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You've heard a lot of debates about abortion. But how much do you know about it, really? ACCESS pulls back the curtain, demystifying abortion by bringing you real, first person stories and expert perspectives. Each episode tackles a different topic.

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How Anti-Abortion Doctors and Hospitals Put Pregnant People in Danger
One woman’s story of delays and denials of care reveals how anti-abortion individuals and policies lead to substandard care for pregnant people—and provides a window into a post-Roe future.
Oklahoma Becomes the First State to Ban Abortion Outright Since Roe
Oklahoma clinics have been a lifeline for Texans since their state enacted a six-week abortion ban. Now, Oklahoma has banned abortion entirely, deepening what was already a crisis.
Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Barriers to Repro Health, Rights, and Justice
Did you know that crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) appear in CDC directories of STI testing service centers? That’s right, the same anti-abortion clinics that spread misinformation and manipulate pregnant people are increasingly offering limited medical services, including STI testing. However, they often fail to follow clinical and public health guidelines. So why is the federal government referring people to them?
Abortion and Religion: Reclaiming the Narrative
There’s a common misconception that religious people don’t have abortions. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, and there’s also a robust community of religious and spiritual people fighting for reproductive justice.
A Last Stand for Abortion Rights at the Supreme Court?
As the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade, activists outside united around a message: Liberate Abortion. Plus, how independent abortion clinics are holding the line for abortion access.
The Successes and Failures of the Women's March
The Women’s March organized rallies for abortion justice across the country. Thousands marched, but did organizers miss the mark?
What's at Stake in this Supreme Court Term?
Is the Supreme Court about to gut Roe v. Wade? Here’s everything you need to know. Plus: new data from the Guttmacher Institute reveals what abortion access would look like in a post-Roe America.
Fact Check: Texas SB 8
Can a person be sued for having an abortion in Texas? Can abortion funds still help people travel out of state? What did the Supreme Court do, and what’s next? Breaking down the facts and busting a few myths about Texas law SB 8.
Shame, Stigma, and Lies: How Crisis Pregnancy Centers Manipulate Pregnant People
Anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers have proliferated across the country, using deceptive tactics to try and convince people not to have abortions. Increasingly, they’re receiving government funding to spread stigma and falsehoods, including medication abortion “reversal.”
Abortion Bounties? Inside the Fight Against Radical Texas Law SB 8
A new Texas law would ban abortion around six weeks by encouraging vigilante lawsuits against abortion providers, funders, and others, with a strong incentive — at least $10,000 in damages. The fight to stop it from going into effect will likely end up at the Supreme Court.
2021 is a Record-Breaking Year for State Attacks on Abortion. How Are Advocates Fighting Back?
90 abortion restrictions have already been enacted this year. That’s more than any other year since the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade. More are on the way — but some states are fighting to turn the tide.
Will Insurance Pay for My Abortion?
Spoiler alert: probably not. How the Hyde Amendment paved the way for other restrictions on public and private insurance coverage of abortion, and how people pay for their abortions when insurance doesn’t help.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
80 reviews
LemonLymanFan 2022/06/25
Just the kind of in-depth, compassionate, well-researched reporting we need to understand an issue where there are so many myths and misconceptions. T...
justafollower 2022/04/14
Waiting for more episodes
This podcast is full of facts and I appreciate the information. It’s so refreshing to hear someone talk about a topic that people have tried to silenc...
eelisabeth 2021/10/09
Thoughtful and translational
Excellent podcast. Perfect length and depth for this medium and very informative. Thank you!
Syd7211 2021/10/19
1. Almost always a nurse is on site at crisis centers or on call. 2. Most all CPC’s have an ultrasound machine that are the same standard as PP has. ...
That dub dude 2021/06/28
Outstanding Pro Abortion News and Information!
Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask or didn’t know that you should ask. Thank you keep up the great work!
abigailjohnson947366 2021/05/14
Always Very Good
Really fascinating and necessary exploration—abortion is reported on often, but I rarely see the kinds of in-depth, thoughtful reporting Garnet gives ...
Amanda Star Kingsley 2021/04/09
So important!
Thank you for having these important conversations in the world. The better we understand abortion, the more we break down the stigma and increase acc...
EfromMinne 2021/04/05
Thank you
Thank you so much for making this podcast, it’s really affirming to hear all the stories ??
Becks Margolick 2021/03/18
A great and necessary podcast
Garnet covers it all when it comes to abortions. I deeply appreciate the candour, the empathy, the critique, and the deep listening the host and guest...
Claire Mraz 2021/02/21
The truth is powerful
This podcast does a great job of providing accurate, clear, and concise information about abortion. So much of the pro-choice movement has gotten lost...


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