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Core Internal Medicine via following segments: 5 Pearls || Clinically relevant pearls on IM topics! Mind the Gap || Why do we do what we do? Hoofbeats || Dissecting clinical reasoning! At the Bedside || Explore everyday challenges

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#107 COPD: 5 Pearls Segment
What are the 3 different types of inhaler devices and what should you educate patients about each? When do you stop the inhaled steroid in COPD? And when do you think of increasing the dose? What is important to communicate at the time of diagnosis, and during goals of care discussions? Show notes, Transcript and References: ( Use the code “COREIM-AMBOSS (” to get a free month of access on (* Pearl 1: 3:20* Pearl 2: 8:20* Pearl 3: 15:47* Pearl 4: 26:55* Pearl 5: 34:10Tags: IMCore, CoreIM, Pulmonary, medication management, spirometry
#106 Spirituality: At the Bedside Segment
How do you ask about spiritual health? How is spirituality different from religion?Show notes, Transcript and References: stamps* 00:01 What is spirituality?* 7:12 Why does spirituality matter?* 12:09 How do we screen for it?* 18:50 Chaplains* 27:49 Conclusion Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, ethics, medical humanities
#105 Sickle Cell: 5 Pearls Segment
What are the indications for a simple transfusion? And what the indications for an exchange transfusion? What is your approach to pain management in patients with sickle cell? What are the treatment options for sickle cell and which ones actually decrease sickle crisis and improve mortality? What are some of the major sickle cell complications to watch out for and how can we prevent some of them?Show notes, Transcript and References: (* 1:33 Pearl 1* 4:48 Pearl 2* 18:43 Pearl 3* 29:45 Pearl 4* 35:22 Pearl 5Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, hematology oncology, health inequity, vaso-occlusive crisis
#104 Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy for HFrEF Part 1: 5 Pearls Segment
How do you counsel patients on beta blockers? Is one beta-blocker better than the other? What is preferred: ACEi, ARBs or ARNIs? What are the pros and cons of each? How does spironolactone compare to eplerenone? When do you stop mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist? What are risks with SGLT2 inhibitors? How do you initiate GDMT? Which meds do you start first and in what order?Show notes, Transcript and References: ( CME-MOC credit with ACP: Time stamps:* 03:13 Pearl 1* 12:14 Pearl 2* 20:36 Pearl 3* 26:42 Pearl 4* 32:16 Pearl 5Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, GDMT, treatment, cardiology
#103 Fluids: 5 Pearls Segment
How much of D5W vs. isotonic saline contributes to intravascular volume? How do you distinguish between oncotic pressure and tonicity? What balanced solutions do you reach for? What is the data behind using colloids like albumin as an intravascular expander? How much do pRBCs stay in the plasma? Show notes, Transcript and References: CME-MOC credit with ACP: Time stamps:* 02:14 Intro* 04:26 Pearl 1* 11:08 Pearl 2* 20:43 Pearl 3* 31:06 Pearl 4* 35:06 Pearl 5Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, fluids, hypertonic, volume, crystalloid, tonicity, blood, nephrology, hospital medicine
#102 Echo in Pulmonary Hypertension: 5 Pearls Segment
What do you include in your initial basic work-up for suspected pulmonary hypertension? Do you know how to calculate the PASP on the ECHO? What physiological insults that can cause high pulmonary pressures? How can we interpret the E/e’ ratio? Show notes, Transcript and References: ( CME-MOC credit with ACP: ( stamps:* 02:18 Intro* 05:27 Pearl 1 * 12:17 Pearl 2* 16:13 Pearl 3* 24:04 Pearl 4* 30:08 Pearl 5* Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, PASP, Echo, hypoxia, PA pressure, vascular resistance
#101 Nutrition - 2021 SGIM Recap
How can we use food as medicine? How can we best counsel our patients on their diets? Which pre-set diets can we recommend for or against? How can we make the changes sustainable? Show notes, Transcript and References:…-2021-sgim-recap/ ( stamps:* 03:10 Trends in weight and dieting* 06:01 Counseling patients on diet* 09:35 Food group recommendations* 14:53 Pre-set diets* 20:47 Making sustainable changesTags: Core IM, IM Core, diet, salt intake, fiber, weight
#100 Top 10 Telemedicine Tips - 2021 SGIM Recap
What are some tricks to help you perform a virtual physical exam? What role do these visits play in our overall care for the patient? What tools do we have at our disposal for a more thorough evaluation?Show notes, Transcript and References:…-2021-sgim-recap/ ( IM Core, CoreIM, tele visit, gizmos, history taking, virtual, physical exam, assessment, functional status, tips
#99 Bleeding vs. Clotting Risk: Grey Matters Segment
How long should you anticoagulant for a PE? When can you safely stop anticoagulation for thrombogenic patients who need an urgent biopsy? Should an IVC filter be placed to prefer further embolization of a DVT? What percentage of patients with cancer associated blood clots will have progression while on anticoagulation?Show Notes, Transcript, and References: ( CME-MOC credit with ACP: ( Stamps:* 02:40 Deep Dive #1 Anticoagulation* 08:50 Deep Dive #2 DOACs* 14:08 Deep Dive #3 IVC Filter* 17:49 Deep Dive #4 Biopsy* 25:00 RecapTags: Core IM, IM Core, Anticoagulation, Bleeding, DOACs, IVC, reflections, clots
#98 Medical Education - 2021 SGIM Recap
How can you implement effective note taking for virtual learning? Do you use interleaving during rounds? What is the 5/10/30 rule and how does it apply to mentorship? Does implicit bias affect gender performance scores in clinical rotations? How common are biased patient behaviours? How can you foster a safer learning environment for trainees? How can you promote antiracism?Show notes, Transcript and References:…ng-core-im-recap/ ( stamps* 02:10 Make it Stick Virtually * 08:35 Mentoring in the Modern Era: More than the Traditional Dyad* 13:29 Clinical Update in Medical Education * 20:58 Anti-Racism in Medical Education: Concrete Actions to Further Social Justice and Racial Equity Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, virtual learning, note taking, feedback, mentorship, microaggressions, gender bias, sterotype threat
#97 Hoofbeats: Hyponatremia Consult Case
What’s your comfort level with managing hyponatremia and how does it change in unfamiliar environment? How can you vary your practice to build up adaptive exerptise? Show notes, Transcript & References: ( Get CME-MOC credit with ACP: ( stamps* 01:36 Case* 10:42 Case analysis * 22:45 An unfamiliar domain* 25:50 Lab review* 40:04 ConclusionsTags: IM Core, CoreIM, hyponatremia, preeclampsia, reasoning, adaptive expertise, situational awareness
#96 The Hgb bump: Mind the Gap Segment
Have you ever thought about where the 1g/dL hemoglobin appropriate bump after 1 unit of pRBC transfusion? How does the patient's intravascular volume affect this? What rise in hemoglobin should you expect? What factors can impact this?Show notes, Transcript and References:…-the-gap-segment/ ( stamps* 01:22 Unpacking the question * 01:55 The math * 04:32 Functional hemoglobin* 08:50 Donor and Patient * 11:18 Scenarios* 12:58 Summary* 14:34 Clarification Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, hemoglobin, intravascular volume, irradiation, donation

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
719 reviews
cjszinn 2022/06/16
Best podcast!
I’m an ICU nurse who has exhausted the nursing podcast resources to the point that I didn’t feel like I was learning new clinically-relevant any more....
billy bignoughtz 2022/06/06
A vital lifeline
My current job as a military doctor has caused me to be removed from rigorous clinical practice, these podcasts mean so much to me in terms of connect...
poopypants01 2022/02/25
More Grey Area!
Loved the grey area segment. These types of cases are what makes medicine both so challenging and so awe-inspiring. It’s important we reflect on what ...
NateMed 2022/05/02
Valuable pathophysiology
Great lessons
samosleypharmd 2021/10/29
Enjoyable way to learn and review
The format verbalizing the common questions and expert interviews/clips deliver all of these important topics while keeping listeners engaged
Kiddynurse 2021/11/03
Geriatric assessment
Overall, excellent presentation. I do have an issue with the mental assessment summary mentioning race. For so long, race has been used as a factor fo...
gerrykuttan 2021/10/08
Funny and engaging
Great topics, conundrums and myth busting Topics are highly relevant Experts being interviewed are awesome After 30 years of IM I am beginning to lov...
tcox10 2021/09/17
Core part of my training
I’m a second year internal medicine resident, and I’ve finally worked my way through every CoreIM podcast over the past 2-3 years. Their 5 pearls seri...
walktheplank12 2021/08/31
Love this podcast!
As someone who is not in the medical field, I love this podcast due to the variety of topics covered. It is easy to find something I am interested in ...
ISP, MD 2021/08/30
Hits great topics - for all levels
Thank you for a great podcast. Hosts and guests are well-spoken and easy to understand. Topics are well thought out. I’ve found the subject content he...


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