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Design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we've just stopped noticing. 99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. From award winning producer Roman Mars. Learn more at 99percentinvisible.org.

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496- The Rights of Rice and Future of Nature
Wild Rice has long played an important role in Ojibwe cultures, but last year, it took on a new role: plaintiff in a court case.
495- Meet Us by the Fountain
No teenager in America in the 1980s could avoid the gravitational pull of the mall, not even author Alexandra Lange. In her new book, Meet Me by the Fountain, Lange writes about how malls were conceptually born out of a lack of space for people to convene in American suburbs
494- Flag Days: Unfolding a Moment
Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. At least, that's what we were taught in school. But when historians go searching…there’s no proof to be found.
493- Divining Provenance
Priceless cultural artifacts have been plundered and sold for hundreds of years. You can find these relics in museums and in private collections. In recent years, with the advent of online marketplaces, researchers have begun to find a lot of artifacts for sale on the web. And it turns out, ISIS profits from much of it.
492- Inheriting Froebel's Gifts
The educational toys that changed the world
491- The Missing Middle
What zoning out middle-sized housing options does to a city
490- Train Set
Some of the most ambitious, fascinating, and downright crazy trains that the world has ever seen.
Roman Mars on Blank Check with Griffin and David
Bonus episode: Roman Mars on Blank Check with Griffin and David talking about The Quick and The Dead (Sam Raimi, 1995)
489- Pandemic Tracking and the Future of Data
Data is the lifeblood of public health, and has been since the beginning of the field. We take a look at data gathering in regards to public health from the 1600s to today and how it might change in the future.
488- It’s a Small Aisle After All
The evolution of the "international" section of the grocery store and how some products stay there forever and some break out to blend in with similar products throughout the market
487- Atlas Obscura
We visit the site of one of the most infamous lost expeditions and the home of all the lost luggage.
486- Rumble Strip
Every year in the spring, small towns throughout New England host their annual town meeting. Town meetings take place in high school gyms or town halls, and anyone can come.

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4.8 out of 5
23530 reviews
Lady Mcguiver 2022/06/19
Hits close to home
I love this podcast. The recent episode, Meet us by the Fountain, hits soooooo close to home. THANK YOU for including a clip of Bill & Ted’s; it is t...
chupppppp 2022/06/17
I’ve learned so many useless facts
I’ve learned a lot from this show. Most of the things I’ve learned don’t really help me in my every day life, but their interesting and engaging top...
Jippy the Nimble 2022/06/07
An absolute gem!
Insightful and fascinating background on events, objects, and artifacts of everyday life. Roman has such beautiful takes on the world. So worthwhile. ...
avid david listener 2022/06/15
Turned cynical
This show has turned rather cynical in the last -say- two years, I used to love it for information , not spin.
miwibe 2022/06/09
Never go full woketard
Don’t be like Roman :(
KatWey4444 2022/05/28
Essential listening
This feeds my curiosity. I can’t imagine anything more important. In these times, it is so tempting and easy to simply digest what we are fed witho...
KaseyQ 2022/06/05
Sometimes interesting, sometimes totally garbage
Honestly, I like the majority of episodes but there are some that either go totally woke or promote authoritarianism, a real puzzling mix of horrible ...
dsudancer 2022/05/22
Need alert!
Perfect for nerds of all types. Always something interesting about mundane items.
ggaccione 2022/05/18
Best Podcast Out There
Hands down the best podcasts for all you nerds.
ehdnfodne db cb 2022/05/18
Pretty relaxing and very fun to listen to!


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