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This is a podcast by and for kids giving you the coolest facts about the coolest animals. We research our episodes carefully, distilling the information into manageable segments, focusing on the things that really make these animals unusual. Thanks for listening!

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Happy World Jaguar Day!
Not to be confused with International Jaguar Day, we celebrate World Jaguar Day with Jaguar, his best friend Lunch the spider monkey burrito, and the rest of the crew.  Not a lot of learning in this one, but lots of giggles. 
VERSUS! Anaconda v. Salt Water Crocodile
Two kings of reptiles meet in our mock meetup ... anaconda versus crocodile (versus Jaguar). First, learn cool facts about the anaconda and salt water crocodile, and then let us know if you agree with our crowned winner(s).  Thanks to our Patreon sponsors James and Millie! If you would like to be a Patreon sponsor (and start getting our newsletter!) head over here: To answer our creature quiz, riddle or to let us know about your kid power challenge, send us an email at or Tweet us at @coolanimalspod Thanks as always to Andrew of Ear Snacks for the theme music! 
Arctic Animals with Dr. Maarten Loonen
During our research of the arctic fox, we discovered Dr. Maarten Loonen, a biologist who studies in the Arctic Circle. We learned so many cool things that we hadn't known about before, not just about the arctic fox but about other animals, too. Like the amazing journey of the arctic tern, and how to tell whether Rudolph is a boy or a girl reindeer.  We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed speaking to Dr. Loonen. 
Arctic Fox
Ready to learn about the pint-sized, fluffy-tailed arctic fox? Yes, the arctic fox is adorable. But it’s also tough. It's highly evolved to withstand the -50 degree temps of the arctic circle. We’ll learn about these traits and more facts that make these animals so cool in this episode. Thanks to our $10 Patreon sponsor Tessa for the suggestion! If you’d like to support us financially, check out our Patreon page here: You can show your Cool Facts About Animals podcast pride with some merchandise! We’ve got tshirts, sweatshirts, and some other fun stuff at our Zazzle store here: Want to get a glimpse of how cute they are for yourselves? Check out this video of a young arctic fox learning how to pounce: Finally, we hope you check out our buddy Dan Saks and his musical, silly, genius podcast Noodle Loaf. We love this show, and we think you will too! Here’s a link to the podcast:
Introducing Mashups by Kids Listen
Hello listeners! We know you've heard us talk about Kids Listen before. Well, we're excited to announce that they're putting out a new podcast series called Mashups. And we're in the first episode! The podcast "mashes up" two different podcasts. We were mashed with Ms. Lynn of the Good Words podcast. We talk about our podcasts, play a game together, and share some bloopers at the end.  Here's the first episode: And here's a link to Ms. Lynn's excellenet podcast:  Hope you enjoy it! We'll be back very soon with our next episode!
Four Truths and a Lie
We’re very excited about this episode of Cool Facts About Animals. We’re breaking format to present “Four Truths and a Lie.” Four of these sea animals are real. One is not. Can you figure out which one is the lie? Thank you to our Patreon sponsors! If you would like to be a Patreon sponsor, head here: We’ve also created a Cool Facts About Animals merchandise store! You can buy a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or canvas bag. Jaguar has also added an All About Cooking apron. (If this link to the products adoesn’t work, try again in a few hours – it takes the store a bit of time to set up.)  
In this episode, we learn about the trickster coyote. At the end of this episode, you’ll know their defense mechanisms, how dangerous they really are to humans, and what’s so cool about their noses. We’ll also learn a Native American story about coyotes. Plus, find out all about Latin from Jaguar. Thanks to our Patreon sponsors for your support! We are using the funds to travel to the Redwoods to learn more about different animals and speak with experts. If you’d like to support us financially, you can do so here: You can get access to our outtakes (this episode has a LOT) and to our Zoom meetups. We hope you check out the podcast Warrior Kid Podcast. It’s a really cool podcast about Indigenous people and cultures. You can find it here, or wherever you get your podcasts. If you think you know the answer to our Creature Quiz, or if you do the Kid Power challenge let us know! Send us an email at, or Tweet us at @coolanimalspod. Thanks to the Regional Arts & Culture Council for funding our audio equipment! And thanks to Andrew Barkan of Ear Snacks for our theme music!  
In this episode, we learn about one of the most endangered animals in the world, the vaquita. Vaquitas are the smallest existing porpoise and there are only about 10 o them left. We learn about the vaquita, the reason why they are in such danger, and how to help. We meet with two vaquita experts – Dr. Barbara Taylor and conservationist Jonathan White – to help us better understand the plight of the vaquita. Be sure to check your feed for our stand-alone interviews with them too. Thanks to listener Max for bringing the vaquita to our attention. If you think you know the answer to our Creature Quiz or our riddle, or take part in the Kid Power challenge, send us a note and we’ll send you a bookmark! Email us at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod. Thanks also to Maude and Jiggy, our Patreon sponsors. If you would like to support us on Patreon, head over here: Funds raised will go toward traveling to meet with scientists in person, once it’s safe to do so. Thanks to Regional Arts & Culture Council for our podcasting equipment. And thanks to Andrew Barkan of Ear Snacks for our theme music!
Vaquita: Bonus interview with Dr. Barbara Taylor
In this companion episode to our vaquita episode we speak with scientist Dr. Barbara Taylor. She tells us even more interesting facts about the vaquita than we could fit into our vaquita episode. She also tells us about a real life polar bear encounter! Spoiler: she survived. Be sure to check out our interview with conservationist Jonathan White and our vaquita episode too!
Vaquita: Bonus interview with Jonathan White
In this companion episode to our vaquita episode, we speak with conservationist Jonathan White. He tells us about his own vaquita spotting, how dangerous it is out there on the Gulf of California, and we discuss why saving the vaquita matters. Also check out our interview with Dr. Barbara Taylor and our vaquita episode!
Jaguar Presents: All About Cooking (Vegetarian Version)
Unfortunately for Jaguar, the cassowary escaped. So this all about cooking is all vegetarian. 
You guessed it listeners! This episode is about the Australian flightless bird the cassowary. Learn about why this bird has been termed the world’s deadliest bird, what that horn thing is all about, and just how big they get. If you think you know the answer to our creature quiz or riddle, or if you did our kid challenge, let us know! Send us an email at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod and we will send you a bookmark. Patreon sponsors! We are having a Zoom meet up on December 4th! Check our Patreon page for details. Do you want to be a Patreon sponsor? You can sign up here. Your donations will go towards traveling to meet with a scientist to learn more about animals. Thanks to RACC for funding our audio equipment! Thanks to Andrew from Ear Snacks for our theme music! Thanks to all of you for listening!

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4.6 out of 5
455 reviews
Cam D. NH 2022/06/23
I love all about cooking
sing 2 girl 2022/06/22
Hi everyone hey Clara I did the origami sea star you did on the big Christmas video thing I had to use a Post-it note it turned out all right but it d...
mbm1739 2022/06/22
???????? for all about cooking with jaguar This pod is the best! I never actually thought that I was the non fiction type of person, but this podcast ...
Bakhru 2022/06/16
??????????????????????????????? both of the "All About Cooking Channels" (AACC) were DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????...
shart sren 2022/06/13
spot the difference easy ???????? medium ???????? hard ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️⛄️☃️☃️☃️ impossible ????????
whkftkbz 2022/06/07
So funny
I would like to have a podcast episode for a meeting with mr Eric about mermaids thank you spot the difference: Easy??????? medium ????? hard ?‍♀️?‍♂️...
mhejrhe 2022/06/12
This podcast is so boring, all the other science podcasts I listen to always teach in a fun way with stories and adventures I am not impressed, also t...
Ro or ri 2022/06/05
Jaguar is still eating spider monkey burritos he has to stop but he keeps doing it over and over and over again and he ordered like 1 million spider m...
Erinjo24 2022/05/28
This podcast is awesome! If you love animals and learning about them. Then this is the podcast for you! You guys are super funny! I can’t get enough o...
ffcffccfcfc cf 2022/05/21
Camden in the house jaguar for president
Can you do a interview with Joe Carnwath about super powered animals???????????????.PS Jaguar is the best In the universe and galaxy eat spider monk...


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