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A weekly meeting about all things Dairy Goat....shows, production, management, breeding, ADGA politics, youth.

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Kidding Potpourri 2024
Cameron and Laura with their annual "kidding potpourri" talking about raising kids, reproductive technology, farm news, and some laughs along the way.
Kidding Season Prep with Jason Peckham
This week we come back with return guest Jason Peckham of Sublime Dairy Goats to talk about kidding season prep! Listen as Cameron, Laura and Jason unpack kidding and talk about all things from their experiences! Also, our first Q&A!!
Oh Those Nubians....
For this episode, we welcome back Paul Fox of Foxwood Nubians and Megan Tredway-Carter of Lakeshore Nubians, for a deep dive into the Nubian breed. We discuss yesterday, today and tomorrow, and discuss their favorite things related to the beautiful long-eared goats!
Catching up with Craig Koopmann and Pleasant-Grove
Our annual catching up episode with Mr. Craig Koopmann--where we talk about the current state of commercial dairying, what's happening in the Pleasant Grove herd of Alpines and Saanens, and how Craig gets through his "kidding marathon".  
Hay 911--With Dr. Rocky Lemus
Its that time of year when many of us are looking at our dwindling hay piles and deciding if we have enough of "the good stuff" to make it to the first cutting of 2024.  On this week's Goat Gab, we are thrilled to welcome back Dr. Rocky Lemus to discuss hay quality, testing, and how to make sure your are buying the best hay available.
Catching Up and Catching Fire
We are so happy to be back after an unintended break!  On our 127th episode, Cameron and Laura catch up, talk about the end of 2023 and "catch fire" talking about goals for 2024.
Take On Me!
This week, Cameron and Laura share their takes on current dairy goat topics, including the 2023 ADGA Convention and Board of Directors meeting.
LIVE from Tulsa! PopUp Goat Gab
Are you suffering from FOMO because you're not at the 2023 ADGA Convention? Join us for a "pop up" Goat Gab recording, with some returning guests and also some new friends!  We chat about what has been going on, along with some highlights about the upcoming Spotlight Sale.
Are You Covered? Discussing Farm Insurance with Travis Cockburn
No one ever wants to think about the "liability" of raising livestock....but it's important to plan for the unexpected.  Whether you are hit with a tornado, earthquake, barn fire, or unexpected injury, what kind of coverage should you have to protect your farm?  Travis Cockburn joins Laura and Cameron this week to discuss this important aspect of livestock farming.
Deciphering Production with Ben Rupchis
On this 123rd episode of Goat Gab, we are thrilled to have Ben Rupchis back to talk about a fascinating topic--breeding for production.  Ben's passion for using production data shines in this capitvating interview that will help you understand the "alphabet soup" of PTI, PTA and other important numbers.  
Mechanics of Breeding Season
On our 122nd Episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura continue discussing breeding season, with a focus on when and who to breed... with a little off the rails discussion about shows.
Making a List, Checking It Twice
It's that time of year.....breeding time!  This week Cameron and Laura discuss making a breeding list and some things to consider when contemplating your breeding program.

Podcast reviews

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4.7 out of 5
70 reviews
kgnabors 2023/07/04
Great podcast!
Great podcast is you want to learn about showing dairy goats and in depth look at the ADGA world.
NubianTakenya1994 2023/01/27
Fun to listen to
I really enjoy listening to the show. It’s fun to hear all the different topics and listen to all the guests. I have learned so much and look forward ...
Barca845 2023/06/08
Lacks depth
I liked this show. But then they missd a lot of weeks, theirs no consistancy ! They sound like a bootleg Ringside dairy goat podcasts! If they can’t...
Em0862 2022/08/18
Love it!
This a great podcast. Great information, great guests! Laura and Cameron do a great job presenting information while keeping it light and fun!
Toodles1217 2022/12/15
Love listening!
I really love this podcast! I just wish there was more consistency in releasing the episodes. I feel like I’m “lucky” if there is a new one on Wednesd...
stephsvision 2022/04/25
Goat Gab is a valuable resource
I love this podcast. I listen while doing milking dishes to it! Thank you for sharing your expertise with all of us out here in the sidelines. I look ...
Pony751 2022/01/26
Excellent Podcast
I really love listening to this podcast while I tend to the animals in the mornings. I particularly liked the latest episode with Joan from Caprine Su...
HaRrYrOx!!! 2021/08/25
Great podcast - love the depth of discussion
This is a really great podcast for dairy goat lovers. Please don’t shorten it - I love the king format - allows you to go into topics at depth and kee...
momoffourMT 2021/08/11
I have learned so much from this podcast. its great for keeping up on goat news too. Also enjoy hearing the hosts’s daily-life updates with their goat...
rud711 2021/06/22
Better when Cameron doesn’t cut people off
Good info, Cameron cuts people off too much though and gets real hard to listen to when he thinks he’s a genius
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