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It seems like we hear about new cyberattacks almost every day.  The targets used to be just big companies and government agencies.  Now they are focused on you.  Every Tuesday, former NPR investigations correspondent Dina Temple-Raston dives deep into the world of cyber and intelligence.  You’ll hear stories about everything from ransomware to misinformation to the people shaping the cyber world, from hacking masterminds to the people who try to stop them.  Click Here. From The Record by Recorded Future

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20. North Korea’s Cryptocurrency Obsession
For years, North Korea was known for making such a perfect counterfeit hundred-dollar note, the Treasury Department had to change how it printed them. Now, North Korea is all about crypto – and it has been cooking up all kinds of crazy schemes in order to get the Big Score. Plus, we hear from a two-time North Korean defector.
19. Gilman Louie and the Dance with Wolf Warriors
In a wide-ranging conversation on the fringes of this month’s RSA Conference, we sat down with Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board member Gilman Louie. We talked about the Chinese cyber threat, the growth of superpower competition, and the importance of bringing high-tech manufacturing back to America.
18. The dog-eat-dragon world of Chinese gaming
Genshin Impact put the Chinese video gaming industry on the map. But while the game has delighted players, it begs the question: Can China’s Communist Party and a massively popular video game peacefully co-exist? Plus, we hit the ground at this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco.
17. Encore: R-Evil and the Texas hack that changed ransomware as we know it
An encore performance of the Click Here pilot episode on REvil and how it landed on a new business model. It happened in an unlikely place: Texas.
16. Roe v. Wade in a world of digital dust
Five years ago, a Mississippi woman named Latice Fisher was charged with murdering her stillborn child. The evidence against her: a controversial 400-year-old test and the search history on her cellphone. We explain how in a post-Roe world, pattern data will be an even greater threat. Plus, the DOJ tweaks its use of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
15. At war with facial recognition: Clearview AI in Ukraine
Facial recognition technology is changing the war in Ukraine. It is finding infiltrators, providing evidence for war crimes and, more darkly, providing fodder for propaganda. We talk to Clearview AI’s CEO about its role in the conflict and what it means for the future.
14. ‘Cream of the cream’: Russia’s high-tech brain drain
Tech entrepreneurs and developers are fleeing Putin’s Russia in droves. Meet three members of the exodus: a young successful entrepreneur… a corporate manager… and a high-school computer whiz who can’t wait to leave. Plus, DHS’ Rob Silvers on how ransomware ends.
13. Spyware and ‘a world of Bond villains’
Ron Deibert founded The Citizen Lab, a high-tech human rights watchdog at the University of Toronto. He's concerned the Internet could unleash our darkest angels. Now, he has an even bigger worry: spyware. It's become so normalized even democratic nations are using it as high-tech oppo research. Plus, a pause in open source mapping in Ukraine.
12. Lapsus$: The script kiddies are alright
How a new cyber extortion team called Lapsu$ managed to convince the world that it had turned low-tech hacking operations into high impact heists. And two high-schoolers who tinkered with a punch card and almost brought down the IBM computer center in Manhattan.
11. The Entrepreneur and the Jihadist
A Los Angeles tech entrepreneur reveals for the first time the role he played in bringing one of the world’s deadliest hackers to justice. And the founder of Craigslist talks about his effort to build a cyber civil defense force.
10. Are America’s nuclear systems so old they’re un-hackable?
In its latest defense budget, the Biden Administration has asked Congress to fund the modernization of America’s nuclear weapons systems.The current system – that until recently was still using eight inch floppies – is seen as so old that it’s virtually un-hackable. So if you modernize, now what? Plus, cyber hits from Nigeria’s music scene. SHOW NOTES: At The Brink podcast Herb Lin's book Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons How cybercrime remixed the Nigerian Music scene
9. The rise of high-tech despotism
Noura Al-Jizawi thought she’d left the repression of the Assad regime behind her when she left Syria with her sister. Instead she became the target of an online subversion campaign. Plus, we meet the founder of a retro computer museum in Mariupol, Ukraine.

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4.6 out of 5
193 reviews
eyefonegai 2022/05/30
Like a perfectly balanced cocktail
Each episode I’ve listened to keeps me wanting more! I love the way they are segmented, and host Dina’s flow is unmatched. You might expect the subjec...
redbark5 2022/05/25
Way to go!
“Click Here” provides the type of information and intelligent conversation I wish my parents had at the dinner table. Dina is a master at what she doe...
click here listener 2022/05/25
Great stories… cyber made understandable. Love it!
Narrative stories from the cyber world and always teaching me something. Keep them coming. Makes me love Tuesdays.
levilikethejeans 2022/05/24
Great Cybersecurity Podcast
As someone who doesn’t have a major back in cybersecurity, I’ve fallen in love with this podcast. The episodes are easily digestible and follow major/...
twentworth12 2022/05/24
Loving Click Here
Click Here from The Record is a new podcast from NPR podcast vet Dina Temple-Raston. I learn something new every episode.
cherry0nt0p 2022/05/12
My favorite podcast!
There is something special about this podcast and the way Dina invites extraordinary people to tell their stories and explore the human aspect of the ...
Braino07 2022/04/27
Great Content
So glad I learned of this podcast! Dina, Will & Sean are doing a great job; Excellent production, intriguing, intimate stories that are current, rele...
eklmgmn 2022/02/10
Well researched, clearly communicated
A concise and complete description of the threats and threat actors present in cyber terrorism. Look forward to the next episode.
BPJINMPLS 2022/02/08
Really enjoyed this and look forward to learning more. Struck by the obvious powerful connection to what so many of us do every single day (click on a...
chris03210372 2021/01/11
Voice actor Dave Bittner
I do not recommend taking Dave bittner seriously. He has never been a member of the DOD or any other Gov organization. He does not, has not and will n...


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