insights from historical market trends to contextualize the current discourse. The hosts also offer valuable insights into the fundamental principles of investing, emphasizing the importance of understanding different asset classes and their long-term growth potential. They provide practical advice for investors seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of digital assets, shedding light on the complexities associated with cryptocurrency investments. As the conversation unfolds, the hosts delve into the broader implications of government intervention in the digital currency space. They discuss the potential risks and benefits of government-controlled digital currencies, examining the nuances of regulation and oversight in the context of consumer protection and financial security. Throughout the episode, the hosts engage in a dynamic exchange of viewpoints, encouraging viewers to critically evaluate the evolving narrative around cryptocurrency and its impact on traditional financial systems. The conversation is characterized by a blend of insightful analysis, practical investment guidance, and thought-provoking commentary, making it an essential watch for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the bitcoin debate and its implications for the future of finance. Join the Market Mondays hosts as they navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency market, providing nuanced perspectives and actionable insights for viewers looking to stay informed about the latest developments in the world of finance and investment. #MarketMondays #BitcoinDebate #Cryptocurrency #InvestingInsights #FinancialAnalysis #BlockchainTechnology #MarketTrends #GovernmentIntervention #DigitalCurrency #EconomicImplications Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
Trump's Chances of Being Re-Elected
In this episode, Ian, Troy, and Rashad engage in a candid discussion about the upcoming presidential election and its potential impact on the financial landscape. They analyze the political strategies, key players, and the evolving dynamics of the electorate. The hosts explore the potential implications of political decisions on various financial sectors, including banking and cryptocurrency. Throughout the conversation, they stress the importance of politicians addressing the hard questions and the necessity for informed voting decisions. Join us as we delve into the intersection of politics and finance and consider how the upcoming election may shape the economic future. Stay informed, stay engaged, and remember, whether it's Donald Trump or Joe Biden, investing remains essential. #MarketMondays #PoliticsandFinance #Investing #PresidentialElection #FinancialLandscape #PoliticalStrategy #EconomicImplications #InformedVoting #FinancialSectors #Cryptocurrency #Banking #EconomicFuture Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
MM #193: Rise of Black Investors, Biden Gives Billions to Tech, Vince McMahon’s WWE Fall & Netflix Takeover
In today's episode, we delve deep into the dynamic world of stock markets, investments, and the latest trends affecting investors and corporations alike. Here’s a sneak peek into our in-depth discussions: 1. **Rising Tide of Black Investors**: We explore the significant increase in Black Americans entering the stock market. From 33% in 2016 to 40% in 2023, what does this surge mean for the investment landscape? 2. **The Million-Dollar Choice**: Faced with a dilemma - $2 million upfront, $4,000 a week for life, or an 850 credit score. Which one would you choose? We share our insights! 3. **Tesla's Tumultuous Times**: With Tesla stocks dropping 25% in 2024, we debate whether it's time for a leadership change at Tesla. And at what price point does Tesla become an attractive buy? 4. **Tesla and the Magnificent Seven**: Should Tesla be removed from the famed list? We analyze the company's current standing. 5. **Texas vs. The White House**: Are we nearing a civil war as tensions rise over border control policies? 6. **Netflix's Impressive Earnings**: Netflix shows substantial growth, but is it the best media stock to invest in right now? We break down their earnings report and discuss the state of media businesses. 7. **WWE Deal Breakdown**: Our take on the latest developments with WWE. 8. **Crisis in Traditional Media**: With layoffs and cuts across major publications, when will traditional media find stable ground? 9. **BlackRock's Bitcoin Milestone**: The first Bitcoin ETF to reach $2 billion in AUM - what does this mean for the future of cryptocurrency investments? 10. **Coinbase's New Chapter**: Oppenheimer upgrades Coinbase as the crypto exchange shows resilience. Our analysis on what lies ahead for Coinbase. 11. **Energy Sector Spotlight**: Dead or alive? We look into companies like NextEra Energy, Southern, and others shaping the energy sector. 12. **NFL's African Venture**: The NFL is making moves in Ghana. What does this mean for the league and sports globally? We also spoke about President Biden's Push for Billions of dollars into semi chip conductors. 🌍💰 Dive into these topics with us and get the insights you need to stay ahead in the market! #MarketMondays #StockMarket #Investing #Tesla #Netflix #MediaCrisis #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #EnergySector #NFLGhana #BlackInvestors #FinancialLiteracy Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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3824 reviews
23jordan 2024/01/06
Best content and team on the platform
Goal$ 2023/12/19
A true gem
This show is a must listen on a weekly basis for me. I appreciate the discussions that are had and information that is given freely. No one else has d...
itsbeenace 2023/11/21
A big thank you!
I just want to say that I’ve been listening to market Mondays for the last two years and I have learned so much & not just about investing but about t...
superuglycoolsjwfsfg 2023/11/09
Thank you!!!
You are heaven sent and have changed my financial outlook and priorities so much! I appreciate you all sharing knowledge. Can we get an update on your...
AC FIGZ 2023/08/25
My go to for Finance
If you are at all hesitant about getting into the market, this is the show for you. I’ve been listening to this show since the pandemic, 2020. I am an...
nsjdjddhsjd 2023/08/01
Real life
This latest episode this 🔥🔥. So much game and eye opening content.
bfhdwis 2023/07/13
Keep your word, Ian
I mess with you Ian, but I notice you have a problem sticking to things you’ve said. 1 recent example, Episode 165 you are saying you said FB is dead....
awnrfun 2023/06/08
Tap in
A's Vans 2023/05/17
Thank you
Great information provided in a helpful and productive manner. Shoutout to all the good brothers!
Petebank$81 2023/05/04
Very much needed & appreciated!
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