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Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community.

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EE Book Club: The Peacemaker, ch 4 and 5
In this second episode of the Summer Book Club series on The Peacemaker, Lisa Bailey, Kristi Dye, and Kelli Wilt share some transparent testimony about their own parts in conflicts within families and communities.  Join these ladies as they discuss chapters 4 and 5, exploring how “getting the log out of our own eyes” first makes dealing with conflict a stewardship of God’s peace.
EE Book Club: The Peacemaker, ch 1-3
Are you a peace faker?  Peace breaker? Peacemaker?  In a world full of turmoil and conflict on every hand, we are called by God to be peacemakers.  How can we become people who view conflicts as opportunities, not accidents?  The Peacemaker, by Ken Sande offers us some keen insights on these questions.  This summer, join the EE Book Club as we read and discuss this book, wrestling with the big ideas and discussing how we can be stewards of peace.  This week, Stephanie Meter and Heatherly Sylvia join Lisa as we kick off this new series.
EE Hey, I LOVE Practicum!
What’s the big deal about Practicum?  Find out this week on the Everyday Educator Podcast as host Lisa Bailey and guest Jill Philbrick explore what Practicum is, who should come, what attendees should expect, and how to get the most out of Practicum.  You’ll be inspired, encouraged, and equipped—just by listening!
EE Dads are Lead Learners Too
How can we celebrate fathers this season?  By recognizing that dads are Lead Learners, too!  If you are wondering how to make that true in your home, listen in as Tim Knotts gives some pointers and shares some wisdom from his own journey as a homeschool dad.  You’ll glean practical ideas on how to learn alongside your children at every age, and find encouragement for “team teaching” with your spouse!
EE Let's Start at the Very Beginning (Scribblers)
What in the world is a “Scribbler”?  And, why is Scribblers curriculum a very good place to start as you begin a homeschool journey?  Listen in as Lisa Bailey and Amy Jones introduce this brand new resource; you’ll be encouraged to think about what truly provides a firm foundation for your children’s education:  presence, play, and permission to grow and explore together! 
EE Twenty-five Reasons to Homeschool Classically, Part 5
Join Shelly Stockton and special guests Debra Switzer, Jenn Martin, and Barby Hobcroft for part five of the series Twenty-five Reasons to Homeschool Classically. Listen in on this final episode as these homeschool veterans discuss the hard work of homeschooling, subject integration, and falling in love with learning.
EE A Parent's Window Into Challenge
Families who are considering Challenge programs for the first time or for another year, I have a game-changer for you!  On this episode of the Everyday Educator Podcast, veteran Challenge director Heatherly Sylvia offers us her “7 things parents need to know/do” to make the most of the challenge years.  Guys, this is what you REALLY need to know!  Listen and glean insight into what the Challenge program is designed to be:  a blessing for students, families, and communities.
EE A Window Into Challenge
Families, are you up for a Challenge?  Many parents and students wrestle with the idea of homeschooling through high school, wondering if they are up to it, wondering if it is a good fit for their family, wondering if the Challenge years really prepare students for the world to come.  Join Lisa Bailey and Heatherly Sylvia for a rousing discussion of CC’s Challenge program; these seasoned moms and Challenge tutors offer a view of Challenge that will truly expand your understanding!
EE Protocol - More than Good Manners
What in the world is “Protocol”?  Is it really worth all the time and money?  In this episode of the Everyday Educator Podcast, guest Sonya Lindsey invites us to see Protocol as a way to love our neighbor well—whoever he might be, and wherever we might encounter him.  Seeing Protocol events as more than good manners prepares families for the true benefit:  being prepared to serve God, no matter where we are.  Tune in for details on what, when and how; stay for so much more!
EE Celebrating Easter as a Family
How does your family celebrate the Holy season of Easter?  Are you looking for some fresh ways to approach the reality of Easter with your children?  Listen in as host Lisa Bailey and her husband, David, talk about connecting with the heart of the Father as you and your family find ways to share the hope of Easter with your community. 
EE Twenty-five Reasons to Homeschool Classically, Part 4
Join Shelly Stockton and guests as they discuss 5 more benefits of classical education. Shelly interviews four International homeschooling moms and leaders from Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom and Chile as they reflect on the role of character, the power of questions, and the value of consistent relationships in home-education. 
EE The Challenge to Finish Strong
The Challenge program is designed to keep students stretching and growing as thinkers…but when springtime comes, finishing the semester strong seems like the greatest challenge of all! Join Lisa and guest Chelly Barnard for some practical tips and some gentle reminders of how to strengthen the skills of learning that will build not just a great transcript, but a model for living well.

Podcast Reviews

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4.4 out of 5
121 reviews
cavfam97 2020/05/12
Love to Learn
I am a 8yr homeschool CC mom. I have directed 6 years. I have loved being reminded of where we were and where we are going in CC. The series on what...
JMS_134456678 2020/08/02
Love these!!
I’m a podcast addicted - love that I can be equipped to direct and homeschool while doing dishes or working or driving. Thank you for your thoughtful ...
wlliemoon 2018/11/21
Audio inconsistencies but great content
The audio on several of the book discussions was seriously lacking in volume consistency. I had to turn it way up and o hear one speaker and then way ...
HR in TX 2019/05/30
CCMM norms and nobility chapter 5 part 4
First time for one of the speakers is REALLY hard to hear. Like they’re in a box. ?? But otherwise it seems really great! Looking ...
blakeaustin25 2019/01/15
The CORE - Becoming a math person
This is my first time listening to a CC Podcast. I love the enthusiasm for math the speakers expressed. I'm an actuary, and math is quite dear to my...
Finnsbane 2016/07/15
A concise and inspiring podcast.
mattstuart2071 2016/02/23
I just subscribe to this podcast in Itunes and would love to see this on Stitcher as well. Is that possible?


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