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In this official A State Of Trance Podcast, Armin van Buuren and Ruben de Ronde discuss recent ASOT projects, developments & events and they interview special guest DJs and producers from the ASOT radioshow. Enjoy!

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Kyau & Albert
The German Duo Kyau & Albert is celebrating 25 years of making and playing music together. They sat down with Ruben de Ronde to talk about how they discovered artists for their label Euphonic, but also give an insight on their future plans.
The Norwegian/British C-Systems has been making big moves lately! In this ASOT Podcast, the duo talks about collaborating while being miles apart, their shared love for different kind of genres and the story of how they actually met...
Ben Gold
In this ASOT Podcast, Ruben de Ronde sat down with Ben Gold to talk about his new album 'Rest of Our Lives'. Ben also shares with whom he would love to work with in the future, an artist who happens to be in the studio as well!
Craig Connelly
Tune in to this week’s podcast to listen to Craig Connelly talking about his brand-new album project: ‘Believe In Magic’. He also shares how he feels he has changed as a person throughout his career and why he decided to keep releasing music throughout the global pandemic.
Giuseppe Ottaviani
Italian DJ and producer Giuseppe Ottaviani has been on the forefront of the genre for many years. In this ASOT Podcast, he takes us through his career and explains why he chose a different path for his new album 'Horizons, Part 1'.
The Space Brothers
The Space Brothers celebrate 25 years of making music together. We are taking the road down memory lane with Steve Jones and Ricky Simmonds as they share some of their fondest memories, including a story about the first club play Above & Beyond ever had!
Matt Fax
For this week's ASOT Podcast, Ruben de Ronde sat down with French mega talent Matt Fax. Discussing what it has been like to be in the music industry for 10 years, breaking through as a teenager and how his hiatus from music changed everything.
Going down the Progressive road with Estiva! Tune in to learn more about his brand new alias Kudus and how he gets his work done during studio hours. He also reveals a couple production secrets!
Corti Organ
It was a pleasure having German/Croatian duo Corti Organ over in the studio this week! Tune in to hear them talk about how they are able to maintain a good relation as a DJ duo, what their tour life is like, how they manage to stay productive during busy times and more...
David Forbes
With a music career spanning over 25 years and an insane, triple-A discography, Scotland’s very own David Forbes counts as one of the most respected producers in trance music. Tune into this podcast to learn more about the man behind the name, how he got into dance music and how he finds his mojo in the studio!
Kolonie is a rising talent in the progressive side of the trance spectrum. In this ASOT Podcast we learn more about the man behind the name, how his collab with Paul van Dyk came about and more, so tune in!
Nifra sat down with Ruben de Ronde to talk about her new album 'Follow Me 3' and how she experienced becoming a mother last year. She also speaks on how she brings balance to her career and about the motivation you need to succeed in the music industry.

Podcast Reviews

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4.4 out of 5
39 reviews
Ludwin V 2021/10/30
Armin does it from the Heart
Really love this podcast, a lot of work is put into it. Just wishes all episodes were added
RUS_OldSoul 2021/12/25
Honestly, why can’t we have “full” episodes?
??? Stop being greedy Armin and give us full episodes of ASOT!
DJ HAWTDAWG 2021/10/22
Armin is the best!
I have been listening to ASOT since episode 800 I have heard you from Tomorrow land 2018 and your show just blew my mind! When I heard you were coming...


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