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Tom Gresham's Gun Talk is a Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show delving into everything from Gun Rights and Second Amendment Issues to sport and target shooting, recreational shooting and more. It's Full Metal Talk Radio!

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Shooting -- The Lifetime Sport; Big Win In California Court; Fighting Cancel Culture Among Gunnies: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 Hour 1
In This Hour: -- Champion shooter Bruce Piatt explains why shooting is a lifetime sport and how he keeps beating the younger shooters. --  In an important victory, California's ban on speech about guns was struck down in the courts.  Chuck Michel runs it down. --  Even while they deplore the Cancel Culture of The Left, the firearms community is often quick to turn on one of its own. This week's reaction to a Ken Hackathorn video serves as an example. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.25.24  Hour 1
Choosing A Gun Trainer; Should You Thank A "Fudd"; Safety When Driving Rural Areas: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 Hour 2
In This Hour: -- USCCA revamps its training program.  Rob Chadwick details the improvements. -- Gun Rights activist Jeff Knox explains why he told a recent rally they should "Thank A Fudd" for the work "old timers" have done to preserve the Second Amendment. --  Tom shares thoughts about safety when driving through areas which don't have cell phone service. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.25.24  Hour 2
Experienced Gun Fighters; Young Criminals And Self Defense; What's Special About A Double Stack 1911?: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 Hour 3
In This Hour: -- Carjackers and robbers are getting younger.   --  What do older, experienced, firearm trainers have to offer?  Ken Campbell, CEO of Gunsite, uses his rangemasters as examples. --  The lure of the double stack 1911, or 2011, pistol Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.25.24  Hour 3
Is There Natural Shooting Talent?; Concealed Carry Etiquette; How A Shooting Lesson Paid Off Years Later: Gun Talk Radio | 02.25.24 After Show
In This Hour: --  Is it possible to have natural shooting talent? --Etiquette of concealed carry.  Don't draw your loaded gun to show it off. --  A story of how teaching a young man to shoot paid off years later. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 02.25.24  After Show
Big Buck Stories + Top Hunting Gear | Gun Talk Hunt
Gun Talk Hunt’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin sits down with Aaron Oelger of Hodgdon Powder Company to swap some stories from an eventful deer season. Plus, the guys are sharing what hunting gear they never leave behind, what’s new with Hodgdon and much more. This Gun Talk Hunt is brought to you by Range Ready Studios and Smith & Wesson. Copyright ©2024 Freefire Media, LLC Gun Talk Hunt 02.24.24
The Race For Constitutional Carry; "Acorn Cop" Shoots Up His Car When Attacked By An Oak Tree; Gun Banners Quickly Use KC Shootings: Gun Talk Radio | 02.18.24 Hour 1
In This Hour: --  Louisiana state senator and top competitive shooter Blake Miguez explains his bill to make the Bayou State the 28th to enact Constitutional Carry. --  A police officer shoots up his own cruiser because he thinks an acorn which fell on the roof was a gunshot.  Lessons we can all learn from this horrible example of dangerous incompetence.  --  Surprising no one, the gun banners jumped on the tragedy of the Kansas City shootings to call for restrictions on those who did not shoot anyone. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 02.18.24 Hour 1
New Ammunition From Remington; A Gun Trainer Changes With The Times; Credit Card Companies Tracking Gun Purchases: Gun Talk Radio | 02.18.24 Hour 2
In This Hour: -- "Big Green" comes through! Remington announces a big list of new ammunition offerings.  Joel Hodgdon run through just a few of the new loads for handguns, rifles and shotguns. -- What lessons can be learned from being a firearms instructor?  Barrett Kendrick explains how his training has changed over the years. --  The danger of credit card companies tracking gun sales.  When the government targets those who buy "too much." Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 02.18.24  Hour 2
A Training Class That Comes With A Free Gun; Will The NRA Survive?; How Many Rounds Do Your Carry Daily?: Gun Talk Radio | 02.18.24 Hour 3
In This Hour: -- Get a FREE gun with this training class.  Ryan Gresham announces this upgrade to the Taurus Experience, to be held at Range Ready Studios. --  The multi-week trial is over in New York, and we wait for the jury to decide how much punishment the NRA must take. Will the oldest gun rights organization survive? --  How many rounds of ammunition do you carry when you have a self protection handgun on you?  Tom's survey revealed a surprisingly high average number. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk   02.18.24  Hour 3
Lessons From "Acorn Cop"; Use Winter Down Time To Clean Guns; Shooting The "Bill Drill": Gun Talk Radio | 02.18.24 After Show
In This Hour: --  Tom, Jim and Michelle talk about the lessons to be learned from the story of "Acorn Cop,' the officer who shot up his cruiser when he thought an acorn hitting the roof was a shot being fired at him. -- Don't store guns in their cases.  Fighting rust with regular cleanings. -- What's the Bill Drill, and how do you shoot it? Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.18.24  After Show
Revolvers For Fighting; Is The NRA Still Relevant; Get Used Gear For Youngsters: Gun Talk Radio | 02.11.24 Hour 1
In This Hour: -- New fighting revolvers from Smith & Wesson, plus "Safari" rifles from Ruger.  Jason Cloesner details some of the exclusives from Lipseys. -- In the middle of the New York trial and the constant stream of revelations about misuse of money at the NRA, Jeff Knox is running for the board.   -- The value of buying used gear -- guns and hunting clothing -- for youngsters. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.11.24  Hour 1
The Return Of Taurus; Stag Arms Stuns With A Lever Action; Upgrading A 300 Magnum: Gun Talk Radio | 02.11.24 Hour 2
In This Hour: -- Caleb Giddings explains how Taurus made such a comeback, and why they are moving into rifles. -- Known as a premier maker of AR-style rifles, Stag Arms surprised everyone at SHOT Show with a new lever action.  Ryan Donahue explains the reasoning behind this move. -- Should he trade in his .300 Weatherby for a newer .300 Winchester Magnum? Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.11.24  Hour 2  
New Gun Company and New Gun; A Company Known For ARs Makes A Bolt Gun; Modify Your Holster: Gun Talk Radio | 02.11.24 Hour 3
In This Hour: --  A new gun company and a new pistol.  Chris Toomer, from Rost Martin, introduces a new gun company and a striker-fired pistol --  Palmetto State Armory breaks new ground with a bolt-action rifle.  Cameron Tapler explains that this is just the first of a string of new guns. --  How to modify your holster for concealed carry. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk  02.11.24  Hour 3

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4.6 out of 5
1522 reviews
marinegrunt 2024/02/13
You know the uncle you are always happy to see?
Well, Tom and Crew are that side of the family. Cheerful and honest, knowledge is what you know, wisdom is what you do with it. Mr Grisham has not kn...
QualityControl79 2024/01/04
Gun Talk is the Best
Gun Talk is for anyone interested in Firearms, Firearms safety & education, Firearms training, Second Amendment content and more. Tom Gresham and comp...
benniesdad 2023/10/30
Mix of topics
Gun owners and enthusiasts are really a big tent of people. Some of us are competition target shooters, others are hunters, some are collectors, many ...
jared7210 2023/11/03
Not here for politics
Leave the politics to other shows.
MS987654xxx 2023/08/29
Great show with interviews,news, 2a politics, and awesome stories from everyday Americans
KingmanBG 2023/04/09
Oh Yeah!
Keeping our nation pointed in a safe direction! Gotta love Gun Talk!
Tinman4x 2023/03/19
Always entertaining
I literally learn something new every episode and look forward to new episodes, several a week.
Rolland Lynch 2022/12/27
I have enjoyed for 20 some years Gun Talk while I drive my big truck (Simi truck). First on the radio then on the XM Radio. Now better than ever and...
johnny_utah91 2023/03/06
Fudd Talk Radio
‘Nuff said. Radio show for Fudds.
EmperorCharlemagne 2023/01/02
Typical Radio Show
I really do enjoy the amount of helpful technical information scattered about, but since it’s a radio show it’s full of ads and repeating the same gen...
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