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The 5 natural bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches from 3D Muscle Journey come together for conversations dissecting the art and science of muscle and strength. Be a fly on the wall as this collective of coaches discuss the ins and outs of helping athletes reach their potential on the stage, platform and in their personal lives. Dedication. Discipline. Desire. #Team3DMJ

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#206: Advanced Training Techniques
Eric, Nick, and Alberto discuss super sets, drop sets, antagonist paired sets, blood flow restriction training, myo-reps, partial reps, and a lot more. Why would someone use one of these "intensity techniques"? What is Alberto's ultimate super set for novices? What leads to skeletal muscle hypertrophy? Can blood flow restriction training make you more vascular? [...]
#205: Planning Predictable Peak Weeks
Brad, Alberto, and Eric discuss how they set up athletes' peak-week protocols. The coaches talk about which variables they manipulate, how they test various strategies, and the ideal peak-week scenario. How does peaking work physiologically? What percentage increase does Alberto think a good peak can give someone? How can stress affect one's peak? What needs [...]
#204: All About Nutrient Timing
Brad, Eric, and Jeff have an in-depth discussion about if and how the way we eat throughout the day affects fat loss, muscle growth, and lean body mass retention. Does eating more frequently stoke your metabolism? Is eating carbohydrates before your workout beneficial? How often should you consume protein throughout the day? If you utilize [...]
#203: The Unexpected Ways Bodybuilding Makes You Stronger
Alberto and Amanda have an intimate conversation about how bodybuilding has positively impacted their lives outside of their health and the way they look. What has Alberto's bodybuilding journey given him? What has Amanda's bodybuilding journey given her? Where did they first notice what they were learning through bodybuilding could be applied to other areas [...]
#202: Developing Your Deload Strategy
Jeff, Brad, and Alberto have an in-depth conversation about deloading. They discuss the benefits of deloading and go through different ways you can set up your next deload. How do the coaches like to deload? What are some of the different ways they'll have their athletes deload? What do the coaches recommend not doing during [...]
#201: Should You Take It To Failure?
Eric, Jeff, and Alberto discuss the research on as well as their experiences with training to failure. How is training to failure defined and studied in research? How does what the research suggests apply to most bodybuilders? In which situations is it beneficial to train to failure? In regard to hypertrophy, what is the difference [...]
#200: Q&A Session 20
Andrea, Brad, and Eric conduct an audience-supplied Q&A session. Topics include: programming, competing, stress eating, training after menopause, velocity-based training, and a lot more. Does everyone eventually reach a point where they have to program their training via RPE targets? Can intraset velocity loss be used as an objective measurement of fatigue? What body-fat percentage [...]
#199: Upgrading Your Bodybuilding Diet
Steve, Brad, and Alberto discuss different eating habits and offer suggestions for how to improve the effectiveness, enjoyment, and sustainability of your diet. How can you identify which eating behaviors are okay and which ones you should probably try to replace? How does Brad like to program an athlete's calorie intake? What is the 80/20 [...]
#198: Upgrade Your Gaining Game
Brad, Jeff, and Alberto talk about the necessity of gaining weight for maximizing your physique. Why is gaining weight so important? What are the coaches' thoughts on cutting before starting a gaining phase? How much body fat is too much? Once you reach your goal body weight, then what? What are the coaches' thoughts on [...]
#197: Weight Loss, Perfection, and Flexible Dieting with The MASS Reviewers
This episode is quite the treat, it contains three audio roundtable discussions from The MASS research review. MASS (Monthly Applications in Strength Sport) is a research review by Greg Nuckols, Dr. Eric Trexler, Dr. Mike Zourdos, and Dr. Eric Helms that covers the latest strength, hypertrophy, and nutritional science research in an easy-to-understand and apply [...]
#196: Why You Should Just Keep Lifting
Nick, Brad, and Jeff talk about why they continue to train even though the rate they progress is significantly slower than it used to be and why they're so happy they haven't quit. How do the coaches view their training and bodybuilding now? What do the coaches do to help increase their and their athletes' [...]
#195: Is Natural Bodybuilding Viable?
Alberto and Eric discuss the path of natural bodybuilding and how it's a real option for those who want to compete in a competitive environment. Why is it important to be well-informed before using performance-enhancing drugs? If someone chooses to stay natural, are there places they can compete where there is good competition? Based on [...]

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
327 reviews
Skylar Cox 2022/05/05
Saved me
I’ve been listening to these guys for years. I’m in year three of dental school currently and I can confidently say that I would not even be able to h...
irisemo 2022/03/03
I love this podcast because it is wholesome, informative, and no self centered chatter. Very inspiring and amazing for my 2 hour commute!! These guys ...
danjloop 2021/12/02
New 3dmj Episode!!
jes? 2022/01/17
Love this podcast as it’s the best people in the industry giving top notch advice but Andreas “uhhh” constantly and LONG pauses is a little irritating...
Salim992 2021/08/17
Natural bodybuilding gold mine
Great and honest content provided regularly for anyone who appreciates bodybuilding. This podcast has helped me gain a lot knowledge. Keep it up 3DMJ!...
Jasoninva 2021/07/03
Outstanding resource for natural bodybuilding
Evidence based resource for natural Judy builders. Sending many people to pro shows. Not selling product. Just providing amazing information.
longtoehairs 2021/04/21
The BEST BBer Resource
The content 3DMJ puts out is like free gold. Each episode gives you an in depth look at the nuances of natural bodybuilding and will give you deeper i...
N97648 2020/12/06
In Depth and Transparent
This podcast has given me a very honest look into the hurdles of bodybuilding (naturally!) and also how to overcome them. There’s a recurring theme on...
Shayne44 2020/11/04
Jacked Nerds
Some people are Star Wars nerds dungeons and dragons nerds these people are bodybuilder nerds . I mean that as a compliment.
OliviaSatan 2020/10/07
Super quality content for lifters


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