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Business of Home's host Dennis Scully interviews thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives about the changes and challenges facing the interior design community.

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Lindsey Adelman: "If it's fun, do it."
The acclaimed lighting designer discusses how she built her business, and why embracing instinct has been key to her success.
Material Bank is just getting started, says Adam Sandow
The founder and CEO of the material sampling platform discusses his plans to move into the residential side of the industry.
Leanne Ford: "Don't major in the minors"
The interior designer, product designer, author and HGTV star shares her best advice.
Sebastian Brauer wants Crate & Barrel to explore the Metaverse
The senior vice president of product design at Crate & Barrel shares his thoughts on all things Web3 and what crypto could mean for the home industry.
How Four Hands went from the fringes of the industry to the mainstream
Matthew Briggs, CEO of the Austin, Texas-based furniture manufacturer shares his story and weighs in on the state of the industry today.
Emily Henderson is done chasing likes and follows
The popular stylist, blogger and influencer talks about the inspiration behind her new book, the pros and cons of hustle culture, and why she’s now focused on delivering value, not going after social media clout.
Jean Lin on walking the fine line between idealism and business
The founder of independent New York design gallery Colony shares her story.
How Alexa Hampton learned the language of design
The veteran interior designer shares the lessons she's learned from a life in design, as well as hot takes on the state of the industry today.
What do venture capitalists think of the design industry?
Nicole Johnson, a partner at premier VC firm Forerunner Ventures, shares some insight into how investors think—and why she's betting on The Expert.
Why Veranda is betting big on print, with Steele Marcoux
Veranda's editor in chief weighs in on the strategy behind a 35th anniversary redesign.
Holly Hunt's second act
the founder of the iconic showroom brand discusses her new design studio and weighs in on industry hot topics, from pricing transparency to the competition between trade and retail brands.
Kerry Joyce on the balance between beauty and business
The celebrated interior and product designer shares the story of his career—alongside observations about a furniture business in flux, and the secrets of a successful fabric line.

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
252 reviews
WRH Stuff 2022/05/04
During this pandemic, I have become an avid listener because the content is spot on and Dennis is an excellent host! I know they are interviews but a...
C_McGov 2022/04/13
A NPR style podcast for design industry!
Insightful podcast on the broader design industry. Dennis is an excellent host and interviewer. He’s up there with Terri Gross of NPR (high praise in ...
jennyakanini 2022/03/26
This show is tops
Inspo, thoughts, community and the best in the biz being interviewed by a true talent and wordsmith? Yes, please. Only wish there were more episodes, ...
Designer65 2022/02/27
As a veteran designer, this is the BEST podcast for info on our profession. Industry insider, Dennis Scully, asks all the right questions. I can’t wai...
Caitlinvic 2022/02/22
Love, love, love!
I am a design student and I just looove this podcast. Dennis Scully is such a great host. He always sounds so charming, genuinely curious and interest...
Ride76 2022/01/12
Worth a listen!
Dennis is a true professional. He comfortably leads guests through the interview process and keeps the audience hooked and wondering what the next que...
SMC006605 2022/02/22
Episode 190 Was A Rollercoaster Of Emotions
I really appreciate when guests speak with candor on BOH. I especially love it when guests are ready to let their opinions fly no matter how divisive....
BarnabyMom 2021/12/27
A must PODCAST for anyone interested in Home industry
Dennis Scully is an amazing host and I love listening every week. There is a wonderful variety of industry leaders, creatives and designers all who ar...
esk0005 2021/12/14
This American Life with Ira Glass meets AD!
Has this parallel already been drawn a hundred times? I really do mix their voices up in my head sometimes when I read anything they write… Really bec...
Taylor Green 2021/11/01
Please don’t jump the shark ?
Love Dennis and the BOH team so much. I never thought I’d write a negative review but The Novogratz episode was insufferable and it makes me question ...


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