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Atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass provides a weekly weather forecast for the Pacific Northwest, details current and future weather topics, and discusses related topics. Podcast is released every Friday at 9am. Support this podcast and ensure it remains ad-free on Patreon!

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My Views on Global Warming and Climate Change
Several of you have asked me about my viewpoint on global warming and climate change. This podcast will outline my thoughts on this important subject and give you a bit of history and perspective.
A Wet Weekend Ahead and Why the New York Smoke Had Little to Do With Climate Change
This week the weather will be near normal and relatively dry, but that changes radically over the weekend, as a strong Pacific low center moves in and sticks around in our area. I will briefly describe this situation before turning to a detailed analysis of the major smoke event that hit the East Coast, including an explanation of why global warming was only a minor player.
Where do you get the best weather forecasts? And a cool weak ahead.
This podcast answers the question: where can you get the best weather forecast? Your smartphone?, from the National Weather Service website?, from your local TV weathercasters? or what? The answer may surprise you. And I also talk about the cool weak ahead.
Why is freezing at 32°F? And a snowy mountain forecast for this weekend.
This podcast answers an interesting question: why is freezing at 32°F? Why not 50 or 0? And I talk about a return of moisture to the Northwest, with heavy snow expected in the mountains.
The end of La Nina and an El Nino Winter Ahead
This podcast talks about the recent termination of a 3-year La Nina and the near certainty of El Nino conditions ahead. The weather implications of the change are discussed as well.
Are cold waves increasing over the Northwest? And a transition to meteorological spring ahead.
Several blog readers have asked whether global warming is increasing West Coast cold waves.  The answer is no, and in this podcast I explain why.  Plus, I talk about an encouraging forecast for more normal conditions in our region.
How long are weather forecasts skillful?
This podcast answers the question:   how long are weather predictions skillful?   The answer may surprise  you....
Wind, Cold, and Snow Ahead. Plus a Primer of Northwest Gaps
This podcast tells the story of a cold, windy, snowy week ahead.  And I provide the basics on the mountain gaps of the region and their influence on our weather.
A Deep Dive into the Upcoming Snow Event over Western Washington and Oregon
We are in the tail end of the lowland snow season west of the Cascade crest.  But tomorrow and Tuesday some lowlands locations will see some snowflakes.  This podcast does a deep dive into the event, explaining the complex meteorology that will occur over the next few days.
Plenty of rain and mountain snow this week. Plus, the two types of Northwest precipitation.
A series of weather systems will come through this week.  I will provide the details. Major enhancements in mountain snowpack are expected.  And there is the potential for much colder weather in about a week.   In the second half of the podcast I describe the two types of rain we get in our region and tell you why.
Why Does High Pressure Produce Low Clouds in the Northwest?, Plus the Latest Forecast
Several folks have asked my why high pressure produces low clouds in our region....this podcast explains why.  Plus, a chilly, but sunny forecast.
Atmospheric Pressure, King Tides, and the Potential for Cold Air and Snow Next Weekend
In the second part of the podcast, I give you a primer on atmospheric pressure, with particular attention to the impact on water levels and the potential for King Tides.  I also provide the forecast:  not much action this week, but the potential for FAR colder air over the weekend.  Yes, even that four-letter word, snow, for some locations.

Podcast reviews

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4.8 out of 5
237 reviews
Aleksandr S T 2022/10/22
Excellent weather and climate podcast
Thorough, insightful and true to the science
💕brener 2023/03/08
I get it
This s not your main job.
Reviewer337746 2022/08/05
Can't believe I'm listening to a weather podcast.
Keep up the great work!
VanyaCohen 2022/01/26
Longtime reader
I’m a longtime reader of the blog, and have to say the podcast is a fantastic addition. If you love learning about the Pacific Northwest, weather, or ...
Elusive Bird 2022/02/26
Sound Volume terrible
Please fix the volume issues of your podcast. Some parts of your podcast, and even parts of every sentence/paragraph are so dramatically different in ...
Bartleby-the-Scrivener 2021/05/02
The science behind the weather forecast
If you live in Washington state and you have any interest it the weather (which is everyone), you owe it to yourself to listen to Cliff Mass' weekly p...
L56F 2021/11/05
Terrible production values
Excellent, interesting information but very hard to listen to. Cliff swallows the end of every sentence, so either the beginning is too loud or the en...
dgluck811 2021/03/19
Big Fan
JorPet said it for me. Mass explains things so well without talking down to us. Lived in the East and Southeast most of my life. Glad to have him t...
kweholt 2021/02/11
Fantastic podcast
Very informative AND entertaining.
JorPet 2021/02/10
Making a complicated science relatable
Dr. mass does a fantastic job of explaining the complexities of weather science making it so that everyone can understand and relate. Not only a fant...
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