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6 Figure Creative is a podcast that helps freelance creatives earn more money by doing what they love. If you’re trying to avoid the never-ending grind of a 9–5, or just want to earn more money doing what you do best (creating), 6 Figure Creative is your new favorite show! Join host Brian Hood and his guests as they explore topics such as mental health, finances, sales, marketing, time management, the digital nomad lifestyle, and more.

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How To Be "The Full Package" 6 Figure Creative | With Toby Lloyd
If you ever want to break 6 figures as a freelancer (or whatever your goal is), let me ask you something important... Are you running your business (and life) like a 6 figure creative? Most people think they can keep acting like a 4 or 5-figure freelancer and that eventually (with enough hard work and perseverance), you'll somehow break that elusive 6-figure goal. The reality is that you have to BE a 6 figure creative before you can earn 6 figures. Confused? Here's what I mean... Every 6 Figure Creative I know has these characteristics: They're intentional in their personal life and business. They have specific goals AND take consistent actions working towards those goals They let opportunity and possibility drive their decisions instead of fear and self-doubt. They're not afraid to show the world exactly who they are and are not. The thing that most people don't understand is that these other 6 Figure Creatives already had these qualities and characteristics before they ever cracked 6 figures. You are the same. Until you have the qualities and characteristics of a 6 figure creative, you will not crack that number (or whatever number you're trying to reach). Our guest in this week's interview is the perfect example of someone who has all of these qualities. Toby Lloyd has been a freelancer for the past 15 years, and he's put a lot of care and intention into being the type of person he needed to be in order to be successful. Toby's results speak for themselves. If you want to learn what "the full package" looks like as a true 6 Figure Creative, this interview is for you. In this episode you’ll discover: How Toby Lloyd transitioned from a full-time job in the film industry to a 6-figure home studio owner Using competitions to create awareness for your business Qualifying leads to make sure you're the best fit for the project Why you need to get leads first and then focus on growth The mindset of a good producer How to nurture long-term relationships with your clients Using flat-rate pricing to keep artists at ease in the studio The difference between a Kiwi accent and an Aussie accent For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/205
How To Generate 1000 Inquiries Per Year As A Logo Designer | With James Martin
Ever felt like your industry is just too saturated to stand out? Like you're just a tiny drop in a massive ocean? You're not alone. Nearly every freelancer has a moment (or ten) where they doubt themselves and their ability to stand out in a crowded "red ocean". That's why I was so excited to talk to James Martin from Made By James. James is a designer who's had immense success in the crowded niche of logo design. He's found a way to not just stand out, but thrive in an incredibly competitive niche. James is averaging around 1,000 inquiries from potential clients every single year, and this has allowed him to cherry-pick the best gigs and reject the "bill paying work" that many freelancers are forced to say yes to. Whether you're a designer or not, this episode will contain a lot of fantastic advice from someone who's built an incredible, long-lasting career as a freelancer. In this episode you’ll discover: How James Martin has thrived for nearly 2 decades as a creative Why niching down too early is worse than not niching at all How to stand out in a saturated market Passion vs. systems and habit Why it's dangerous to rely on social media Giving your clients the most value they can afford Why it's time to raise your prices right now Relationships in business The difference between survival and thriving For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/204
Our Favorite 3 Methods For Creating Awareness | The Client Acquisition Series
"I need more clients". That's the #1 problem our community has in every single poll we run. The issue with getting clients is that no matter how good you are at what you do, you will never be able to get enough clients if no one knows you exist. That's why we wanted to dedicate an entire episode to discussing our favorite 3 methods for building awareness and growing your business. Creatives have to learn this stuff if they ever want to get out of the "feast or famine" lifestyle. In this episode you’ll discover: How to make an offer so good people feel stupid saying no How to harness three of the six different lead sources The thousand true fans model How you can advertise for free Why an email list is crucial to more and more freelancers The importance of cleaning your mailing list For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/203
How To Attract Your Dream Clients | The Client Acquisition Series
Here are the two rules for attracting your dream clients. Rule #1: Be attractive. Rule #2: Don't be unattractive. That's literally it. The hard part comes when you actually look at what is "attractive" to your dream clients. I'd bet you have a long list of alllll the things you want to see in their dream clients/projects, but very few people take the time to look at themselves and ask the most important question... "Am I the type of person that would attract this sort of dream client/project?" In many cases, that answer is, unfortunately, no. You're not anywhere close to being attractive to your dream clients. In other cases, you might be attractive to them, but you're doing little to nothing when it comes to communicating all the attractive things you have to offer them. In this continuation of our Client Acquisition Series, we dive into what it takes to attract your dream clients. In this episode you’ll discover: Why Guitar Center is the worst place to buy gear (unless they sponsor us) How Mark closed a half-million-dollar deal Why different clients need different approaches Setting expectations in advance High ticket vs. low ticket sales How to become attractive to your dream clients How to stay top of mind without being cringy Why red ocean businesses struggle For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/202
How Creatives Can Shamelessly (And Tastefully) Self-promote | With Peggy Dean
As a creative, what have you done recently to promote your work? If you're like most, you might have posted on social media a few times (if even that)... but that's about it. Unfortunately, self-promotion doesn't come naturally for most creatives, and it's to our own detriment. We might be the best in the world at what we do, but if no one knows we exist, we'll never make a living from our creative talents. That's why I invited Peggy Dean onto the podcast to discuss a subject she's become the master of; Self-promotion as a creative. Peggy has managed to amass an Instagram following of 184,000 people and an email list of over 75,000 people, and she's showing no signs of slowing down. If you're good at what you do, but you struggle to let the world know about everything you have to offer, this interview is a must-listen. In this episode you’ll discover: Why failure isn't necessarily a bad thing Prioritizing your time and energy to become more creative How Peggy finished high school a year and a half early Using project management tools to stay focused Tackling your ideal client's biggest struggles Batching work to keep content flowing smoothly How emotion controls a buyer's actions Why email subscribers are worth 10x your social media following The 90/10 mindset to solve your problems For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/201
The 7 Key Topics To Cover With Every Client BEFORE The Sale | The Client Acquisition Series
Have you ever had one of those awkward situations with a crush where you were TOTALLY into them, but you weren’t sure if they were into you? Yeah... That sucks. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to help you there since we give business advice instead of dating advice. What we CAN help you with is the client equivalent of that situation. Here’s what I mean... You’re talking to a dream client. You’re way into working with them, but you’re just not sure if they’re into you. There are actually 7 key points to cover with every potential client, and if each point is a “positive”, then they’re giving you their permission to pitch/sell them (i.e. take the relationship to the next level). This framework was shared with us by someone earning multiple millions per year, and it works perfectly in the freelance world. In this episode you’ll discover: How to help your clients better by determining their needs When closing a deal comes down to good timing What to do if a client isn't sure they want to hire you Why being open and honest with clients is the only way to run a healthy business How to discuss your workflow and delivery with clients before closing a deal Why it's vital that clients trust you implicitly For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/200
How To Get A Complete Stranger To Hire You | Client Acquisition For Freelancers
Client acquisition is a nerdy marketing term that basically boils down to one thing: getting clients. While the idea is simple, our freelance community seems to be deathly allergic to client acquisition. I get it... None of us got into this game because we wanted to become marketers. We do this because we love spending all day every day doing what we love by being creative. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Unless you simply want this to be your hobby, client acquisition is a skill and a process you have to learn, develop, and grow. The alternative is to keep doing what you're likely doing now... sit around and hope a client finds you. If your current "strategy" is "hope marketing", this episode gives you the big picture view of how you can get complete strangers to hire you instead of waiting around for a miracle. In this episode you’ll discover: Why people will never hire you if they don't know you How to build trust with potential customers When it's time to be yourself How dating and business are closely related Why Mark is was more of a ladies' man than Brian How adding value in the long term sets you up for success Why our "comfort zone" is holding us back Why we need to be ourselves and not be afraid of alienating some people How appealing to everyone is a bad thing for our businesses For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/199
Dealing With Burnout, Mental Exhaustion, And Low Creative Juices
If you're doing anything worth a damn, you will eventually hit a point of burnout. There's literally no way to avoid this happening from time to time. The question is "how do you handle it"? Some of us just put our heads down and keep working, trying to pretend we're fine. Others completely withdraw to "recover", but they lose all momentum. This episode explores the wide range of "gray" areas... This is the area beyond simple black and white thinking. It's this non-binary thinking that can help us navigate the most difficult roadblocks in our creative lives. If you're going through burnout, or you feel like you just don't have anything left to give creatively, this episode is for you. In this episode you’ll discover: How to handle burnout Why you might be facing burnout Wearing all the hats as a business owner The damage of over-saturating yourself in one aspect of life Pacing yourself for success How your well being is a sum of your life, not just one part Why the four bottlenecks discussed in episode 188 are important to understand Avoiding water in your gas tank For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/198
Failure, Motivation, And What To Do When You Want To Give Up | With Andy J. Pizza
“I’m a failure. I should just give up. This industry is oversaturated. I could never compete with the other people in this city. I will never be good enough” If you’ve ever had thoughts like this, then you may have a dangerous condition known as a “Fixed Mindset.” This is where you believe your skills, abilities, and talents are capped.  “I can never get better than this at these things”. If you allow a Fixed Mindset to take over, then your career may be over before you even started. It’s extremely important for your business, your career, and your life, that you don’t wave a white flag before you even try! Instead, there’s something called a Growth Mindset.  In this episode, Andy J. Pizza explains how to make the switch from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.  In this episode you’ll discover: What toxic creative mythology is and how it hurts your career Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset What the TV show Oak Island has to do with your career Why you can’t let roadblocks discourage you How a mindset can boost your life exponentially Why making your goals SMART is key to your success Why you need to live a life that your kids want to know about For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/197
The 80/20 Rule: How To Make More, Work Less, And Get Rid Of Bad Clients
Ever meet someone who's able to earn more than they need while still having time to enjoy their lives...without stress weighing them down? A successful, carefree person is a surprisingly rare person to meet. It seems like people are either constantly working while neglecting their personal lives, or their personal life seems solid but their business is stagnant. Even more common seems to be the person whose life is in shambles in all areas (I mean that's the norm post-2020, yeah?). Here's the "secret" behind success for those few who seem to have it all together...those people live by The 80/20 Rule. Most of us already know (or have some vague idea) of what The 80/20 Rule is, but very few people actually use that as their "north star." If you have no idea what The 80/20 Rule is, or you need a reminder of how you can use that magical rule to "refresh" your life, this episode is for you. In this episode you’ll discover: What is the 80/20 principle, anyway? How the 80/20 principle affects your business Maximizing your profits by reducing your workload Enriching your personal life using the 80/20 principle How to review your business through the 80/20 lens What not to do when you have a "f*¢k it" moment Dealing with shiny object syndrome using the 80/20 principle Prioritizing the pillars of your life For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/196
How To Break Through An 8-Year Income Plateau To FINALLY Hit 6 Figures | With Stephen Helvig
What do you do when your income hits a plateau? Do you... (A). Give up and move on to a new career (B). Keep going but try something new in your business (C). Keep doing the exact same thing for 8 years straight and keep getting the same result If you chose option C, then congrats, you're probably in what we call "zombie land". This is the place where your business is earning just enough to survive, but not enough to thrive. Our guest this week, Steven Helvig, is a music producer who was in "zombie land" for 8 straight years before he found a way out of it. Eventually, he went from a stagnating 5 figure income to a steady 6 figure income, and in this episode, he gives us the details of what he did to finally get out of zombie land. If you've been struggling to break through your income plateau as a freelancer, this episode is the perfect dose of practical inspiration and information to help you break the cycle and grow your business ASAP. In this episode you’ll discover: The transformation from goal-less zombie to 6 figure studio owner Mindset shifts needed to run a healthy business Why charging more is good for your customers Educating yourself so you can work smart, not hard Hobbyist vs. professional mindsets How niching down your messaging can attract your ideal clients Using the 80/20 principle to eliminate pain points in your business The importance of following up For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/195
Growing From 5 Figures To 6 Figures As A Freelancer | The Secret Ingredient
If you've been stuck at 4 or 5 figures per year as a freelancer, there's likely one ingredient that is holding you back from growth. Without this ingredient, it is 100% impossible to get clients, grow your income, and get past the 6 figure mark (if that's your goal). In this week's episode of the 6 Figure Creative Podcast, my buddy Mark Eckert and I map out the path you can take to overcoming all of the hurdles between you and this incredibly important missing ingredient. In this episode you’ll discover: How to move from four/five figures to six figures+ Why you aren't full time yet How to revamp your entire public-facing identity as a freelancer The difference between advertising vs. content marketing and why this matters for freelancers Why you should be producing more than consuming How sticking to a schedule or routine can tie all of this together For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/194

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4.9 out of 5
358 reviews
stephenbh 2022/04/06
Among the best for small business owners
This podcast has been instrumental in helping me grow my recording studio and improve my business acumen.
JPerkinski 2022/05/10
No longer good.
This podcast was decent early on but has since jumped the shark badly and has reduced itself to associating with dishonest grifters in a desperate att...
Jakob! :-) 2022/02/27
Best pod
Super inspiring and informative. Really kicking me into gear with my own business
ASobering 2021/08/19
Entertaining, insightful, and actionable! ?
Whether you’re well established as a creative or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow, this is a must-listen podca...
cidk92 2021/08/03
Golden Nuggets
I get at least one golden nugget on each episode!
Vitamin RJ 2021/05/19
The spark of light I needed.
This podcast is the most encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting podcast in existence today. I decided to start a home studio. Bought some gear over tim...
GL1257197 2021/06/30
Like to see more from smaller artists
Lots of really strong business advice here, and tons of concepts that are universally valuable to all artists! But, the general vibe is always pushin...
bigboyblegh 2021/05/06
Changed My Life
Man, I’ve never been into podcasts at all, but this one absolutely changed my life for the better. Highly recommended for anyone in the music industry...
TalentCraft.space 2021/01/31
Learn the business side to owning a studio
I never pretended that I knew how to run my studio business. I was fortunate that I developed skills to produce music for clients. However, managing t...
Marcos Firefly 2021/01/25
This podcast is the best. These guys are interesting, informative and helpful. I’ve already devoured three of the books they recommended. Thanks!


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