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Have a strong-willed child who doesn't respond to consequences, argues like an attorney, and refuses to do things your way? Good! You're in the right place. Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin has given over 1,00,000 parents and teachers around the world practical, life-changing strategies to stop power struggles, yelling, and defiance NOW. Based on work with 1,500 challenging kids (many with AD/HD, OCD, ODD, Aspergers, etc.) in his home, and years spent in classrooms, Kirk's approach is refreshingly practical, honest, and laugh-out-loud funny! Questions? Visit us at or email us directly at

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Never Say These Two Phrases To An Upset Child
Your child is building with Legos, creating a TikTok video, making a paper airplane. And it doesn’t look or work the way he had imagined. He gets extremely upset and begins seething. Kirk shares 2 phrases you should never use and 3 action steps to take.
Turn Disruptive Students into Helpful, Confident Kids
Your kids may blurt out, be inattentive or disruptive or impulsive, or refuse to do work in the classroom. Kirk shares a real-life example to show how to turn failure into success. Please share with your child’s teachers and help us train them.
Proper Expectations: Why Kids Do Things on Their Own Terms
Why does my daughter only want to do things on her own terms? Why won’t my kids respond to me right away? How can I get my kids to be grateful? Kirk answers these questions AND helps you understand your child in a brand new way.
Kid Who Acts Like Nothing Happened After Meltdown
Kid Who Acts Like Nothing Happened After Meltdown You have a child who lashes out, screams disrespectful things to you, perhaps even throws and breaks something…and then later comes downstairs from his bedroom LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. So how do you handle that next time? Kirk shows you in this very emotional and practical podcast.
Should You Express Disappointment In Your Child?
When your child is saying hurtful, disrespectful things to you, how should you respond? Kirk shares a very specific strategy that may get your child’s attention AND lead to problem solving instead of escalating situations.
Consequences That Work & Build Trust, Not Shame
Consequences That Work & Build Trust, Not Shame Discipline often carries this heavy, “me-against-my-child” tone that leads to a defensive responsive and confrontation. But what if you could use discipline to actually teach, problem-solve and change behavior long-term while building a closer relationship? Kirk gives you one specific tools to try this week.
5 Minutes to Change Morning/Bedtime & Save Your Marriage
In this 5-minute podcast, my goal is to save or drastically improve your marriage—as well as your friendships—and help you get on the same page so morning routine, homework and bedtime are less stressful.
Get Your Kids to Listen Without Resistance
You’re picking your child up from a playdate, taking your toddler to the store, or trying to get your teenager to listen to you. And yet they resist even more. How can you get your child to actually follow you without all the stress and power struggles? Kirk shares a very unique idea in this podcast.
Motivating Kids in Sports, Music, & Extracurriculars
Your strong-willed child most likely will not practice or try their hardest at sports or a musical instrument. So save your time, energy, money, and frustration by learning a different way to motivate your kids.
5 Discipline Tools To Get Your Kids to Cooperate
5 Discipline Tools To Get Your Kids to Cooperate Imagine if the only tool you have in your house to fix things is a hammer. You’d end up breaking a lot of things you meant to repair. That’s how many of us parent—with the hammer of consequences. So Kirk shows you 5 very practical discipline and motivation tools that actually work AND build a closer relationship with your child.
Why Defiance Is An Opportunity
Your toddler spits out, “I don’t like you, Mommy. You’re mean.” Your fifth-grader comes at you with attitude. Your teenager flips you off and says things you never would have said to your parents. So how can you turn these situations into huge opportunities to problem solve and get your kids to trust you? Kirk shows you how.
Texas: 2 Live Events in Texas & An Opportunity to Come to Your Town!
We are THRILLED to announce we'll be returning to Texas later this month. We have a couple of events already booked and two evenings open to come to YOUR town in Texas. Scroll below to see our event schedule and how to book Kirk in your town.

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
462 reviews
Fboehme 2022/06/25
Okay, I just came across this podcast yesterday, and boy oh boy did it hit home! The tips and strategies provided in each episode are absolutely inva...
Lizburg132 2022/05/19
Life changing for me
Kirk and Cathy his son are the best. I attribute credit to them for change my life on marriage and raising kids. I bought a ton of his materials and r...
America1938 2022/01/11
Kirk Gets It
I love this podcast, Kirk completely understands strong willed children and how their brains work. He also understands parents and the mistakes parent...
N Munoz 2021/11/25
This podcast is a must
Love this podcast. It’s seriously helping change my mindset about raising my awesome strong willed child. The only thing I would change is the length....
Jamie Ponca City 2021/11/10
Tears Flowing
Wow! Short and perfect episodes! His Dad talk is so spot on and husband and wife. Something I could not put into words but he can. Praise! Tears!
Lb84 2021/09/15
BEST parenting podcast!!
I have listened to A LOT of books, podcast, YouTube channels, etc about how to parent my high-needs child who is on the spectrum. This podcast has hel...
Melliamsburg 2021/06/28
Humorous truth with love
Kirk has a way with words and really telling you off. Encouraging and inspiring. I don’t have a difficult child... I am the difficult child. Great rem...
Saulandmegan 2021/06/24
LOVE LOVE LOVE this man’s material.
I cannot get enough.
Jo Emm 2021/06/14
Kirk, I love this podcast!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!♥️♥️♥️
losing my hair 2021/05/24
Just what the doctor ordered
This guy is real, blunt, honest, vulnerable, and down to earth. His wisdom and understanding comes from his own experience, learning from his own mist...


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