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The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future – especially as ‘software eats the world’. It features industry experts, business leaders, and other interesting thinkers and voices from around the world. This podcast is produced by Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. Multiple episodes are released every week; visit a16z.com for more details and to sign up for our newsletters and other content as well!

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Applying AI in B2B
While new generative AI models like DALL-E 2 and Imagen have recently brought broader awareness and excitement to the space, AI is already changing how we work and the software we use across the enterprise. People.AI founder and CEO Oleg Rogynskyy and a16z partner Peter Lauten discuss, in this episode from 2019.
More from Less: The Environment, Capitalism, and Technology
In times of great uncertainty, it can help to examine the longer arc of innovation and where we are headed. MIT economist and best-selling author Andrew McAfee joins Marc Andreessen and Sonal Choksi to discuss the case for why human progress and growth doesn't have to be in conflict with preserving our environment and resources.
Blockchains, crypto, & web3: Connections, models, more
In this crossover episode from new show "web3 with a16z", a16z general partners Chris Dixon and Ali Yahya and a16z crypto head of research Tim Roughgarden, with host Sonal Choksi, set context and discuss the connections between blockchain, crypto, and web3, as well as how lessons from earlier eras of the web do and don't apply to the current moment.
Crypto, an Oral Essay
In this special “innovation overview” episode from April 2021, the a16z crypto team and other experts give a primer on crypto and web3, starting from the basics of crypto and how it works to more recent innovations and beyond -- all through the lens of an oral essay.
Stories of Startup Survival Mode
The story of startups is often a story of survival. What do you do when the markets go down? When your biggest customer churns? When your big product launch falls flat? Ben Horowitz and Jason Rosenthal share stories and lessons learned from doing whatever they could to help their companies survive in hard times.
Innovating While Scaling: Lessons from Amazon
What can today’s startups learn from Amazon’s so-called “invention machine” and a culture of growth and innovation that led to several successful and diverse lines of products? As it scaled, how did Amazon define and adapt its culture and practices to promote innovation even as it got more complex and large? Longtime Amazon execs Colin Bryar and Bill Carr take us behind-the-scenes.
When Gross Margins Matter
In turbulent times, it's critical to to understand the fundamental finances that drive the business. One of the key metrics both investors and founders look at is gross margins. This conversation digs into the what, when, and why gross margins matter for both early and late stage startups.
The Founder to Investor Journey
Every founder's journey is unique, and a16z general partner David Ulevitch's is no exception. From working in tech during the Dot Com boom to founding and guiding his own startups to successful exits to becoming an investor, he shares his story with The Modern CTO's Joel Beasley. But while every journey is different, some of the lessons remain the same.
Inside Apple Software Design
What was it like to build and demo new things for Steve Jobs? How did Apple develop the software components of iconic hardware products iPhone, iPad, and more? Longtime Apple software engineer and designer Ken Kocienda shares stories and lessons from his career at Apple with a16z's Frank Chen.
Tesla and the Nature of Disruption
“Disruption” is a word often used in the tech -- and yet, spotting and harnessing truly disruptive technology is much trickier than it looks. Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky use the example of Tesla and electric vehicles to dig into the nuances of what disruption looks like in practice, in the tech industry and beyond.
Designing a Culture of Reinvention
Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings talks with a16z co-founder Ben Horowitz about his management philosophies and learnings from managing Netflix through multiple pivots. Because as companies grow and their technologies and customers rapidly evolve, building a resilient culture that can reinvent the product and itself is critical for enduring success.
The Basics of Growth Marketing: Engagement & Retention
So, you’ve found product market fit and you’re starting to acquire users. But it’s not enough to just have users – you need to make sure they’re sticking around and keep finding value in your product. How do you measure and track user engagement and retention? a16z general partners Andrew Chen (formerly of Uber and author of the book, The Cold Start Problem) and Jeff Jordan (formerly of OpenTable, eBay) dig into the two key elements for any growth strategy: engagement and retention.

Podcast Reviews

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4.4 out of 5
731 reviews
0xyoj 2022/05/31
Love Web3 related content!
Really enjoy the guests on the show! The style of editing is a little unnatural and anxious though.
Whotookallmybluesky123 2020/10/19
Annie Duke review - pandering
Annie I love your book but OMG when I heard you speak with that valley girl upspeak I had a hard time listening to your important ideas. I guess you ...
LisaIsHereForIt 2022/01/18
Great show, fascinating guests! ?
No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend a16z enough. ?
kyleadr1 2021/07/05
Beat tag
This podcast should start with”DJ on da beat so issa BANGA”
malfoxley 2021/06/10
Great show!
Andreessen, host of the a16z podcast, highlights all aspects of business, tech and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer ...
RyanLacker 2021/03/30
Super Helpful
The mini episode about the third vaccine choice really opened my eyes and answered some very important questions I had. As a potential recipient of th...
Graciebjjman 2021/02/27
Great content
I learned about this podcast through darknet diaries(which I’ve been completely addicted to haha) and this has been good enough to pull me away from i...
Mark Colgan 2021/01/07
Awesome show!
The hosts are fantastic at interviewing key guests and teasing out the valuable knowledge they have to share. I really enjoyed the interview with Andr...
displaycopy 2020/11/20
Good conversations, Terrible production value
Love the topics, but I’m astonished that that a bunch of tech nerds seem to have no idea how to properly use recording technology.
Jaron herad 2020/10/25
Consistently excellent
Guest selection is great, and I like the balance and interviewer / guest dynamics. Sonar, you’re fantastic!


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