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Dostcast is India's #1 comedy/talk show hosted by Vinamre Kasanaa.

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@hustlingrajan @rishabhhshukla @deepestgarg on Faridabad, Fame, And Acting | Dostcast
Faridabad’s funniest trio Rajan, Deepak, & Rishabh are here to uncover their journey of becoming the top-notch comedians of Instagram. Their Reels get millions of views, and everyone loves their writing and acting. Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 01:15 - Welcoming the guests 01:46 - Reel actors are aware of 90 seconds 02:40 - Faridabad has many theatre artists 04:10 - Theatre is difficult than you can imagine 05:20 - There were no girls in their theatre group 05:55 - How @hustlingranjan took inspiration from his niece 07:10 - What creative process they follow 08:12 - What happens in Faridabad parks 08:55 - Benches removed from parks on Valentine’s day 09:40 - Ankit Bayanpuriya did this wrong 11:05 - How do they make videos that go viral 12:10 - Observation comedy from @deepestgarg 13:30 - Does other TikTok stars ask them to be featured? 14:20 - The rides of Town Park in Faridabad 15:10 - The stereotypes of theatre students 16:20 - The Mumbai struggle nobody talks about 18:30 - The experience of working in TVC 20:26 - How did these guys unlock Faridabad scene in Acting 21:00 - Lockdown changed everything for content creators 23:30 - Discrimination during lockdown and everyone getting married 26:01 - Tragedy is private 27:31 - The screentime has increased since lockdown 28:15 - Instagram or YouTube: which is profitable 29:54 - Does lifestyle creators have loyal audience? 30:41 - Does comedy has the best audience? 31:27 - One viral reel can make you delusional 33:40 - There’s an end to Reel comedy 36:00 - The new creators are setting standards really high 37:40 - The people find parallels to their passion 38:20 - What makes Virat Kohli stand out 40:00 - Creative ways of interacting with each other 40:40 - The slow interview with Nilesh Mishra 41:36 - Faridabad is changing for good 43:20 - Owning that you belong to Faridabad 44:00 - The dacoits have gone out of Faridabad 45:10 - Compro or fights during school fights 46:00 - Beating teacher during the last exam 47:00 - Crazy incidents — You can’t believe what happened 50:00 - Is Faridabad becoming next Delhi? 52:00 - Voice of Faridabad — best news in town 53:00 - An Aeroplane crashed in Faridabad 54:12 - Does following trends the right thing to do? 55:40 - Are Reel creators going to long-form format? 57:00 - Reel creators are more writers and less actors 59:00 - Creators shifting to OTT platforms 01:00:06 - Is motivation to be consistent is a challenge? 01:02:00 - Rajan left his job for this — sad story (real) 01:04:00 - He never cried because of this 01:05:00 - The struggles of creators 01:07:00 - Productive rehne ke liye bakchodi zaruri hai 01:08:20 - Fame aadmi ko badal deta hai 01:09:00 - This guy confused Rajan because he was riding a bike 01:11:00 - Creators can’t travel in metro now? — Fans recognising them 01:12:23 - How do they make the most relatable content 01:14:20 - People noticing subtle symbolism in content 01:16:06 - The gap between taste and skills 01:16:42 - Sandeep Reddy Vanga cracked Bollywood 01:18:16 - Are they getting offers from Mumbai? 01:21:30 - Working even if you have fever is true sign of passion 01:22:20 - The creator economy of Faridabad 01:25:00 - Facebook album and Delhi Day Out 01:26:00 - Poke — weirdest feature of Facebook 01:28:00 - The scam of toy-picking machine 01:30:00 - The story-telling games you should play 01:32:40 - RealHit podcast is going to be here 01:33:39 - Tanmay Bhat is the smartest creator 01:34:55 - Javed Jauffery and Takeshi’s Castle 01:38:30 - Consistency is king 01:39:00 - How long does it take to shoot one Reel 01:40:00 - Vikrant Massey is changing the standards 01:42:40 - Diya aur Baati hum — most dragged show 01:43:00 - The story behind the name hustling rajan 01:44:00 - Rajan and Ranjan 01:45:15 - How did everyone connect 01:47:00 - Ending notes
Koi aisi job mil jaaye meme | Nadeem Kassar Interview | Dostcast
If you would like to support Nadeem, you can do so using the UPI ID below. UPI: 7417147714@paytm Vinamre is joined by Instagram sensation Nadeem Kassar who is famous for his line “Koi aisi job mil jaaye….” In this episode, they talk about: - Origin of the meme - Nadeem’s Favourite film & filmstars - His Favorite food items Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 1:45 Famous Nadeem Kassar Meme 2:45 Meme ke peeche ki story 4:30 Nadeem Kassar kaun hain 5:50 Film ke shaukeen Nadeem sir 8:00 Nadeem sir ka career 10:00 Fame bohot mil raha hain 13:00 Nadeem sir araam ke shaukeen 16:00 Favourite Filmstars 21:00 Family Pressure 24:00 Sir ka real name 27:00 Nadeem sir ki shayari 28:30 Cigarettes ke shaukeen Nadeem sir 33:30 Nadeem sir aur Badshah 39:00 Nadeem sir ka bachpan 45:10 Nadeem sir ka favorite khana 49:50 Nadeem sir’s message to the audience 52:00 Nadeem sir ka capacity 56:00 Conclusion
UP Police Chief on Gangsters, Yogi Adityanath, And Police Encounters | Dostcast
OP Singh is the former DGP of Uttar Pradesh, known for his strategic leadership in law enforcement. In this episode, we discussed: - Leading the Kumbh Mela's security arrangements. - Negotiating with a kidnapper who kidnapped several kids. - Managing public order during the Ram Janmbhoomi verdict. Watch the full episode now. Timestamps:
Abhijit Chavda on Pakistani Spies, Putin’s War, and Indo-China Geopolitics | Dostcast
Abhijit Chavda is a multi-faceted individual known for his work as a theoretical physicist, historian, geopolitical analyst, writer, and podcaster. His work and insights offer expansive libraries of content on geopolitics, contemporary world affairs, history from an Indian perspective, and more, making him a well-regarded figure in these fields. In this episode Vinamre and Abhijit talk about - The reality of India-Pakistan separation which goes beyond the Hindu-Muslim conflict - Why Russia is attacking Ukraine and how NATO is becoming more powerful without anyone noticing - Why our education system is flawed and heavily skewed to impress the western ideas This is a must-watch episode for you if you are interested in detailed intricacies of geopolitics. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:10 - Role of Imran Khan in the politics of Pakistan 03:35 - Reality of vassal state of US - Pakistan 04:06 - Why was Pakistan created 05:36 - The real power centers of Pakistan 06:40 - People of Pakistan don’t have the power 07:15 - Pakistan Army is a mercenary body 08:20 - What does it mean to have power 08:52 - Is India a soft-power globally? 10:00 - What is power projection? 11:00 - Is the Forbes list of powerful country right? 11:53 - Is China on it’s way to becoming superpower? 13:00 - What is UN & NATO? 14:23 - How Rishi Sunak came into power? 15:00 - How UK holds the control of the world 16:30 - The Suez Canal chokepoint 18:18 - Russia and UK fought to acquire India 19:44 - Russia desperately wanted warm-waters access 21:40 - The great game to acquire central Asia 22:37 - Geopolitics is not a game of morality 24:14 - Is the great game taking place covertly by tourists? 25:40 - The upcoming crisis between NATO & Russia 26:43 - How NATO is expanding without anyone noticing 28:50 - NATO funding this proxy-war 30:00 - Is Zelensky a puppet of more powerful people? 31:52 - Tucker Carlson interview with Vladmir Putin 34:00 - This event can lead to a worldwide war 35:57 - At what point countries with Nukes will use their ultimate power 37:38 - The Cuban Missile Crisis 38:01 - When will Israel use their nuclear missiles 39:03 - When can India use it’s nuclear weapons 40:22 - What is Putin’s end game with the current war 42:23 - Why was NATO created in the first place 44:36 - Is India really a superpower? 46:10 - Why the manufacturing center is shifting from China 48:30 - Why India is not an expansionist 49:30 - The power difference between India & China 52:00 - How Vinamre’s friend got hacked by Chinese hackers 52:53 - Are Chinese students in U.S funded by Chinese government? 54:58 - This is why Indian Govt. banned Chinese Apps 56:00 - Pakistan is sending students to UK for this 58:56 - What will make people do Anti-India activities? 01:00:06 - Is Liberal Arts an academic threat to students? 01:02:21 - Humanitarian courses selectively explore oppression 01:03:03 - Professors look at Hindu culture in a bad way 01:05:51 - Why is western philosophies standardised 01:07:50 - We have to stop seeking validation from Americans 01:10:10 - Our education system is TRASH 01:12:57 - What is a Civilisation and Artificial Nations 01:15:15 - The Chinese civilisation is based on the bedrock of India 01:19:40 - Ending Notes
The HIDDEN Billionaire who did 63,000 CR+ Revenue last year | Dostcast w/ Dr. U.S. Awasthi
Dr. U.S. Awasthi is the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), having joined the organization on February 1, 1993. Under his leadership, IFFCO has seen significant growth in its fertilizer production, increasing from 24 lakh tonnes to 86.5 lakh tonnes, while its fertilizer marketing efforts have expanded to manage one crore and thirty lakh tons. In this episode, Vinamre and Dr. Awasthi talked about: - How urban India will gradually move to villages to tackle problems like pollution - How Dr. Awasthi saved the sinking ship of IFFCO and made it extremely profitable organisation over time - The importance of crops, fertilizers and yield for our country and farmers of the nation Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 02:37 - The story behind US Awasthi’s rings 04:10 - Becoming the first person to invest in art 07:35 - Myth busted: food becomes poisonous with fertilizers? 09:40 - The story behind Save The Soil campaign 13:23 - What people tend to miss about farmers 14:40 - The loss of crops and it’s importance 16:40 - Has fertilizers increased the yield? 18:00 - Nano-tech in fertilizers 19:30 - Is IFFCO owned by the government? 20:15 - How IFFCO managed to get Rs. 600 Billion 22:00 - IFFCO operates digitally 22:30 - You don’t need Harvard to become best executive 24:20 - IFFCO hires people through AI algorithm 26:31 - How the young talent is interested in working with IFFCO 28:00 - How U.S Awasthi saved the organisation from massive losses 31:00 - How to utilize the communications effectively 34:45 - How Mr. Awasthi never swayed away from his mission 38:11 - How to stand for greater good all the time 38:45 - Body-language analysis of ministers 40:50 - Most successful person is the most hardworking people 42:00 - Commonalities between the previous Prime Ministers 43:52 - The future of agriculture in India 45:00 - Mr. Awasthi spent a significant time in Goa 48:17 - Indians were treated poorly abroad during 70s 50:40 - Will urban Indians become self-reliant moving to villages? 51:00 - The future of new India and it’s youth == This is the official channel for Dostcast, a podcast by Vinamre Kasanaa. Connect with me LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Dostcast on Instagram: Dostcast on Twitter: Dostcast on Facebook: Dostcast on Snapchat: == Contact Us For business inquiries: == #Dostcast
2024 Numerology Predictions For ALL NUMBERS | Dostcast w/ Sachinn S Sharma
Sachinn S Sharma is recognized as a prominent and highly trusted numerologist globally. He has dedicated over 37 years to practicing and teaching numerology in India and abroad, earning acclaim for his expertise in the field. - How numerology is a prominent part of multiple religious beliefs - Get to know how your birth date determines your personality - The impact of numbers in your day-to-day life Watch this episode to understand how numbers can affect you. Tune in now. Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 02:41 - Younger generation is showing interest in Numerology 03:26 - What is the history of Numerology 04:20 - The schools of Numerology, relations with Sanskrit language 06:50 - Kya Numerology se future dekh sakte hai? 07:00 - Numerology me sirf naam change karte hai? 08:50 - The concept of Karmic Debt 09:53 - The strongest arguments against Numerology 10:30 - Log nahi batate hai ki wo Numerologist ke paas gaye 11:55 - Sachinn ji kaise pata lagate hai apne clients ki pareshaniyan 14:00 - Numerology se aapka future accurately predict hota hai 16:40 - 11:11 har jagah dikhne ka rahasya 18:20 - Angel numbers aur farishtey 19:30 - Hawk’s feather found at the door 21:15 - Number 13 kyu ashubh hota hai 23:00 - Sachinn ji ke dost kya sochte hai Numerology ke baare me 27:20 - Kya Numerology log darr ke follow krte hai 28:50 - Number 1 born log kaise hote hai? 30:34 - Does the shape of knowledge determine their powers 31:20 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 1 hai 33:20 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 2 hai 34:50 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 3 hai 36:09 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 4 hai 37:17 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 5 hai 38:56 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 6 hai 43:36 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 7 hai 44:47 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 8 hai 47:35 - Kya hota hai agar aapka date of birth 9 hai 49:50 - Numbers and their impact in workplaces 52:20 - How true is the concept of lucky numbers 55:08 - How to become abundant in life 55:44 - How Mr. Sachinn spends his weekdays 57:34 - Kaise aap mind ko program karke sab kuch paa skte ho 58:15 - Numbers come in your dreams 59:22 - Are Numerologist also fulfilling the role of counselors 01:00:55 - Why taking accountability of your actions will change your life 01:03:39 - 2024 ke saal me bahut saari wars hone wali hai 01:05:00 - Aap kaise apna 2024 accha kar skte hai 01:08:00 - How our PM increased the confidence of Indians globally 01:10:10 - Why the famous and powerful people rely on Numerology 01:16:35 - Why making charts is the most important thing in Numerology 01:17:15 - How vowels play an important role in your name 01:18:12 - Why having too many names is problematic 01:19:50 - One message that Mr. Sharma wants to convey to our nation == This is the official channel for Dostcast, a podcast by Vinamre Kasanaa. Connect with me LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Dostcast on Instagram: Dostcast on Twitter: Dostcast on Facebook: Dostcast on Snapchat: == Contact Us For business inquiries: == #Dostcast
Kushal Mehra On Hindutva, Hinduism, and Hate | Dostcast
Visit: and get access to Pro Podcaster Tools and start your podcasting journey right now. Kushal Mehra is the host of the Carvaka Podcast, where he covers a wide range of subjects such as sports, philosophy, public policy, current affairs, history, economics, and much more. In this episode of Dostcast, Vinamre and Kushal talk about: - How Hindutva is an anti-caste movement - How the left uses the word very casually - Indian society is held together by thousands of small temples Watch the full podcast to learn how to judge everything from a critical angle. Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 3:08 History of Hindutva 6:45 Real Definition of Hindutva 15:00 Start Your Own Podcast Today 17:53 7 Shackles of Hinduism 21:00 Real Criticism of the BJP 29:50 Can Everybody Embrace Hindutva? 36:00 The Right Is Far More Open Than the Left 37:08 Difference Between “Trad” & “Raita” 41:00 Temples Are Saving Our Culture 58:20 Where Does Kushal Borrow His Morality From 1:01:20 Why Did Ambedkar Leave Hinduism? 1:03:00 ONLY Problem With Indian Content Creators 1:08:50 How to Become a Critical Thinker? 1:10:40 Content Creators Are BIASED 1:13:20 Book Recommendation by Kushal 1:15:00 You Should Always Speak the Truth 1:17:00 Kushal DESTROYS Indian Podcasters 1:33:00 Kushal on Left-Wing Problems 1:41:20 Podcast vs. Interview 1:54:00 Media People Are UNHAPPY 2:01:03 Code of Ethics of a Podcaster 2:06:00 Think Tanks in India Are TRASH 2:09:58 Kushal Reacts to Trump 2:13:28 Kushal’s Favorite Statesman 2:17:00 Conclusion
The MOST Awkward Podcast on Love, Dating, and Online Bullying | Dustcart w/ Naina Bhan and Sakshi Shivdasani
Visit: and get access to Pro Podcaster Tools and start your podcasting journey right now. In this episode of Dostcast, we're thrilled to have Naina Bhan and Sakshi Shivdasani, the duo behind the popular Moment of Silence Podcast. Get ready for an episode brimming with humor, heart, and a healthy dose of honesty. In this episode, they talk about - - How they tackle online hate with a smile - The kind of CREEPY Instagram DMs they receive - Their unique take on what qualities make the perfect partner Tune in for a quick, delightful dive into fun conversations and candid moments! Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 2:15 Highjacking Dostcast 2:55 People get bitchier with camera on 4:18 Getting rejected by your heroes 5:58 Does being an actor come with perks? 7:25 Is Sakshi a South Bombay girl? 9:45 Getting death threats 13:20 How are you so chill? 18:45 Archies Review 22:00 Sakshi’s rumors 23:30 Making money through creating content 26:50 Naina is hustling 28:50 Facing the dms 38:10 Therapists 41:50 Making kids 48:00 When it gets weird to speak in Hindi 56:22 Dining alone 58:50 What kind of woman does Vinamre want? 1:09:25 Conclusion
Ami Ganatra on Leadership & Life Lessons From Mahabharat | Hindi Podcast
Visit: and get access to Pro Podcaster Tools and start your podcasting journey right now.Ami Ganatra is an Indian author, management professional, and certified yoga instructor with a strong background in business strategy and consulting. She has an impressive career history, having worked across four continents in various roles, including as a software engineer at Infosys Technologies Limited and in leadership positions at Bain & Company, BASF, and The Bridgespan Group. In addition to her professional achievements, Ganatra is deeply invested in the study and dissemination of Sanskrit and Indian knowledge systems. She is known for her two bestselling books on Itihasa (Indian epics), titled "Mahabharata Unravelled: Lesser Known Facets of a Well-known History" and "Ramayana Unravelled: Lesser Known Facets of Rishi Valmiki's Epic". - Discuss Shanti Parva from Mahabharata and character dissections are provided for key figures like Bhishma, Gandhari, Shakuni, and Duryodhana, exploring their roles, actions, and motivations within the narrative of the Mahabharata. - The ancient stories of contemporary leadership and governance, discussing the importance of communication, approachability, responsibility, and self-regulation in leadership, drawing parallels with the concept of Raj Dharma. - Various philosophical aspects like the four pursuits of Sanatan Dharma are explored. Practical administrative learnings from the Mahabharata are also highlighted, emphasizing the importance of wealth creators in society and lessons on taxation from Sanatan Dharma. A must-watch for new-age founders and entrepreneurs — they will find a wealth of insights to broaden their wisdom through the powerful stories of Mahabharata. Certainly, here are the adjusted timestamps without leading zeros:2:38 - Ami's success and the viral reel4:52 - Did Hanuman ji really had a gada with him?5:24 - Was Shakuni limping in Mahabharat?6:38 - Was Gandhaari manglik?7:26 - Was Shakuni conspire the Mahabharata in reality?8:03 - The role of Bhishm in Mahabharata9:00 - Why Gandhaari blindfolded herself for life10:15 - Was Shakuni really and evil person?11:20 - Duryodhana was blind with jealousy13:15 - What is Shanti Parva14:49 - What are the Pandav brothers always so inconsolable?14:58 - Did Pandava really wanted the war?17:10 - Duryodhan was a bully17:58 - The war was imposed on Pandavas19:05 - War was the right thing here - Bhishm Pitamah21:22 - Vibhishan stood for Dharma in Ramayana23:00 - Bhishm Pitamah was a competent administrator26:40 - Kya aaj ke samay me aap Raj Dharma nibha payenge?28:50 - Why communication should be a skill in Raj Dharma31:20 - Be approachable yet keep the grace of your position32:00 - A king is held responsible for their position and actions32:58 - What it means to be a king?38:45 - Does the concept of penalty assures better administration?40:12 - A king or a leader must take care of its people like a pregnant mother42:33 - A king must go through the penance of controlling his senses44:06 - The only way you can be objective and rational45:28 - The short term gratifications leads to long term decision failures46:32 - Why honey-trapping is very prominent49:15 - What is the limit to extreme discipline49:55 - Why you should also enjoy the worldly pleasures - Geeta verse51:47 - If everybody is self-regulated then why do you need a leader?52:32 - The four pursuits of Sanatan Dharma1:00:05 - The scripts don’t really cover entrepreneurial nature of kings1:03:00 - We need wealth creators in our society - Sanatan Dharma1:04:00 - The learnings of taxation from Sanatan Dharma1:05:54 - Why have we ignored the simple things from Mahabharat so far?1:11:00 - Very practical administrative learnings from Mahabharat
नकली MURDER Case में इनके साथ हुआ 12 साल Police Torture | Amit Chaudhary की दर्दनाक Story | Dostcast
Falsely accused at 18 of a heinous crime in Meerut, Amit's life was turned upside down. Despite facing police torture, mental harassment, and a decade-long struggle, Amit emerged not only innocent but also as a beacon of hope and resilience. Now a dedicated advocate, he shares his bone-chilling story, from the pain his family endured to his transformation into a defender of justice. In the latest episode of Dostcast, we delve into the harrowing journey of Amit Choudhary, a young man who overcame tremendous odds to clear his name. - Amit's account of being falsely accused and the intense interrogation he endured. - The legal challenges and the sections of IPC involved in his arrest. - Amit's personal transformation in jail, leading to his career in law. Tune in and witness Amit Choudhary's journey from a wrongfully accused student to a passionate advocate. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 02:12 - How was falsely Amit accused of the crime 03:42 - Which IPC sections were involved in Amit’s arrest 04:08 - Amit was preparing to join Army when he got arrested 04:37 - Who was the real culprit of that murder 06:01 - What was Amit’s first reaction to accusation 06:56 - Police took away Amit’s father 08:45 - Police came with bulletproof jackets to arrest Amit 09:54 - How police treated Amit in jail 11:12 - Was there an illegal remand in arrest 13:21 - Amit’s family wasn’t informed about which jail he’s in 14:18 - How Amit felt when he entered the Jail 15:42 - Did Amit make friends in jail 16:38 - Gangs operating in Indian jails 17:32 - Jailmates wanted Amit to work for them 18:35 - Amit used to wait every month for his father to visit him 19:57 - Did Amit’s relatives support him? 21:12 - Amit’s dream of joining army got ruined 22:12 - Amit used to pray daily to god 23:09 - Amit stood in the path of education 24:36 - Amit has seen death very closely 25:06 - Amit was electrocuted in jail 27:02 - You have to get permission to even take a paper in Jail 28:23 - How Amit managed to get out of jail 29:02 - This city changed Amit’s life 30:06 - This lawyer helped him in the lowest time 30:56 - Amit used to eat once a day 32:40 - Amit’s friends used to give him Rs. 500 to survive 35:41 - Did Amit used to feel anger and frustration? 37:47 - Amit now wants to live the life for others 39:13 - Amit was a mission on proving himself innocent 41:12 - Police officers who arrested Amit didn’t even know who Amit was 43:24 - Despite the situation Amit never stopped being positive 45:02 - Amit faced third degree torture in Jail 47:15 - Are there any laws to prevent from false accusation? 48:42 - We need police reforms in India 50:27 - What tricks police resort to after restraining people 52:05 - Horrible things police do inside the jail 54:27 - Amit has started practicing law and helps people now 55:42 - Amit’s experience has made him a better lawyer 56:47 - Amit advocates the free blood donation drive 58:29 - This is Amit’s rebirth as a human being 01:00:27 - This family helped Amit to never give up hope 01:02:12 - The driving factor in Amit’s case 01:04:38 - You earn worthy relations throughout your life 01:06:45 - Amit didn’t want to leave with a blot in his name 01:09:12 - Patience and knowledge will help you stay strong 01:10:23 - A father saved his daughter by reading about diseases 01:12:13 - Ending notes == This is the official channel for Dostcast, a podcast by Vinamre Kasanaa. Connect with me LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Dostcast on Instagram: Dostcast on Twitter: Dostcast on Facebook: Dostcast on Snapchat: == Contact Us For business inquiries: dostcast@egiplay.
Raihan Vadra on Art, Family, and Unfair Comparisons | Dostcast 260
In today's episode of Dostcast, Vinamre sat down with Raihan Vadra. He is known for his passion for photography and football. Raihan began his journey in photography nearly 13-14 years ago, using his mother's old cameras, and initially had a strong interest in wildlife photography. However, over time, his focus shifted towards documenting life in various forms. In this episode they discussed about: Economics and Physicality of Art: The conversation explores the challenges of aligning art with economic realities, focusing on the costs and considerations involved in creating physical art installations, including Raihan's own upside-down room project. Public Perception and Art Shows: The accessibility and public perception of art shows, emphasizing the need for immersive experiences and addressing the intimidation factor for newcomers to the art world. Personal Identity and Creative Process: Raihan shares insights into his personal journey and creative process, discussing how being constantly compared to others impacts his identity, his approach to art, and his decision-making, especially in the context of public expectations and personal experiences. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:38 - Working with Astral Pipes and other fundings 02:44 - The economics of art doesn’t align together 06:05 - Cutting down on productions — the existential question 07:36 - The profits come in last when it comes to art 08:00 - How physical installations make the art experience immersive 10:12 - People still don’t know what art an art show is 19:19 - People come to art shows for free food 22:00 - Art shows and museum need an immersive experience 23:35 - How to interact with people in art shows 26:35 - Salvador Dali’s home’s curated walkthrough 29:42 - Art is so subjective; putting limits is disservice the art 32:10 - What subject Raihan loved the most in school 33:51 - The stigma around Arts & Humanities subject 35:59 - DHH music improved Raihan’s spoken Hindi 40:55 - Is UK Drill Rap good or bad? 48:13 - College life for Raihan 50:40 - The experience of reading religion academically 54:00 - The difference between studying and vacation abroad 59:13 - You can transform yourself from one place to another in London 01:01:08 - The beauty of living in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore 01:04:01 - What place makes you feel like home 01:06:30 - What is next show of Raihan is all about 01:09:05 - Raihan on what it feels to be compared by everyone 01:11:15 - Raihan’s school life, being treated differently, & missing family 01:14:15 - How people try to box you with certain standards 01:16:08 - How people expect Raihan to join politics one day 01:16:49 - Never let other’s opinion define you 01:24:16 - Learn to be more disciplined in life in school? 01:27:30 - How Rahul Gandhi changed his social perception 01:32:09 - Can low self esteem drive you to great success? 01:32:40 - Raihan was very close to shutting down his show 01:33:33 - There is no such thing as good or bad in art 01:39:00 - How to deal with your self-doubt 01:52:01 - The rules, fundamentals, and constraints are not good for art 01:54:50 - What happens when you become the top of layer in art, music & fashion 01:56:41 - How can people attend Raihan’s art show 01:59:01 - Krishnamurthy’s famous quote on comparison 02:00:00 - The concept behind Upmana 02:05:15 - SAVE THE DATES for Raihan's show == This is the official channel for Dostcast, a podcast by Vinamre Kasanaa. Connect with me LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Dostcast on Instagram: Dostcast on Twitter: Dostcast on Facebook: Dostcast on Snapchat: == Contact Us For business inquiries: == #Dostcast
Akshat Gupta on Ram Mandir, Bollywood, And Going From Suicide To Success
Akshat Gupta is a multifaceted personality known for his contributions in various fields including literature, screenwriting, and public speaking. Originally from Indore and currently based in Mumbai, Gupta has made a significant impact as a national bestselling author, particularly with his trilogy "The Hidden Hindu", which interweaves elements of mythology and science fiction. In this episode, Akshat and Vinamre talk about: - His difficult journey, including a phase of deep depression and a significant financial debt. Despite these challenges, he found support in his second partner, who stayed by his side during his lowest moments. - Influence of the Hindutva wave on Bollywood, the role of religion in branding, and his views on the Ram Mandir Construction. - The rapid success of his books and the creative freedom in art highlights the unconventional and passionate approach to his craft, offering intriguing insights into the world of literature and screenwriting. Watch the full episode now. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:09 - Akshat Gupta: Multitalented Author and Screenwriter 04:26 - Akshat Gupta's Life Challenges and Rejections 05:17 - Poore Sheher Ne Saath Chord Diya 05:49 - Battling Depression: Akshat Gupta's Struggle 06:55 - Akshat Gupta's Supportive Partner in Adversity 07:43 - Akshat's Financial Crisis and Health Battles 08:49 - Partner's Dedication During Akshat's Hardships 09:39 - Breaking Gender Norms: Akshat's Partner's Role 10:39 - Akshat's Comeback Fueled by Hatred 11:49 - Success as the Best Revenge: Akshat's Philosophy 13:18 - Apne Gusse Ko Apni Taakat Banana 14:29 - 9 Saal Se Nahi Milen Apne Bete Se 18:24 - Akshat Gupta's Self-Taught Writing Journey 19:17 - Writing Motivated by Fatherhood 21:40 - Akshat Gupta's Path to Overnight Success 22:52 - Decline of Curiosity in Indian Society 25:49 - Why We Say 'Cheers' 28:27 - The Lost Art of Questioning in Society 30:44 - Post-Viral Fame: Akshat's Unexpected Experiences 33:51 - Screenwriting Dynamics in Film Industry 36:04 - Storytelling: Bahubali's Elevator Pitch 41:51 - Summarizing 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam' 44:34 - Bollywood's Shift to Sanatan Stories 45:20 - Religion as a Global Brand 46:54 - Cigarette Smoking as a Cultural Trend 52:36 - Admiration for Director Inder Kumar 55:39 - Cultural Traditions: Touching Feet 57:00 - Akshat Gupta's Views on Ram Mandir Construction 58:06 - Ram Mandir: Beyond a Religious Issue 01:02:49 - Akshat Gupta's Message for Listeners 01:05:16 - Closing Remarks of the Interview == This is the official channel for Dostcast, a podcast by Vinamre Kasanaa. Connect with me LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Dostcast on Instagram: Dostcast on Twitter: Dostcast on Facebook: Dostcast on Snapchat: == Contact Us For business inquiries: == #Dostcast

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