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A podcast with comedians Aristotle Georgeson (aka Blake Webber) Jake Adams, Griff Pippin & Mark Smalls. Country Club Adjacent is changing the game of golf with a much edgier perspective on where the game is going. With an occasional celebrity comedian guest or professional golfer this podcast is high energy for over an hour every week!

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All the girls are back in LA and absolutely nothing has changed. Griff has been harboring his relationship with jake, mart is a judge now and stots is still chill af. WE ARE DOING A STAND UP SHOW IN PORTLAND JUNE 30TH 8PM!
BIG PHIL TALK. Stots & Mart hold it down in LA this week.
John Crist
Stots and Mart are joined by comedian John Crist. Im not sure what they talked about because I wasn't there so I don't know how to write this summary, love Jake ENJOY!
This week in studio Mart talks about opening up for Dave Chappelle in San Francisco, and jake and griff surviving oklahoma.
Shower Shoes
Jake & Stots are in studio at the Friday Beers HQ to talk about the PGA Championship, EDC Vegas, Shower Sandles and being pretty high.
Terry Blacks
Slim Pippin, Mart Dartsman & Stots Stotserson are in studio and talk about their shows in Austin Texas and getting kicked out of their home golf course.
The Boys of 98
We are in the office today with special guests "the boys of 98" an absolute bro session, we learn about their golfing background, what its like to black out and how much their making.
Live from the Netflix Tournament (feat Chad & JT)
The girls were perched out on a par 3 doing back offs and attempting to record a podcast at the Netflix is a Joke golf tournament. Half the episode is from the tournament but then our power died so we finished up at the Friday Beers studio.
Equity (Feat. Matt Cardis)
Matt Cardis (Golf in your state) Is our guest this week. We mostly talk about ownership of the podcast instead of asking this wildly interesting and impactful human being questions. This episode if brought to you by Underdog Fantasy - use promo code CCA for up to 100$ matching your first deposit Also as always Live Forever Golf - all their wives have abs.
Patreon Preview #2 (Full Episode on Patreon)
Join our Patreon for exclusive episodes, content and early Merch drops ;)
Under The Influence
Griff, Mart & stots are in studio at Friday Beers while Jake is in NYC. They talk about playing the hype golf tournament, a lesson with George Gankas and more. Episode brought to you by Underdog Fantasy and Live Forever Golf
Stoney Mcblaze

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4.8 out of 5
147 reviews
Dubai-Mark 2022/06/16
Love you guys, but fact check
Girls, I love this pod, so many great memories (please do the Georgia voices again). However, you need to get up to speed on the Saudi rhetoric with L...
Themostblunted 2022/05/22
Top Shelf
My buddy turned me on to these guys through the back off challenges. Have watched all of the YouTube videos and the podcast is very solid. Love these ...
georgelucas1946 2022/03/17
I always knew I wasn’t the dumbest person In the world
Spunkrab 2022/02/28
Not Douchey
Been looking for a golf podcast where they talk comedy, match stories, betting, etc… but without the classic bro/barstool slant. Real dudes trying to ...
JessicaVR26 2021/12/31
New Age Golf- because why not
This podcast is pretty funny! For someone who doesn’t enjoy golf whatsoever Because I always through the sport was extremely boring, it’s eye opening ...
thelonecuck 2021/12/14
Respect the Troff
My favorite food podcast that also sometimes mentions golf!
FyourFather 2021/11/29
Mart and Stots MAKE this show!
I originally hated on Jake, but feel like he’s winning me over. Griff… please ease up on your man love for Bryson… it’s gotten real old, REAL QUICK. G...
Scone hater 2021/10/12
Scones are awful
i loved this show so much until I heard griff eats a scone with two hands
Kakers4 2021/09/12
Gold medal
Four guys just living out your (and their) dreams of being funny and helpful, with a passion for golf. The pod and the pod’s message is to good not to...
durtbirt 2021/09/06
Show is good when there’s less of you


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