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Build With Rob is a show about building amazing companies while building an amazing life. Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, or seeking to live an optimized, balanced life, Rob Dyrdek’s advice will help propel you toward your goals. Rob Dyrdek builds & invests in startups, takes them to multi-million dollar exits, and shares lessons along the way. His one-of-a-kind venture creation studio, Dyrdek Machine, is a company that builds companies by systematically fusing art, science and magic to manufacture amazing through a process called The Machine Method. In each episode, Rob provides mentorship to entrepreneurs looking to grow their companies and achieve the best version of themselves. With each guest laying out their visions for life and business and following up with questions for each, Rob gives actionable advice in his two greatest areas of mastery: building businesses and deep life optimization. On occasion, Rob sits down with his portfolio partners to discuss how the company was created, how the partnership took shape, and share valuable lessons they have learned along the way. It’s all about being the best version of yourself, doing the things that give you energy every day, minimizing those that take energy from you, and creating harmony to live an extraordinary life. Rob is here to help you achieve that dream. Listen to Build With Rob on Apple, Spotify, and most podcast platforms. To be a guest on the show and talk to Rob about your life and business visions, go to and submit a video.

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You are never too young to start a company
Entrepreneurialism has no age. Whether you’re 10 or 18 or 75, it’s never too early or late to start a company. Whether your first venture is successful or not, you will learn so much that your next shot will have an even higher chance of making it. Rob started his first company when he was 18 years old, Orion trucks. He went out and signed the biggest skateboarders in the world to be a part of his company. And yet, he made very little money. Why? Inexperience. He allowed himself to be taken advantage of, and in this episode he shares the biggest lessons he learned. Then Rob is joined by Alana Andrews, an 18 year-old entrepreneur herself who is an incredibly impressive founder. She has created SWEY, a more health conscious sports drink by gen-Z, for gen-z while still in high school. She’s also an author, a speaker, and a philanthropist. She’s looking for advice on communicating her product’s core value proposition and differentiation in market, as well as maximizing her many amazing initiatives at the same time. IG: @sweytoplay IG: @alanalandrews Learn more about this episode.
Does your skill set match your business?
We all have ideas for businesses, but few are qualified to build and run any company they can dream up. In order to set a new company, and yourself, up for ultimate success, you need to assess your prior experience, knowledge, and skills to ensure they map to the type of company you plan to launch. Failure to do so can be a huge mistake, and push you and the business quickly into perilous territory. We also have a couple of special guests on this episode. First, Andrew Glazier of Defy Ventures joins us to talk about their partnership with the Do-Or-Dier Visionary Foundation. Defy educates formerly incarcerated people to think with an entrepreneurial mindset and become the CEO of their own life. IG: @defy_ventures And then Rob speaks to the winner of the DODF See it. Believe it. Do it. Challenge, Carol Madonia. Carol started her idea for a meatball empire in a jail cell, and now has won $10,000 to help accelerate her entrepreneurial journey. She has an amazing story and an incredible spirit, hoping to use her business to help other formerly incarcerated individuals get their lives back on the right track. IG: @carolannerecio Links: Support Defy Ventures at Check out That Meatball Collective: Subscribe to Dyrdek Machine: Join our Machinist Community: Want to be on the show? Sign up here: Learn more about this episode.
Simplifying your product’s value proposition
You think you know how to pitch the end user value of a product before you even create it. Then you build a company and go through rigorous testing to zero in on the right messaging to entice customers to try your product. Then you put that message out into market. That’s when the real work begins. The consumer reaction may not be exactly what you has hoped. But rather than be married to your original messaging, it’s then time to continue to evolve that value prop until it resonates with a larger audience. This goal is to continue refining until it is simple, clear and unique. Rob uses the evolution of Mindright’s value prop over the last year since launch as a prime example. To follow the Mindright story from launch day to now, go back and check out these episodes with CEO Chris “Bernie” Bernard: EPISODE 4 EPISODE 13 Also in this episode, Rob is joined by Amanda Greenberg, CEO of Balloon. She has built a product to make meetings more effective, which Rob has partnered with prior. Rob has some insights about how she could make Balloon’s value proposition clearer and more valuable.  Balloon Website: Amanda Greenberg IG: @amanda.k.greenberg Learn more about this episode.
Building wealth to buy back time
In this episode, Rob shares his philosophy on generating wealth to buy back time. He believes that the key is to truly understand your time and the value of it. The second piece of that equation is, of course, generating the wealth necessary to buy your time back. And finally, it’s realizing exactly where you can spend that money in order to exchange it for time. What does this all mean? How can you actually buy time? Rob takes a solo deep dive to share with you his process for building wealth, and explains all of the ways in which he uses his earnings to buy back the most important non-renewable resource in the world. Learn more about this episode.
Applying the Machine Mindset to automate every aspect of your life
Optimizing and automating the systems of your life and business can seem daunting or rigid at first glance, but the secret is remaining highly adaptive. Locking in the processes that manage your life is a crucial first step, but being conscious of the fact that life happens, chaos is unavoidable, and you must be able to be flexible within your systems in order for them to continue to function.  In this episode, Rob takes a deep dive on his tried and true systems that make up the Machine Mindset. But operating with a Machine Mindset does not make you a robot. You’re constantly going to be evolving and changing, and that’s the only way your systems will continue to improve over time. So, automate, adapt, and continue to work toward a balanced, harmonious life. Learn more about this episode.
A balanced mind creates a balanced life
Even if you’re doing everything right externally – waking up early, meditating, eating right, mastering your time and energy – if your mind is being pulled in a million different directions, your life will never be balanced. You ultimately need a balanced mind in order to have quality energy to pursue the things you want in life. An unbalanced mind makes you reactionary, and you lose control of your life. Balance your mind, balance your life. Our guest, Clint Norris, has been a staple of Minneapolis public television for years, and now he wants to follow in Rob’s footsteps and take his new TV show vision to the next level. Maybe even MTV. Clint shares his thoroughly detailed vision for “Drop Zone” with Rob and gets some pointers from the master. He also wants to know how Rob prepares himself for the darker times. Learn more about this episode.
Gamify your discipline for optimal results
Using will power alone to achieve discipline is not sustainable. It becomes a constant battle, sucking energy from you, and is always an uphill battle. Even Rob didn’t understand the power of gamification before he started meticulously tracking his basic discipline statistics. It was only then that the data gave him energy. He could watch his progress and felt a sense of pride when he hit his goals. That reinforced his desire to win against himself, motivated him to keep going and continue to improve. Then habits were formed and what was previously a daily challenge was second nature. Only at that point could he set his sights on the next goal, and use gamification techniques to achieve it in the same way. Brent Ramos of Koa House, which he bills as a “Tropical Punk” health & wellness brand, is already on his way to optimization with his own version of Rob’s rhythm of existence. He’s also used elements of the Machine Method to build his business, but he still could use a little guidance from Rob on fundraising. They also talk about applying business philosophies to family and other aspects outside of work. IG: @koahouse Learn more about this episode.
Build your business in a way that brings you JOY
Of course, there are times we all must grind, sacrifice sleep and balance to get crucial things done. But that is not the lifestyle you are trying to achieve as an entrepreneur because it is simply not sustainable. The goal of any entrepreneur should be to hire with intention and build and grow it in a way that increases output by designing, automating and optimizing systems. Ultimately, you should be doing less grinding as your business grows and matures in this way, not more. There’s a lot of noise out there that champions burning the candle at both ends and sacrificing everything to build a business. That’s working hard, but not smart. Your goal should be to grow your business into something you actually enjoy running, and that fits seamlessly into the rest of your life. Not something that consumes your life. This is the third of three episodes where Rob is rolling solo, with no guests, to dive deep on topics that are especially important to him and, he believes, are important for your success. Learn more about this episode.
Harmony over Hustle
There is no substitute for hard work. It is the cornerstone of building success, and that will never change. However, by harmoniously integrating all aspects of your life and building them simultaneously toward success, you can achieve more with the effort you put in. We all have tendencies that create friction and disrupt harmony, such as pushing too hard, not eating right or not getting enough rest. By looking at your life as an integrated system that requires harmony to expand and evolve, you can ultimately do more with less and become the ideal version of yourself. Our guests are Carmen and Kara from Prosperity Market, a mobile farmer’s market on wheels and food truck that supports black owned food producers. They make it easy to support Black owned businesses, while creating food access in their communities. Based in Los Angeles, they are looking to expand across the country and move into wholesale. They are in the process of fundraising, and Rob has a special surprise for them, so stick around until the end! IG: Website: Support: Learn more about this episode.
Learning, Growing, Evolving & Mastering are the Cornerstones of Success
Rob is a life-long learner. Even at his level, he is constantly searching for more information, better philosophies, bits of wisdom that can unlock further potential and a greater understanding of the world. Like you, he reads (and listens to) books, consumes podcasts, subscribes to every entrepreneur blog and social account, constantly absorbing points of view from smart and successful people. It’s one thing to consume and be inspired by those we hope to emulate, but it is the distilling of the most important nuggets of information from those sources that are immediately applicable to your own systems in life and business. You will get more out of the educational media you consume by not trying to grasp it as a whole, but picking out those few key points that you can put into action immediately, add them to your toolbox, and use them to grow and evolve toward mastery. And when you consume the same thing a decade later, you will not only see completely new tools for your evolved state, but the experience will serve as a barometer of just how far you’ve come. This is the second of three episodes where Rob is rolling solo, with no guests, to dive deep on topics that are especially important to him and, he believes, are important for your success. Learn more about this episode.
Building the Skill of Vision
Your life is a blank canvas when it begins. While many circumstances are beyond your control, there is still so much you can craft and mold to your will. But in order to create anything, an amazing painting or an amazing life, you must first have a vision for it. And vision is not necessarily a natural process for everyone, but everyone has the ability to look out into the future, understand what they desire, and put a plan together to get there. It requires the determination to develop that skill set over time. It requires the self-reflection to actually understand what it is you want based on the things that make you truly happy and give you energy. And it requires you to break that vision down into achievable steps in order to get there. With the skill of vision, the extraordinary life you wish to lead is within your grasp. This is the first of three episodes where Rob is rolling solo, with no guests, to dive deep on topics that are especially important to him and, he believes, are important for your success. Learn more about this episode.
The quality of your success matters
Rob is here to tell you that financial success is a huge win, but there’s a lot you can do while building it to ensure that your success is of a high quality. If you’re only chasing the dream, you can get caught in the trap of losing your balance to achieve a goal. When working your way toward the success you ultimately want to create, take all aspects of your life into account. Your time, your energy, your health, and every other thing that gives you purpose and fulfillment. Design your work life and personal life together in an integrated way to ensure balance between them. Only then will the success you find be of the highest quality. Hiyo! We get three for one on this episode with George Youmans, Cygne Cooper and Evan Quinn from Hiyo, an adaptogenic social beverage. While non-alcoholic, the blend of ingredients in Hiyo provide a sensation the founders like to call “The Float.” They’re trying to disrupt socialization itself by introducing a healthy and relaxing alternative to booze.As an early stage startup, they have big ideas, but want advice on how to deploy their capital for maximum return. IG: @drinkhiyo Then Jose Barrera and Lorel Scott join Rob as the founders of StartupStarter, a business education studio working with global brands and individuals alike to teach entrepreneurship at scale. They’ve got momentum, but now they’re looking to leverage it in order to scale up even faster.  IG: Learn more about this episode.

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4.9 out of 5
178 reviews
godsson2.0 2022/06/09
Working more efficiently is the breakthrough I needed. Loved how Rob was saying “create sustained energy” is key!
tuesdaypaint 2022/06/06
Building wealth to buy back time -
This episode “Building wealth to buy back time” was so insightful. I had to replay 3 times the part that talked about Time x Energy x Capacity just to...
Atlanta Devo Horn 2022/06/07
Master of Disguise
This guy is the MASTER of disguising nothingness in a velvety taco of descriptive words. Yes he does it eloquently with passion and seeming kindness b...
yourrealtorkaty 2022/06/06
Thank you for the knowledge
Appreciate the segments
shutteryay 2022/05/10
Mind Right
Amazing podcast!
RMCraig 2022/04/21
Rob is one of the greatest minds of all time
Love his outlook on life. He is alway so positve and energetic. Role model for everyone. Must listen to all his useful knowledge. He has so much t...
niicckknnaame 2022/04/19
Rob is my favorite person>>
I’ve been watching rob dyrdek since the rob and big episodes when I was like 7, and have always wanted to meet him. The fantasy factory is so cool hop...
JD81782 2022/04/04
Rob is Rolex-First Class & True Blue - The Real Deal Visionary
If you’re seeking a meaningful, life-changing Podcast, you’ve found it. Rob gives real-life advice on how to attract success and have true fulfillment...
pdxjordanjay 2022/03/30
The openings are the best part!
ThousandthGDDfan 2022/03/11
Night Shift and Career Advancement
Listening to a show on choosing how to spend my time. I work 36 hours a week, 12 hour night shifts with some overtime here and there. Time managemen...


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