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It’s easy to forget that we are part of nature. But, we are living, breathing organisms. We are walking biomes. This season, Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the science of YOU by traversing the boundary between our bodies and the world around us. Discover why we feel refreshed after visiting the ocean, how our gut helps us maintain homeostasis, and the evolutionary root of bad dreams. Listen each week as Dr. Gupta helps listeners uncover what mindful, healthy living really means.

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Why Sanjay Almost Changed His Name to Steve
If you’re a person of color living in the United States, chances are, you’re living with some form of racial trauma. Whether it’s because you’ve been a victim of racism, because you know someone who has, or even if it’s just from watching events unfold on the news, these instances can take a heavy mental health toll. On this episode, CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta gets personal as he talks to racial trauma expert Sherry Wang about the devastating rise in anti-Asian hate during the pandemic. Plus, Muay Thai boxer Jess Ng gives us a quick lesson in fighting for ourselves.   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Conversation is More Than Nodding Your Head
Is it possible we’ve been going about conversation the wrong way our entire lives? All too often, when we chat with a friend or colleague, we walk away feeling unheard, misunderstood, or confused. Luckily, research offers some clues about why we’re so prone to missteps – and how we can all get better. Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to conversation expert and journalist Celeste Headlee about the power of listening and then heads to the hospital where some of the most difficult conversations happen every day. We hear from Dr. Rana Awdish, who heads up a program to help doctors lead with empathy when talking with their patients.    To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Sometimes it's Healthy to Break the Rules
Not following rules and letting go might actually make you feel better. Just ask musicians who improvise and make up music on the fly. Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with Dr. Charles Limb about his study on musical improvisation and its impact on the brain. Plus, “Saturday Night Live” jazz saxophonist Ron Blake shares life-changing lessons from music that we can apply to our everyday lives. And to top it off, Sanjay attempts some freestyle rap. Spoiler alert: he’s pretty good at it. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Go to the Beach, Doctor’s Orders
You've likely experienced feelings of calm and happiness while at the beach or a lake, but it turns out there are actually proven psychological and physical benefits to being near the water. Even just looking at pictures of water or hearing the sounds of it can give you these health benefits. CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with environmental psychologist Mathew White about the science behind water and why we all need more Blue Space in our lives. If you like this episode, check out the Beach Day/ Blue Space playlist our Chasing Life team put together on Spotify:   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
The Healing Power of Poop
We’re not alone inside our skin. Instead, we’re accompanied by billions of microorganisms. Not only that, when it comes to our health, they’re in charge. Meet your microbiome. In this episode, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the mysteries of this new world within us with microbiologist Brett Finlay. Plus, we meet documentary filmmaker Saffron Cassady who lives with a debilitating chronic condition and took matters into her own hands by doing at-home DIY fecal transplants. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Practicing Gratitude Pays Off
It turns out a simple “thank you” really can go a long way. In fact, giving thanks doesn’t just make others feel good – it can also boost your own mental and physical well-being. On today’s show, we’ll hear how gratitude helped one woman navigate a life-changing medical diagnosis. Plus, how you can implement a gratitude practice into your daily life. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Bursting the Bath Time Bubble
There’s been a lot of debate about how often we need to bathe — and the answer might be less than you think. It turns out we have a complicated history with washing dating back to the baths of Ancient Rome. In this brand new episode of Margins of Error, CNN's senior data reporter Harry Enten goes straight to the experts to decode the hygienic necessity of bathing versus our societal norms. Plus, he sees what life is like without deodorant. You’ll have to smell it to believe it. New episodes of Chasing Life return on May 17. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Fighting That "Meh" Feeling
This week we're sharing an episode of The Happiness Lab from Pushkin Industries. Host Laurie Santos helps listeners understand that listless middle ground between depression and flourishing, otherwise known as languishing and what we can do to escape it. Laurie speaks to psychologist and host of TED's WorkLife podcast, Adam Grant (who you may remember from season 1 of Chasing Life) about his own experience with languishing and how a game of Mario Kart helped him find his path again. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Medicine
While season 4 of Chasing Life is in production, the team is sharing some of their favorite podcasts. First up, The Pulse from WHYY, a weekly health and science podcast and radio show. On this episode, host Maiken Scott dives into the changing conversation about race and ethnicity in medicine. You’ll hear stories about why it’s harder for Black Americans to get kidney transplants, why “Asian” is too broad of a category when it comes to public health, and how we could collect better, more meaningful data. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
Why Are Doctors Prescribing Nature?
Most of us love the sensation of the sun on our skin or the sound of the ocean, but nature doesn’t just feel good; it’s also good for us! Nowadays, doctors are even starting to prescribe time outdoors as part of treatment for their patients. CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Dr. Melissa Lem, founder of the first national nature-prescription program in Canada, about the health benefits of nature and why we all need a regular dose of the outdoors. Plus, we head outside for some fresh air with Prof. Jennifer Roberts in Maryland, and explore some practical ways to integrate more green time into our lives. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
How Language Lights Up the Brain
Language allows us to connect with people from around the world. It opens our minds and hearts to new experiences and different ways of life. But learning a new language can be really difficult, so how did we do it as children? And are our adult brains even cut out for learning new languages? CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Professor John Schwieter about what’s happening in the brain when we learn a new language and the potential health benefits of being bilingual. Plus, cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky explains how language may have the power to shape the way we think and see the world. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
The Power of Music
Have you ever gone through a breakup and listened to a sad song on repeat? Why do we have such strong emotional connections to music? Well, the answer lies in our brains. On this episode, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Professor Assal Habibi, a pianist and neuroscientist, about the brain science of music. Plus, we sit in on an orchestra rehearsal with kids in Los Angeles and discover the magic of making music together.  To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

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4.5 out of 5
6771 reviews
seeing doctor 2021/11/17
Hi see SanJay on CNN Sanjay is the most trusted doctor.
cloudman1 2022/06/08
Listening to you is always a feeling of truth and I thank you for that
Ali Schu 2022/05/24
Thank you for the innovation about the micro-bio
I have a relative who will definitely benefit from me having this knowledge. Alison Schuback
Leeback 2022/04/27
I never miss Sanjay
He was a trusted voice during Covid, and I love the new podcast too.
Bldesjardins 2022/04/02
Wear your mask outside for your allergies.
Wear your mask outside for your allergies. Many of us were amazed at the benefits in Spring & Fall of 2020 & 2021.
iliveinmilano 2022/02/04
Incorrect premise
I think this segment is on the wrong path. Everyone has their story, the way they see things can often be influenced by past experiences. It doesn’t...
Sanibella 2022/01/25
Very Interesting!
I love listening to these podcasts. So many interesting things to think about.
ericmbaral 2022/01/23
hazelbnr 2021/12/16
Research done
After one year of reading CDC - WHO documents, Anthony Fauci emails, looking at statistics on other countries concerning Covid numbers, and much more,...
Seemore_Miles 2021/11/02
I hate CNN but I respect Sanjay
I absolutely hate CNN and think they lie and only report news that serves them. However, I respect Sanjay and I enjoy his podcast.


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