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A Climate Change with Matt Matern is a weekly show featuring influential guests from government, business, activism, academia, and culture. The show serves to inform its audience with a focus on environmental and climate issues. Join us as we commit to making "a climate change." Similar to these great podcasts: TED Climate, Reversing Climate Change, Climate Change and Happiness, My Climate Journey, Volts, America Adapts, & Climate Vision 2050.

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"Eating Our Way to Extinction," with Gerard Bisshop and Mark Galvin: Urgent Action need on Animal Agriculture
Check out Matt's discussion with guests Gerard Bisshop, and Mark Galvin, about their documentary "Eating Our Way to Extinction," and the environmental issues it addresses. They delve into the devastating impact of animal agriculture on deforestation, biodiversity loss, and climate change.    They also highlight the economic and health benefits of such changes and discuss the involvement of Richard Branson and Kate Winslet in their documentary. 
Stormwater Solutions: Measure W & Heal the Bay’s CEO Tracy Quinn's Insights on Climate Resilience
Learn about the impact of climate change on water sources and stormwater capture initiatives like Measure W which is putting 300M/year into capturing this storm water!  Matt explores Tracy's role on the Metropolitan Water District Board, addressing challenges with emerging contaminants including microplastics and Heal the Bay's initiatives to eliminate single-use plastics from the environment through policy advocacy, and emphasizes collective efforts in environmental protection and encourages listener involvement in the myriad conservation initiatives in California and across the country.
Breaking Boundaries: Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant's Journey from Urban Upbringing to 'Wild Kingdom' Host!
Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant, host of "The Wild Kingdom" and author of "Wildlife," shares her remarkable journey from childhood fascination with nature shows to breaking stereotypes as a black woman in the environmental movement. In discussing her upcoming memoir, "Wild Life," set for release in April 2024, Dr. Wynn-Grant dives into her adventures studying animals worldwide, addressing personal growth, social justice, and motherhood.
Driving Societal Change, Insights with Anti-Dread Climate Podcast's Caleigh Wells. How to create a TIPPING POINT!
Matt Matern talks with Caleigh Wells, a KCRW reporter covering climate, environment, and public health, about her show, "The Anti-Dread Climate Podcast." They explore the podcast's focus on addressing climate change without inducing fear and dread for Gen Z and Gen Xers, discussing personal choices' impact on climate change, including the decision to have children. Caleigh emphasizes how she finds hope in humanity's adaptability to create SOLUTIONS to address the climate crisis. Caleigh mentions practical actions, such as local climate initiatives, addressing plastic pollution, and engaging with political leaders. Matt & Caleigh conclude with a focus on inspiring behavioral changes, normalizing climate-friendly actions, and the significance of small steps for the planet and mental well-being.
From the White House insider to Climate Activist: Paul Bledsoe's Insights on Biden, the IRA, China, and more!
Paul Bledsoe, former Clinton White House official, discusses urgent climate issues, methane reduction, global cooperation, and Biden's climate plan in a comprehensive interview with Matt Matern. They delve into the need to address climatic tipping points.   They focus on China's role and global cooperation are discussed, along with the enforceability of climate agreements. The podcast concludes with insights on Biden's climate plan and the economic benefits of clean energy innovation.  Tune in for an exploration of key environmental challenges. #ClimateChange #MethaneReduction #GlobalCooperation #CleanEnergy
Visions2030: Navigating Climate Solutions Through Lumisphere Experiences
Matt Matern talks with Chris Hayes and Elizabeth Thompson from Visions2030. They delve into the Lumisphere experience, an immersive project addressing climate anxiety and promoting positive climate action. The initiative involves geodesic domes, encouraging participants to explore imagination, envision positive futures, and share their ideas. Targeting 18 to 34-year-olds, especially those grappling with climate anxiety, the project has been implemented at Cal Arts in California. Chris emphasizes the goal of scaling the project globally, using strategic plans and partnerships to mobilize collective climate action. The discussion touches on COP28 experiences, potential funding sources, the impact of visualization, and the value of creative thinking in growing sustainable communities.
Clean Energy Breakthrough: Tony Pan Unveils Modern Hydrogen's Innovations
Tony Pan, CEO of Modern Hydrogen, discusses the groundbreaking technology converting natural gas into clean hydrogen and sequestering carbon as valuable carbon black. Tony highlights the company's progress, including substantial funding, utility partnerships, and plans for large-scale manufacturing, with emphasis on government support through the Inflation Reduction Act for fair competition in clean hydrogen technologies.
A Vision for Change: Marianne Williamson on a Fossil-Free Future, Creating a Department of Peace, & more!
Marianne Williamson, Democractic Presidential candidate 2024 criticizes Joe Biden's environmental policies, urging for a moral approach to climate change. She calls for mass mobilization, transformative leadership, and global action, suggesting tariffs to encourage sustainable practices. The discussion also touches on her campaign challenges, the MeToo movement, and the need for diverse voices in American politics.
Senator Ben Allen Advocates SB54 for Recycling, Carbon Tax, Solar
Join Matt with Senator Ben Allen this week! He discusses SB54, a key California bill targeting plastic pollution through recycling mandates. He emphasizes collaboration among environmental groups, local governments, and industry for extended plastic producer responsibility.  Senator Allen expresses support for a carbon tax in California!  The interview also covers the COP 28 conference and his skepticism because of the influence of fossil fuel producers.  Allen warns the roll out of rooftop solar is being threatened by the PUC in California and urges everyone to raise their voices to prevent the utility companies from hurting the rooftop solar roll out.
Dr. Sally Uren, CEO - Forum for the Future
Sally leads the Forum's mission to create a just and regenerative future. She is laser focused when it comes to transforming how the world thinks about, produces, consumes and values both food and energy.
Dr. Lisa Levin & James McFarlane - Is Seabed Mining the answer?
Is seabed mining the answer? Listen in with Matt and two special guests this week.  Dr. Lisa Levin, Distinguished Professor Emerita at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, who specializes in biological oceanography.  Dr. Levin is a deep-sea biologist interested in the intersection of biodiversity, climate and human disturbance.  Joining her is James McFarlane, Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Robotic Systems who brilliantly weighs in lucidly on this crucial matter.
Saxon Metzger, NuLife Power Services
Join Matt with Saxon Metzger, Solar Project Development Manager of NuLife Power Services.  He is passionate about solar sustainability on top of being a Professor of Sustainable Business.

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4.1 out of 5
14 reviews
AnonymousAndrewPodcast 2024/01/04
Great podcast!
For many years, I was a climate change doubter probably more out of ignorance and other things going on in my personal life that I just didn’t care no...
kristie`1111 2023/11/18
Important Mission, Great Guests
Super interesting podcast, very knowledgeable and insightful guest speakers, important mission! It’s a must listen.
electriceel 2023/06/13
Amazing podcast
Matt Matern is passionate about fighting climate change and only brings on the most important guests in the environmental space. Fascinating!
jzw144 2021/09/16
Great podcast!
Great podcast with a very worthy mission, an engaging host and excellent guests.
Fear for the planet 2023/03/22
Paul Ehrlich Interview
The questions asked by the host lead me to believe he knows little to nothing about the severity of the issues we face with climate change, the biodiv...
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