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A podcast about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses. Through a series of personal interviews, Steve extracts the little details and the exact strategies that contributed to their success. All of the entrepreneurs featured on the show bootstrapped their businesses from the ground up and hustled their way to the top without risking their life savings, without sacrificing their relationships by working 100 hour weeks and without needing extensive technical knowledge. There is no fluff and every episode is packed with actionable takeaways.

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519: The SEO Apocalypse! How Google’s Latest Changes Are Shaking Up the Internet With Toni Herrbach
Welcome to a brand new segment of the show called Profitable Audience where my business partner Toni and I discuss all things related to content creation and building an audience. In this episode, Toni and I discuss what's going on with SEO and artificial intelligence and what's in store for ranking in search going forward.
518: How AI Is Transforming Ecommerce With John Lawson
In this episode, I'm thrilled to have John Lawson on the show. John is the CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, an online retail clothing and accessories company. He is a platinum eBay power seller, a top-rated Amazon merchant, and a small business influencer of the year. He's also written many best-selling books and speaks all over the world. For the past several years, John has been really deep into AI, so in this episode, we are going to talk about how AI is transforming ecommerce.
517: Breaking Updates With Google, AI, Amazon And More With Toni Herrbach
I currently run two podcasts My Wife Quit Her Job, and Profitable Audience with my partner, Toni. Recently, Toni and I decided to pool our resources together and merge Profitable Audience into My Wife Quit Her Job. So from now on, this podcast will have a new segment to the show called Profitable Audience, where Toni and I will riff about content creation and making money online, just the two of us. In this episode, Toni and I discuss the latest news in the online business space for 2024.
516: How To Skyrocket A YouTube Channel To 180K Subs By IGNORING Best Practices With Rob Berger
Today I'm thrilled to have my good friend and mastermind buddy, Rob Berger on the show. Rob is the founder of Dough Roller, which is a top financial blog that he grew to 2 million visitors per year before he sold it for a large sum of money.  After the sale of his blog, he decided to start a YouTube channel, which he's managed to grow to 180k subs by defying every best practice.  Here's how he did it!
515: How Ordinary People Can Build A 7 Figure Business In 48 Hours With Noah Kagan
Today, I'm thrilled to have Noah Kagan back on the show. Noah is the chief sumo and founder of, which is a nine-figure company.  He's also known for his YouTube channel called Noah Kagan, which has close to 1 million subscribers. In this episode, we discuss the exact steps to build a seven-figure business in a single weekend.
514: Behind My Brand: 2023’s Big Wins and Brutal Losses in E-Commerce
In this episode, I’ll give you the run down on how both our businesses performed in 2023 including all of the highlights, lowlights and what we have planned for 2024. SIgn up for my free 6 day ecommerce mini course -
513: Meet The Man Who Makes Millions Teaching Millennials About Money With Bobby Hoyt
Today, I'm thrilled to have my good friend and mastermind buddy Bobby Hoyt on the show. Bobby is the founder of Millennial Money Man, where he teaches millennials how to make and save more money. His blog has been featured in Lifehacker, Forbes, Market Watch, CNBC, US News, Business Insider and countless other publications. A couple listeners have recently emailed me asking me whether blogging is still a viable business model. So instead of just saying yes, I invited Bobby to come on the pod because the man is killing it online.
512: My Predictions For Ecommerce In 2024 | The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
In this episode, I’m going to give you my predictions for ecommerce and small business entrepreneurship in 2024. I’ll dive into what’s next, discuss everything from the shifting landscape of eCommerce jobs to artificial intelligence and what's going on with China. Sign up for my free 6 day ecommerce mini course -
511: Why EVERYONE Is Ditching PayPal – Here’s The Ugly Truth!
In this episode, I uncover the truth about PayPal, all the fees, the hidden charges, and how you can save money with your credit card processing with your online store. In the event that your PayPal account is currently limited or banned, I will teach you how to get your money back and how to prevent your account from getting limited.
510: Starting An Online Store? Follow These 5 Rules To Find The Right Platform
In this episode, I answer the top question that I always get asked.  Which ecommerce platform should you use for your online store? Unfortunately, the answer isn't black and white. So in this episode, I'll help you figure it all out. Platforms mentioned Shopify - BigCommerce - Shift4Shop -
509: Temu And Shein Decimated His Business. Now What? With Jerry Kozak
Today, I'm thrilled to have Jerry Kozak on the show. Jerry is the founder of Ann Arbor Tees, a world class full service print and embroidery company in Ann Arbor, Michigan that does over eight figures per year in sales. But thanks to sites like Temu and Shein, his business has been cut in half this past year. In this episode, we talk about the effects of companies like Temu and Shein and what you can do about it.
508: Amazon Fees Are On The Rise! 5 Tips On How To Slash Your Costs With Yoni Mazor
Today, I'm thrilled to have Yoni Mazor back on the show. Yoni is the founder of Getida, and he's helped thousands of ecommerce entrepreneurs get their money back from Amazon. Amazon fees are on the rise and today, we discuss simple and clever ways to save money on Amazon Get $400 in free reimbursements over at

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4.9 out of 5
1290 reviews
Moore's Painting 2024/02/24
Dion from Chicago ddukemoore vision quest
Since I started this e-commerce venture, I've watched a whole Lotta YouTube videos. Everybody wants you to sign up for their class. Everybody tells yo...
AnthonyH20 2024/02/24
Chock full of info!
This is by far the most helpful and informative e-commerce and entrepreneurship podcast.
Luckywhale 2024/02/23
So glad I found Steve!
The free content Steve provides is better than a lot of paid content. I am so happy to have someone who’s been there sharing all the valuable informat...
Sayurikul 2024/02/23
Awesome content
I have been listening to Steve’s podcast for some time now and it has been very informative. Steve’s teachings and insight are impressive and the cont...
Arizona Ken 2024/02/22
Excellent Presentor
Steve is an encyclopedia of knowledge on the subject of online sales.
IADawg 2024/02/22
Entertaining with actionable content
No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, Steve and his guests give you actionable tips, advice, and thought-provoking insights that im...
Jlv85 2024/01/20
It doesn’t disappoint
I bought Steve’s book, then attended one of his free workshops, and now found his podcast. He doesn’t disappoint, he’s a smart guy and doesn’t hold an...
Mjbrooks2112 2024/01/20
Just learned of the Steve Chou podcast, and so far sooo great!
I just finished a 3-day workshop with Steve, and it was very informative, and inspiring. I’m listening to my first podcast and like the workshop, it’...
JJL521 2024/01/20
Excellent podcast. Steve has tons of experience and is on the cutting edge of ecom. His student stories are so inspiring
lethal633 2024/01/19
Always Learning from Steve!
Every time I listen to Steve I learn, learn, learn! He is very clear, concise, easy to follow, and informative. Thank you for all the knowledge that y...
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