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I have NEVER met an ADHD woman who wasn't truly brilliant at something! * * This podcast with over 2 million downloads is for smart, high-ability ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or suspecting) women who see their symptoms as more positive than negative. If you want to fall in love with your ADHD brain and discover where your brilliance lies, this podcast is for you! * * ADHD for Smart Ass Women is globally ranked in the top one-half percent of all podcasts in the world on any subject. It's streamed in more than 160 countries and is downloaded by more than 150,000 listeners every month. * * I’m Tracy Otsuka your host. I'm a lawyer, not a doctor, a life-long learner and a certified ADHD coach. I’m committed to changing the conversation around ADHD. * * When I was diagnosed eight months after my son, my entire life suddenly made perfect sense but all I heard and read about was everything that my ADHD brain SHOULD be struggling with when in fact I would come to learn that my ADHD is responsible for some of my greatest superpowers. * * One other thing, we constantly hear about all the successful ADHD men, but no one talks about the women. This podcast is here to change that dynamic. ADHD women are my people, and I’m here to acknowledge, support and cheer them on. * * *THE CONTENT IN THIS PODCAST IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE MEDICAL OR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY IN SEEKING IT BECAUSE OF ANYTHING YOU HAVE SEEN OR HEARD FROM TRACY OTSUKA OR THIS PODCAST.

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EP. 181: Meet Tracy's Oh So Clever Podcast Producer, Grace Bourey
We ADHDers are often unfairly labeled as “flaky” in the workplace, but in my experience, if you find the right ADHD person who’s motivated by an interest and investment in the work, there is truly no one better for the job. I believe I’ve found the cream of the ADHD crop in my podcast producer, Grace Bourey, who has reorganized everything for me and put systems in place that keep the podcast running smoothly, leaving me with the mental energy to focus on the work that matters most to me.    Beyond her organizational skills, Grace has a clever sense of humor that comes in handy on her own podcast, Weirds of a Feather, which she and her childhood best friend created to provide a shame-free space for ADHDers to laugh about the challenging, incredible, and absurd aspects of life with ADHD. This episode, we’re talking about the importance of embedding creativity and fun into anything you do, the challenges of trying to follow a linear career path when you have non-linear thinking, and more. Like me, Grace isn’t afraid to march to the beat of her own weird drum, which is key to discovering your bravest and most authentic self. Resources: Instagram: @graceminna; @weirdsofafeather Facebook: Weirds of a Feather Podcast: Weirds of a Feather on Apple Podcasts  
Ep. 180: Interpersonal Intuition and ADHD
Of all my ADHD gifts, interpersonal intuition is the one that I consider my ultimate superpower. I’ve always had this ability to walk into a room and know what’s going on without hearing one word, it’s like I can read the energy of everyone around me and determine who’s happy, who’s pretending to be happy, who’s struggling, who cares about others and who doesn’t.   ‘Intuition’ may sound like a woo-woo concept to some, but at the most basic level it’s simply a subconscious level of thinking; it’s that automatic “gut feeling” you get when you know what to do but can’t explain why. Our intuition has the power to guide us in the right direction, but only if we can learn how to listen to and honor it.    This episode I’m diving into what intuition is, why it’s so strong in ADHDers, and how to tune into your intuition and use it as your decision-making rudder. My interpersonal intuition is so important to me because it allows me to see gifts in others before they can see it in themselves, and I believe you, too, can channel your intuition into one of your greatest strengths.
EP. 179: ADHD, Relationships and Sex with Sex Educator, August McLaughlin
At this point in the podcast I’ve covered just about every ADHD topic under the sun, but  one area I’ve always tiptoed around has been sexuality and ADHD; I’ve never been quite sure how to approach it, or whether my listeners even wanted to hear me talk about it for that matter!    Luckily, sex educator, journalist, author, and podcaster, August McLaughlin, isn’t afraid to run head-on into the scary and taboo. She offered to hold my hand this episode as we slowly wade into the tricky but wonderful world of sex and ADHD, from self-connection and masturbation, to rejection sensitivity and relationships, to even ‘girl boners’–yup, you read that right.   If you’ve ever wondered how ADHD impacts your own relationship with sexuality but have felt embarrassed or unsure of where to start, August’s brilliance, empathy, and passion for this work will give you the perfect jumping-off point and may even empower you to go on a self-discovery journey of your own.   Resources: Instagram: @augustmclaughlin Podcast: Girl Boner Podcast Her website:
EP. 178: NO, it's NOT ADHD! and Other B******t Women Hear from Medical Professionals Who Should Know Better
ADHD women have heard every excuse under the sun for why their doctors won’t consider an ADHD diagnosis or take their concerns seriously; everything from the classic “it’s just anxiety,” to “you’re too smart to have ADHD,” to even “you just think it’s cool to have ADHD and that’s why you want a diagnosis.” Seriously, what the hell?!    Being gaslit, misdiagnosed, and dismissed by medical professionals can prevent us from getting a proper diagnosis and accessing treatment for years, even decades, because of the shame and self-doubt that follows these appointments. This episode I’m sharing misdiagnosis stories from members of the Facebook group to highlight just how often it happens. I’m also giving you some tips and tools for pushing back against the ADHD stereotypes that still very much exist in the medical community.    We know our brains best and we know ADHD is real, and my hope is to empower you to keep advocating for yourself and your health until someone finally listens.    Resources   Help With ADHD Diagnosis: Symptom Evaluation Mistakes ( Was ADHD to Blame All Along? 8 Reasons Symptoms Are Mistaken ( ‘If you can pay attention, you do not have ADHD’ — and 9 other misperceptions about the disorder - The Washington Post ADHD Signs Hidden in Plain Sight: Overlooked Symptoms ( ADHD Misdiagnosis Stories: Symptoms Mistaken for Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar ( 3 Defining Features of ADHD: Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, Hyperfocus, Emotionality (
Ep. 177: Medication, Diagnosis and Curating Your Own ADHD Team with Pharmacist and Patient Advocate, Kalin Johnson
There’s nothing quite like the ‘aha’ moment of realizing you have ADHD after a lifetime of trying to understand yourself, but after the initial shock wears off many of us are left wondering: okay, so what comes next? I’m frequently asked how to go about pursuing a diagnosis and finding a team of medical and mental health professionals who actually understand ADHD, which is why I’m so excited to invite Kalin Johnson onto the podcast to answer these questions and more.    Kalin, a clinical pharmacist, healthcare advocate, and neurodivergent mentor, recognized a huge gap in supports for neurodivergent people trying to navigate the complicated medical world after struggling to find the right medications and treatments herself. So, like the Smart Ass woman she is, she decided to do something about it. Kalin now uses her medical knowledge and personal experience living life as a queer person and late-diagnosed ADHD and autistic individual to help others create sustainable, individualized healthcare plans with a team of neurodivergent-affirming providers who will take a whole-person approach to treatment.   For those of you who are ready to take the next steps on your ADHD journey but are apprehensive about starting, you won’t want to miss this encouraging and informative conversation with the delightful Kalin Johnson.   Resources: Website:  Instagram: @kalinpharmd TikTok:@kalinpharmd Book an Initial Consult:  Upcoming free class: Unmasking Your Health
EP. 176: ADHD and Being a Smart Ass in Male-Dominated Fields with Danyell DiLena
I always love talking with ADHD women who are making waves in positions traditionally held by men, so when my guest this episode, Danyell DiLena, mentioned she was kicking ass in not one but two male-dominated fields, I knew I had to have her on to share her story.   Danyell’s journey hasn’t been easy–she’s had to deal with sexism both in her career as a medic and on the literal field as a baseball coach–but her determination, creativity, and resiliency have made her an unstoppable force when she sets her mind to something. For the past 5 years she has served as the first female Coach Coordinator for district33/San Diego where she’s in charge of thousands of baseball teams. Even since recording this conversation, she has been offered a new position managing an all-girls U-16 baseball team to take to the Nationals Tournament; seriously, she’s unstoppable.    Danyell is passionate about empowering women and girls to feel like they can succeed in any area they choose, gender barriers be damned, and I know her words will empower you too. Resources: Instagram: @CoachDiLenaBaseball Youtube: Coach DiLena Baseball Facebook: Coach DiLena
EP. 175: ADHD and How to Take an RSD Moment and Turn it Into Opportunity with Leslie Robbins
Those of us with ADHD brains know that no matter how vigilant we are, slip-ups are bound to happen, especially when sleep deprivation is thrown into the mix. We can only do so much to prevent mistakes, but what we can control is how we choose to react to them. This episode I’m joined by ADHD coach and reformed people-pleaser, Leslie Robbins, who took an embarrasing ADHD moment and turned it into a brilliant teaching opportunity.    Like me, Leslie believes that what we pay attention to grows, good or bad, so we might as well learn to focus on the good. Besides, there’s no such thing as mistakes anyway, right? We either get what we want or learn something even more important. Join us as Leslie shares her late diagnosis story, some ways to stop from spiraling into rejection sensitive dysphoria, and the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously.  Resources: Instagram: @leslierobbins_adhdcoaching     Facebook: Robbins Life Coaching, @LeslieRobbinsADHDcoach   Email:   Website:   Gas pump story: My Gas Pump Debacle   VIA Character Strengths Survey:
EP. 174: ADHD and Gratitude with Catheryn Wreford-Holden
Since starting this podcast, I’ve been able to help thousands of ADHD women around the world discover their true selves and lean into their strengths. None of this would be possible, however, without the ADHD for Smart Ass Women Facebook group–the place where it all began–and the help of Catheryn Wreford-Holden, our lead Facebook group administrator. What makes our group different is the seventeen moderators who approve all posts.   Catheryn leads this team of volunteer moderators and administrators, now known as the Mod Squad, and ensures that the 65K members of our  Facebook group are focused on their strengths and have a positive place to find community and feel inspired to seek out solutions. Catheryn herself is a source of inspiration and strength; despite facing unimaginable hurdles throughout her life, she makes a conscious choice every day to focus on the good.    Our Mod Squad is as strong as it is today because she empowers each member to find their gifts and let them shine through. I’m so excited to finally have Catheryn share her story with you.  Resources Instagram: @essentially_cathie Facebook: Essentially Cathie
EP. 173: The Difficulty of Diagnosing ADHD in Women and Girls with Dr. Grace Esan
Dr. Grace Esan, now a pediatrician in Indiana, grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, where it was the cultural norm to show up to parties and events fashionably late. It wasn’t until she moved to the United States, where time is taken much more seriously, that she realized she had difficulty with time management and procrastination that extended beyond cultural differences. Once Dr. Grace connected these traits to ADHD she also realized that ADHD was also responsible for her unique way of seeing the world.   Since her diagnosis, Dr. Grace has been on a mission to create awareness around ADHD and destigmatize the diagnosis within the medical community, particularly for girls and women, who are often overlooked. Join me for a conversation with this wonderful doctor as she shares her diagnosis story, the workarounds she used to get through school, how she challenges the status quo in medicine, and so much more.  References Instagram: @thrivewithdrgrace Website:
EP. 172: Tracy’s Top 12 Can’t Live Without, ADHD Resources
Many people who know me would describe me as a tough critic–just ask my kids–but I like to think of it as valuing excellence. This means that when I do recommend a product or service, it’s only because I believe in it so much that I want to shout it from the rooftops.    In this episode, I’m sharing my list of rooftop-worthy ADHD hacks that have completely transformed my life. From organization to productivity to home care, these resources have helped me manage the more difficult aspects of my ADHD, leaving me more time and energy to focus on my strengths. At this point I truly couldn’t make it through the day without them, they’ve had such a positive impact on my ADHD brain, and I think they’ll make a big difference to yours too. Resources  
EP. 171: ADHD and Dental Health: Crowns, Root Canals, TMJD and Grinding
As a dentist’s daughter, I have to admit I was always spoiled when it came to my dental health. That is, until a terrible root canal (is there any other kind?) made me realize I had to start taking my dental health more seriously, even if that involved wearing the dreaded night guard I had cast aside many years before. It also got me thinking: ‘Wait, is this another thing that is somehow related to my ADHD?’    After diving into the research and taking a poll in our Facebook group, I discovered that an overwhelming number of ADHDers have experienced dental problems at some point in their lives, and there are some explanations as to why.    Join me for a solo episode, where I break down the causes of this correlation, and share helpful suggestions from our Facebook group members, and hopefully convince you to learn from my mistakes and wear your damn night guard! Resources and yay! They’re now made with recycled materials.
Ep. 170 Inattentive ADHD with Clinical Psychologist, April Kane
As Smart Ass women, we know ADHD varies wildly in how it presents compared to the stereotypes, but what do we do when the rest of the world hasn’t caught up? After a lifetime of having our symptoms dismissed by teachers, parents, and even medical professionals, it can feel terrifying and futile to pursue a diagnosis. My guest this episode, April Kane, was so worried about having her ADHD suspicions invalidated that she put off getting an official evaluation for years, despite being a clinical psychologist herself.   April finally got assessed and received the affirming diagnosis of ADHD she had been hoping for, but she knows not everyone is so lucky, especially in cases of inattentive ADHD when symptoms are internalized and easier to miss. April Kane emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy, gives a breakdown of the lesser-known signs of ADHD that are frequently missed in girls, women, and those with inattentive type, introduces me to schema therapy, and more.  Resources: Instagram: @journeythree6five   Website:

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4.9 out of 5
947 reviews
????? 2022/06/22
I hadn’t felt peace until this podcast
Tracy, your show is stellar. I found it recently after being diagnosed with ADHD very new into physician assistant school. Truly, if I didn’t have thi...
Prettybrowngirl_19 2022/06/21
Episode 173! Nailed IT!
Thank you Tracy for this Podcast. I am so happy I found a place to validate my experiences, I have felt soooo alone until finding this podcast. Dr. Gr...
hcongdon00 2022/06/21
Truly life changing
Tracy, Your podcast has helped me through my discovery and diagnosis of ADHD. I have never felt more validated, supported and empowered by a podcast....
Honeyhivestudios 2022/06/21
Adhd journey
As I go through this journey of understanding what it's like to be an adult diagnosed with ADHD I am learning to love who I am and what I love most ab...
divadrive 2022/06/21
Tracy did the homework!
I’m so impressed with the work she has done gathering and making SO MUCH documented information available in such a digestible series! I’m very much r...
maddimaddimadii 2022/06/17
Such an amazing and important podcast. Thank you, Tracy!
Abcdefg?!?! 2022/06/16
Writing a view, take 4
I just want to preface this review with the fact that I’ve been attempting to write a review since I discovered the podcast (1 week ago) and I primari...
Counts on fingers 2022/06/15
So Validating!!!!
Tracy, I can’t thank you enough for your podcast! I found you recently through an ADHD Facebook support group and you & your guests have provided me w...
urgent care doc 2022/06/10
L my thoughts m
Met ER ui n lyihmm I have rv gymnastics I’ll uhyes lol mum k
RegRodPod 2022/06/04
Great podcast
As someone newly diagnosed as an adult, this podcast has been so helpful! I love how Tracey talks about challenges that we have, and offers real life,...


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