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Be Well By Kelly is on a mission to simplify the science of nutrition. I want to make choices, not cheats. I want to live in balance, quiet my inner perfectionist, and never feel like my goals are out of reach. I want to love the way I look AND feel. I want to be proactive about my long-term health and wellness. I want to have a positive relationship with food for the rest of my life. And I want the same for all of you! Join me and some of my favorite people every Wednesday as we give you all the good stuff (and none of the bad) about nutrition: the positive takeaways, the tools and tips that will help you feel and be well, and a dose of motivation to keep you going.

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Revolutionizing the School Lunch System with Barbara Mechura
Chances are, the food you remember from school would give you nightmares if your child’s cafeteria served it in 2022. Barbara Mechura has dedicated her career to shifting that narrative toward scratch-made school meals. We learn that, while it’s certainly more work, these mindfully prepared meals lead to a better outcome for everyone involved (students and staff).
Bringing Joy to the Table with Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat in Color #FabulousFriends
Jennifer Anderson, from Kids Eat in Color, joins the show today to talk about how important it is to avoid the mealtime power struggle, reduce stress and anxiety around food in the household, and code our communication to inform and educate our kids without overwhelming them with scare tactics and complicated nutritional data.
The Key to Longevity: Exploring Mitochondrial Uncoupling with Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry is a New York Times bestselling author, one of the world's top cardiothoracic surgeons, and a pioneer in nutrition. We get deep into the science of keto and its long history before detailing the most fascinating elements of gut health and longevity as they relate to human, plant, and animal biology.
The Keys to Launching a Female-Driven Business with Lori Harder #FabulousFriends
Lori Harder is a longtime podcaster, coach, author, serial entrepreneur, and now – a beverage industry founder. She joins the show to talk about her entrepreneurial journey on the way to launching Lite Pink this summer, what she’s got planned for the future, and how you can take the same steps when building a brand, launching a project, or tackling a tall task of your own.
How to Care For & Protect Our Oceans with Lea D'Auriol #FabulousFriends
Lea D'Auriol founded Oceanic Global in 2016 with the mission of engaging new audiences in the ocean conversation. We go over ways that you can decrease plastic use and ultimately decrease microplastics in the ocean, along with recycling dos and don'ts, and some of her favorite ways to keep our planet blue and healthy.
Eating Good & Feeling Great with Daphne Oz #FabulousFriends
Daphne Oz is an Emmy-award-winning television host and the New York Times bestselling author of Eat Your Heart Out. We talk all about her healthy habits, how she stays balanced, how she treats herself, and how she continues to celebrate food no matter what and still feels great.
A Holistic Approach to Building Strength & Improving Health with Sal Di Stefano #FabulousFriends
Sal Di Stefano is a personal trainer, co-founder of Mind Pump Media, co-host of the Mind Pump podcast, and author of The Resistance Training Revolution. He busts some myths around building muscle and shares some tips on building a holistic lifestyle that supports your health through exercise and diet that everyday people can follow.
Evidence-Based Tools to Help You Raise Good Humans with Dr. Aliza Pressman #WellnessWednesdays
Dr. Aliza Pressman is the host of the Raising Good Humans podcast, where she brings the latest and greatest research on child development directly to parents. We talk about the pillars every parent should consider when raising their children, and how to combat perfectionism in order to do the best you can.
Bringing Clean & Inclusive Beauty into the Mainstream with Nyakio Greico #FabulousFriends
Nyakio Greico is an entrepreneur with two successful businesses to her name: clean beauty brand Nyakio, and ecommerce discovery platform Thirteen Lune. We talk about creating a beauty platform for all, starting a paradigm shift towards inclusion, and when it may be better for your business not to grow.
Learning to Live Life Fully with Mallory Ervin #FabulousFriends
Mallory Ervin had achieved so much in her life, from participating in Miss America to being a three-time contestant on The Amazing Race, but on the journey she lost sight of who she was and pushed her body too far. In her new book, Living Fully, she shares her personal stories and how to gain the same insights she did without the existential breakdown.
Make Healthy, Wholesome Meals Any Day of the Week with Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish #FabulousFriends
Alex Snodgrass, creator of food blog The Defined Dish, is passionate about two things: big, bold flavor and healthy living. We talk about making healthy eating more accessible and managing your energy so that you can eat and live well.
Easy Lifestyle Modifications to Achieve Optimal Health with Dr. Asia Muhammad #WellnessWednesdays
Dr. Asia Muhammad talks about the best way to optimize your health, how prebiotics and postbiotics affect the body, and how you can support a healthy gut, liver, and body with what you eat.

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
1161 reviews
UnsinkableMoo 2022/06/06
Never miss an episode
I love this podcast. Kelly has fantastic guests. I learn so much. These interviews aren’t just commercials for the guests books but give me actual kno...
C@rrieD621 2022/03/21
Simply the best!
Every week (or twice a week if we’re lucky!) Kelly interviews the most interesting guests and really focuses on all aspects of health in such a easy t...
magsterm 2022/05/12
I have been following Kelly from the beginning and always appreciated her science-backed recommendations. However, overtime, I have found her to becom...
J. Sparks 2022/03/14
Possible topic
Really digging the guests and the topics discussed. I would love to hear about alcohol and it’s relationship to blood sugar and hormonal response. I ...
Whit_Shaf 2022/03/09
Put it all out there, Kelly
So disappointed to see some of the negative reviews below that place blame on this podcast for pushing diet or restrictive eating culture. As adults, ...
Matil51 2022/03/12
Oh dear
I just heard her on another show and thought id give her podcast a try but after reading reviews aboutrecommendations to listen to Joe Rogan… well, ...
Listsner 2022/02/20
Episode with you & your hubby
This was an excellent, funny, smart, honest, relatable “interview” with your husband. You both were so authentic and it radiated through the podcast. ...
Mama of Haiti 3 2022/02/20
Thank you to your husband
Glad he’s humble. Thank you for being honest!
Laura719 2022/02/12
Listen skeptically
I appreciate that Kelly tries to be science-backed by citing studies but feel like sometimes she either is cherry picking, intentionally misleading, o...
anonymous02020 2022/02/03
Kelly promotes and normalizes orthorexia
Kelly is promoting and normalizing orthorexia. I became a fan of Kelly’s a few years ago, have purchased both of her books, and followed along on In...


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