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The creators of BibleProject have in-depth conversations about the Bible and theology. A companion podcast to BibleProject videos found at

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Purity and Impurity in Leviticus – Leviticus E5
Childbirth, non-kosher food, sex, death, disease—they’re all considered impure in the book of Leviticus. In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they discuss the levitical laws of purity and impurity and how they create a way for humanity to share in God’s own life and form a surprisingly beautiful backdrop for Jesus’ miraculous healings.
Did God Try To Kill Moses? – Exodus Q+R
Why did God say he was going to kill Moses? What exactly was God’s test for Abraham on Mount Moriah and Israel on Mount Sinai? What’s the connection between the ten plagues and the ten commandments? In this episode, Tim and Jon respond to your questions about the Exodus scroll. Thanks to our audience for your incredible questions!
The Dangerous Gift of God’s Presence – Leviticus E4
In the second movement of Leviticus, Aaron and his sons agree to the terms of their covenant with Yahweh, signing up to be the gatekeepers of Heaven and Earth. But then Aaron’s sons offer unholy fire before Yahweh—and then they die. What’s going on here? A seven-day ceremony of consecration and celebration ends with everything going terribly wrong. Join Tim and Jon as they kick off the second movement of Leviticus, discussing the theme of holiness and a very difficult part of the story.
What Did the Burnt Offerings Really Mean? – Leviticus E3
What is the significance of the offerings described in Leviticus? In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they walk through the five offerings ancient Israelites made to Yahweh and see how the purpose of these practices sound a lot like the teachings of Jesus. Even here in Leviticus, Yahweh’s hope for his people is the same: love God and love your neighbor.
What Is Atonement? – Leviticus E2
A God who wants nothing more than to dwell with humanity, a way forward to a repaired relationship between Heaven and Earth, atoning sacrifices meant to communicate grace (not punishment)—you’ll find all of this in Leviticus. While the laws governing Israel’s sacrificial system can be some of the most challenging parts of the Bible to read, they’re an integral part of the unfolding story of the Bible. In this episode, Tim and Jon discuss the surprising beauty of sacrifice and atonement in the opening movement of Leviticus.
How God Reveals Himself in Leviticus – Leviticus E1
Holiness is a word we frequently associate with the Bible, but what does it mean? As we pick up the story from where we left off in Exodus, we find even Moses unable to enter God’s presence—and a whole bunch of laws about situations many of us have never considered. What is going on in the scroll of Leviticus? And why is it important? In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they dive into the first movement of the Leviticus scroll, where we’ll trace the theme of sacrifice.
Two Takes on the Test at Mount Sinai –– Feat. Carmen Imes
Did Israel pass or fail God’s test at Mount Sinai? And what did Yahweh mean when he made Israel a “nation of priests”? In this episode, Tim and Jon talk with long-time friend and Hebrew Bible scholar Dr. Carmen Imes. Tim and Carmen share differing interpretive perspectives of the Exodus story, reminding us that the Bible is meant to be meditated upon and studied within a community.
Why Moses Couldn’t Enter the Tabernacle – Exodus E10
In the second movement of Exodus, Moses walks straight into God’s fiery presence on Mount Sinai without fear. But by the end of the scroll, he can’t enter God’s presence. What changed? Right after confirming their covenant with Yahweh, Israel turns around and commits idolatry by making and worshiping a golden calf. It’s a choice that ruptures their relationship with Yahweh and even their connection to Moses. In this episode, join Jon and Tim as they explore the final portion of the third movement of Exodus.
Why Does the Tabernacle Furniture Even Matter? – Exodus E9
Why does God seem to care so much about the furniture within the tabernacle? The instructions for the tabernacle furniture are about far more than aesthetics. They were means of dealing with Israel’s moral brokenness, they served as reminders of Eden, and they were designed to form Israel into a people of perpetual surrender. In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they continue to trace the theme of the temple in the third movement of Exodus.
What’s So Special About the Tabernacle? – Exodus E8
You may have heard that God’s holiness keeps him from getting close to sinful humanity, but in the Bible we see God regularly doing the opposite, drawing near to dwell with human beings. We encounter this reality again and again, including in a surprising place—the tabernacle blueprints. In this episode, join Jon and Tim as they walk through the opening act of the third movement of Exodus and explore the relationship between the tabernacle, the garden of Eden, unconditional love, and eternal life.
What Are the Ten Commandments All About? – Exodus E7
We often think of the ten commandments as a list of dos and don’ts—the things you need to know to make God happy. But is that what they’re really about? In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they take a deep dive into the ten commandments, and find out why they’re far less about simulating moral perfection than they are about preserving proper worship of Yahweh and the shared dignity of humans as his image bearers.
Testing at Mount Sinai – Exodus E6
Mount Sinai is the famous spot where Yahweh gives Moses the ten commandments—and the location where most of Exodus, all of Leviticus, and the first ten chapters of Numbers take place. When Israel first arrives at Sinai, they fail yet another test and try to get Moses to pass it for them. In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they explore Yahweh’s fiery presence, the test at Sinai, and the question of Israel’s national identity: will they be the kingdom of priests Yahweh intends?

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
13800 reviews
jo in brookfield 2022/06/19
Endless depth & potential
This project has endless possibilities for learning more about all that God has created and offers to us as His image bearers. Praise God for what He ...
shama_e 2022/06/15
What A Blessing
As a whole the Bible Project has been such a blessing for me, but the podcast specifically has opened my mind and eyes to see that the Bible and God h...
Jordanairre 2022/06/15
Excellent Bible-based podcast!!
I grew up in the Mennonite church, studied the Bible thoroughly through my post-college years with non-denominational perspective, and have never fou...
Steve Timmons 2022/06/15
Informative, humorous, engaging. Well done.
I thought the videos were deep, but then when I listened to the podcast, I realized they barely scratched the surface. Tim and Jon go deep. Plus there...
J-aggs 2022/06/15
Exactly what i was looking for
This is one of the best approaches to Leviticus I’ve heard. Finally a way to tie in the details with the overview. So worth a listen. Not over complic...
tkelly261 2022/06/13
Started listening to this podcast every day during my long hour commutes home and changed everything. Instead of dreading the drive, I started to enjo...
michelletietz 2022/06/12
The Bible Project’s podcasts are a blessing
The Bible Project’s podcasts are a blessing to all who listen. The conversations between Tim and Jon make me feel like I’m sitting in the room with th...
BPfollower 2022/06/09
Knowledge I’ve been craving
I really appreciate the deep dive into the Hebrew Bible. This is the content I was looking for but didn’t know I was missing. I really appreciate Jon’...
PeterRutgers 2022/05/31
Consistently Excelent
Week after week, the people behind this podcast have helped me identify areas where my own thinking about the Bible and my faith was inconsistent or u...
jjloehr 2022/05/30
Your work of the Bible Project has been Life changing. Faith changing. After 40 yers a a Christian, things I’ve quietly felt have been articulated, an...


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