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The ultimate podcast for dog lovers, How 2 Dog is here to answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our four-legged friends. Each week host and world-renowned animal expert Sherri Davis (from Hudson & Rex) draws on illuminating conversations with fellow experts and her own vast experience to get to the bottom of our listeners’ canine questions. Call our hotline to ask your question at 1-833-HOW-2-DOG.

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Grooming: Highs and Lows
Professional dog groomers are on the front lines of caring for your furry family members. Whether you're dealing with gum on their paws or getting ready to take the Westminster Kennel Club by storm, you need an amazing groomer in your corner!
Dog Jobs Pt1: Police Dogs
Some dogs have jobs just like us. But what is life like for a dog with a serious job, and what is it like to work beside one of these talented doggos?
Understanding Dog Talk
Barks, growls, whimpers, tail wags, licks and looks; is a dog’s behaviour a manifestation of their emotions that we can decode, or will we always have a communication divide between them and humans?
Sleep and Dogs: What Do Dogs Dream About?
There's an old expression: It's best to let sleeping dogs lie. But what if your dog is having a nightmare? Should you wake them up? And how do we even know what dogs are dreaming about?
Dog Senses Pt1: Hearing
We've all heard that dogs have amazing senses. But what do we really know about how our doggos perceive the world? Sherri has a fantastic conversation with Dr. Peter' Skip' Scheifele, executive director of FETCHLAB, about all things related to hearing and dogs. Can they hear better than we do? Are dog whistles a real thing? And is there anything we can do to prevent or treat hearing loss in dogs? Peter would know–he's currently developing the world's first hearing aid designed specifically for dogs. There's so much for dogs to hear, and so much to hear about dogs.
Traveling with Your Dog; Planes and Cars
We're all feeling the urge to travel these days. But what about our doggos? Is it safe to take our canines with us when we hit the road? And what about the tarmac?
How 2 Puppy
Over the past year, puppy ownership has been on the rise. It's a perfect time for Sherri and her guests to cover the fundamentals of bringing a puppy home. Sherri talks with Sydney Bleicher, director of training at Ultimate Puppy, about puppy basics and with esteemed dog trainer Brian Kilcommons about puppy behaviour and crate training. This is your Puppy 101.
Can I Pet Your Dog?
Sherri Davis, Canada's Dog Master, is back for a second season of How 2 Dog to answer all your burning canine questions. Today, it's all about doggy consent.
Choosing a Dog Breed
Adopting a mutt? Purchasing a purebred? What do prospective owners really need to consider when it comes to choosing the right breed of dog for their family? Dog expert Sherri Davis discusses all these topics and more, first interviewing Dani Dies, the Intake and Adoption Manager at the Toronto dog rescue, Coveted Canines. Later in the episode, Sherri sits down with her very own veterinarian of over 20 years, Dr. Matt Croskery, to chat about things to consider when deciding on the right breed and breeder for you.
Can Dogs and Humans Get Each Other Sick?
Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to disease, parasites, and other pathogens – but did you know that there are some maladies that can be shared between our two species? Sherri Davis, Canada’s Dog Master, talks to Dr. Sarah Hamer about ways to prevent disease transmission. Then we hear from Dr. Anne-Lise Chaber and Dr. Susan Hazel who have been working on training dogs to sniff out illness in humans.
Could my dog be a TV Star?
Do you think your pooch could be on a TV show? Do you have what it takes to be a wrangler yourself? Dog expert Sherri Davis gives an insider look at what it’s really like to train Diesel (aka Rex on the hit series Hudson & Rex). We also hear from Victoria Manson who has worked with Sherri for 10 years training and wrangling dogs. These two experts in their field explain that there’s more than meets the eye when getting a dog ready for the bright lights of stardom.
How do I deal with a dog that BITES?
Dogs use their mouths to experience their world. But what happens when a dog’s friendly mouthing turns into something more serious? Are there ways to prevent your dog from biting? And what are the laws surrounding a bite? Sherri Davis, Canada’s Dog Master, looks for answers by talking to Certified Animal Behaviourist Michael Shikashio. Then, to learn more about how the legal system treats bite incidents, Sherri sits down with Personal Injury Lawyer, Jeremy Magence to learn more about DOLA – the Dog Owners’ Liability Act.

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