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Named "Best of 2021" by Apple Podcasts. A kids podcast about the things that matter, like racism, body image, and belonging. Each episode opens up the dialog we've begun in our groundbreaking A Kids Book About series. Created by folks who've been there. Honest. Important. Relevant. Start the conversation. We know you're ready.

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Kendall Talks About Pride
Kendall Clawson, author of A Kids Book About Pride, talks about accepting everyone for who they are, finding pride in yourself, and the LGBTQIA+ heroes of previous generations.
Emma Talks About Feminism (Rebroadcast)
Emma Mcilroy, author of A Kids Book About Feminism, talks intersectional feminism, shining the light on others, and why she’s so excited about the next generation growing up.
Ross Talks About Anxiety (Rebroadcast)
Ross Szabo, author of A Kids Book About Anxiety, talks about how all of our emotions and behaviors in life have pathways in our brains.
Kevin Talks About Belonging (Rebroadcast)
Kevin Carroll, author of A Kids Book About Belonging, talks about how belonging starts with having the self-confidence to be able to be wherever you are.
Carlos Talks About the Tulsa Race Massacre (Rebroadcast)
Carlos Moreno, author of A Kids Book About the Tulsa Race Massacre, talks about the historic attack by a white mob on the neighborhood and Black residents of Greenwood.
Kim Talks About Anti-Asian Hate (Rebroadcast)
Kim Pham, author of A Kids Book About Anti-Asian Hate, talks about bringing awareness to acts of hate against AAPI individuals and communities and calling out racism when we see it happening.
Gia Talks About Being Transgender
Gia Parr, author of A Kids Book About Being Transgender, talks about the impact of gender roles, working with the GenderCool Project, and how to ensure we create a safe space for everyone.
Ben Talks About Gratitude
Ben Kenyon, author of A Kids Book About Gratitude, talks about gratitude as a superpower, the importance of taking action, and how to show appreciation, even in tough moments.
Cyla Asks About Emotions
Nakita Simpson, author of A Kids Book About Emotions, talks with Cyla about art, processing our feelings, and how emotions are a lot like a ball of yarn.
Ana Asks About Belonging
Kevin Carroll, author of A Kids Book About Belonging and Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, discusses role models, writing books, and pink elephant chocolates with Ana of AMC Princess Ana.
Kohen Asks About Racism
Jelani Memory, CEO and founder of A Kids Company About and author of A Kids Book About Racism, discusses Black history, Black heroes, and favorite superheroes with Kohen of Team End Racism.
Kristine Talks About Disabilities (Rebroadcast)
Kristine Napper, author of A Kids Book About Disabilities, talks about identifying disabilities as normal and working to make spaces welcoming to all.

Podcast Reviews

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4.2 out of 5
84 reviews
Gina Edmison 2022/04/15
Amazing listen
I love listening to this all the time keep up the good work?
Sewfancy86 2021/12/07
Must listen!
I’m a teacher, always looking for ways to bring new learning modalities into my classroom. This podcast is going on the list!
Catdgreat 2021/06/28
This is great!
Such important issues! A must for every family!
khozii 2021/10/18
Disgusting anti white garbage
Jacob N. Oliver 2021/10/14
Podcast of will
The podcasts for “a book about” are very well made, with professional sound editing and good voice overs. That said, the content and subject materia...
KeElCaStMo 2021/06/28
Essential listening for the family
Just like the books, the podcast helps start conversations about so many different topics that families might want to discuss. It is done in an age ap...
Farhaniki 2021/03/05
Kids are ready! Must listen to for all families!
We love the book series and my 6 year old son loves the podcast now as well! It’s a remarkable resource for parents to connect and share with their ki...
EmanuelaPalamares 2021/02/22
I am a fan of the book series and this podcast takes it to the next level. For my kid to hear the author voices and be able to hear their experiences ...
Gratful Pops PDX 2021/02/22
The Best!
Incredible content for young (and old!) listeners & readers. Strongly recommend for parents with their kiddos. The future is bright with this Series! ...
MarkRH. 2021/02/20
Great topic and insights...
Give it a listen!


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