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A pharmacist and her longtime friend walk into a bar. What emerges is a dotty little science podcast, with a taste for toxicology. Poisons, medical mysteries, political assassinations, healing rituals, environmental disasters, pandemics & more - nothing is off the lab table here. This is the science of storytelling at its finest. 

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Ep 120 - The Freedom House Ambulance Service
In today's episode, Harini shares the incredible story of The Freedom House Ambulance Service. Freedom House was the first emergency medical service in the United States to provide training beyond first aid and other amazing things, such as being the first emergency service to supply Narcan in overdose cases! Freedom House, staffed entirely by black paramedics, was the blueprint for paramedic training and emergency medical services today (although back then, a ride in the ambulance was entirely free *sigh*). Further Reading: "American Sirens" by Kevin Hazzard.  See for privacy information.
Ep 119 - Ozempic: No Longer Hot Right Now
In today's episode, Megan provides a step-by-step update on her compounded semaglutide journey. She and Harini also contemplate the quick but quiet death of the Ozempic craze (at least by frenzied-netizen-discourse standards). Why were we all so passionately opiniated about Ozempic for five months, and now can barely get DailyMail to cover it? And what has the FDA had to say since the Ozempic name has become passé? Tune in to find out! NOTE: Since the recording of this episode, the American Diabetes Association has released new data on a wide-array of novel GLP-1 agonists ("obesity drugs") that truly make semaglutide old news. Read about it here: See for privacy information.
Ep 118 - MegaSyn and the Greater Conversation Around AI in Healthcare
"AI, so hot right now. AI." - Mugatu In today's episode, Harini and Megan discuss the perceived implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. MegaSyn, an AI drug discovery platform originally invented to develop drugs to combat orphan (rare) diseases, made waves in 2021 when it's creators discovered that a simple change of code would lead MegaSyn to generate thousands of known AND novel toxic molecules (for example, VX). Of course, this raised flags across the international healthcare community and posed the questions: what happens if AI falls into the wrong hands, and how can we prevent this from happening?  See for privacy information.
Ep 117 - Snail Slime and Skincare
In today's episode, Megan talks about the slime-tastic world of snail mucin and how, in the past 10 years, it has gained a foothold in the beauty/skincare industry. Is slime mucin simply a gimmicky ingredient advertised to coerce the curious (or desperate) to shell out more money on skincare products? Or does it actually have scientifically-backed qualities that benefit human skin? Megan has the answers.  Also mentioned...Harini is a Telly Award Winner! Check out her winning videos below:  Where the Heck do Eels Come From?  (Silver Award 44th Annual Telly Awards) Are F1 Drivers Athletes? (Bronze Award 44th Annual Telly Awards)   See for privacy information.
Ep 116 - Golden Geese and Horseshoe Crabs
We're back(!)... with a continuation of Harini's coverage of significant Golden Goose Recipients. In today's episode, Harini talks about 2019 Golden Goose awardees, Dr. Jack Levin and Dr. Frederik Bang, who pioneered the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Test by identifying the sterilizing potential of horseshoe crab blood. To this day, the blood of horseshoe crabs is used in pharmaceutical testing to ensure safety during drug development. Harini and Megan talk about these fascinating, living fossils and the potential for synthetic alternatives.  See for privacy information.
Ep 115 - Golden Geese and Cone Snails
In today's episode, Harini regales us with the origin story of the Golden Goose Awards (formerly Golden Fleece Awards) - a designation given to impactful research projects that, from the outset, may not seem potentially beneficial to society, but end up being so. One such project involved an obsession with cone snails and their ability to paralyze fish with a unique peptide cocktail hidden in their lethal stingers. Tune in to find out more!  See for privacy information.
Ep 114 - The Philadelphia Latex Spill with Arizona Milotich
Yup, there was another latex spill and, yup, we're covering it! Happy Earth Day? In this episode, Harini and Megan chat with long-time friend and Philly resident, Arizona Milotich, about the latex spill in Philadelphia (Delware River) this past March. What happens when the sixth most populous city in the United States suddenly faces water insecurity and uncertainty? Tune in to find out.  BONUS: Harini provides an update on the ongoing cleanup of East Palestine.  See for privacy information.
Ep 113 - Mad Scientist Midgley
In today's episode, Harini introduces Megan to Thomas Midgley Jr., the inventor of leaded gasoline and freon, two of the most harmful industrial pollutants to captivate the world. To this day, local environments and the ozone are still on long journeys to recovery.  In this episode: Ep. 48 - One Rock to Rule Them All Ep. 109 - Environmental Disaster Watch: The Norfolk Southern Derailment See for privacy information.
Ep 112 - Lizard Lips and Sunken Cheeks: Demystifying Ozempic
In today's episode, Harini and Megan discuss the recent pop-culture fascination in weight loss drugs. Specifically Ozempic, Wegovy, and generic semaglutide. What are these drugs, what do they do, and why have they (allegedly) taken the celebrity world by storm? Are these drugs legitimately controversial or has the online zeitgeist created artificial contention? We have answers.  See for privacy information.
Ep 111 - Mushroom Minisode: Death Cap for Cutie
In today's episode, Megan gives a quick mycology lesson on the most poisonous mushroom in the world: the DEATH CAP. Equipped with a toxin that inhibits DNA transcription, and whose only antidote (in extreme cases) is a liver transplant, this mushy is truly as metal as it's name.  See for privacy information.
Ep 110 - Chemotherapy: A Life-Saving Treatment Born from a WWII Conspiracy
Happy International Women's Day! If you're looking to learn about a rockstar woman scientist, check out Episode 40 - The Mirror Image Disaster. In it, we talk about Dr. Frances Oldhem Kelsey, the FDA scientist who single-handedly fought to keep Thalidomide off the market and out of our medicine cabinets. In today's episode, Harini teaches Megan about how one of the biggest Allied cover-ups in WWII history led to the discovery and development of chemotherapy. During WWII, German bombers devastated the port of Bari, Italy where Allied personnel were stationed. Soldiers who were launched into the harbor, but survived the bombing, began to experience severe blistering and heightened internal temperatures. American doctor and chemical warfare expert, Stewart Francis Alexander, believed that all symptoms pointed to mustard gas. But when his report to Allied leaders was met with indifference and exasperation, he knew he had stumbled upon a possible conspiracy. Why were they denying the presence of mustard gas in the bay? Why was this form of gas causing these specific symptoms? Tune in to find out. See for privacy information.
Ep 109 - Environmental Disaster Watch: The Norfolk Southern Train Derailment
We've been keeping a close eye on the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. It has been over three weeks since the 38-car freight train derailed and leaked toxic chemicals - most significantly, vinyl chloride and butyl acrylate - into the soil. In an effort towards containment, the EPA authorized a control burn of these chemicals which has led to widespread concern, locally and nationally, about dioxin pollution in the air. In addition, the derailment has re-ignited scrutiny towards negligence in the railroad industry. Nearly one month later, how has this disaster impacted the natural environment and civilian health since its occurrence? And what long lasting consequences will the residents of East Palestine and surrounding communities feel in the years to follow? See for privacy information.

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4.7 out of 5
65 reviews
New Mexico True Orginal 2023/04/17
New Mexico True
Super informative and fun to listen too. Stay rad ladies!
Asciguy 2023/07/08
I find it hard to trust even scientists who hold delusional beliefs.
TEXAS-SB 2023/05/19
Why all the giggling?
Stop giggling, it distracts from interesting content.
hermex 2023/04/16
Great chemistry
I am so grateful I found this randomly - Harini and Megan are extremely smart, funny, savvy, and a great hang. They serve a perfect mix of science, hi...
Opal and Bhavya 2023/03/20
Genuinely the best podcast I’ve listened to
This is just an absolutely amazing podcast and I love the enthusiasm and the information that this podcast brings.
LUCYLOCA0519 2023/03/26
At first sight appeared to cover in depth topics that could be informative and educational. Instead it is just millennial ego centric lack of self awa...
anna-abbey151 2022/09/30
I found this podcast through tik tok and I’m so glad I did. I’m obsessed with them and tell literally everyone. The perfect combination of educational...
DKorentur 2022/06/27
Fantastic Podcast!
I found them through TikTok and have been hooked ever since I started listening to the podcast! Very informative. Would recommend for long drives
Kiner1030 2022/04/21
Show review
Love the show all around. You guys are hilarious and I can tell that you are doing this for the simple joy as opposed to just a mundane task. As a pur...
Isabelle Pinard 2022/01/27
It’s in the facts
These two women bring the fact to the fictions. Explaining toxicology reports and diving into the psychological and scientific explanations behind unf...
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