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Current Drive delves into the most important topics in the world of electric vehicles. The podcast features discussions with industry experts and new, promising EV startups, hosted by Brent Gruber and Stewart Stropp of J.D. Power.

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E0: New EV Models Hitting The Market // Preview of the Current Drive Podcast Feat. Tyson Jominy
Thank you for subscribing to Current Drive, a monthly podcast on electric vehicles from J.D. Power. Watch this space for our exclusive interviews with heavyweights in the electric vehicle industry.    Episode 0 is a preview episode of the podcast, with an interview featuring Tyson Jominy, VP of Data & Analytics at J.D. Power.    0:00 — Intro of the Current Drive Podcast and what listeners can expect. Brent describes J.D. Power’s work in the field of electric vehicles.   3:15 — NEWS ROUND-UP — Brent and Stewart discuss the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range’s EPA rating of 520 miles. They describe how this vehicle might change the game.   6:02 — Stewart and Brent introduce Tyson Jominy, VP of Data & Analytics at J.D. Power.    6:23 — Brent asks Tyson about the latest crop of electric vehicles hitting the market, namely electric SUVs and trucks. He asks what the prospects are for those products.  8:44 — Since the purchase price of vehicles has increased recently, will consumer embrace a higher price point for electric vehicles?   12:02 — Will legacy automakers have an advantage over new EV startups in conquesting loyal customers?   14:37 — TYSON’S TWEETS — The two jump into Tyson’s Twitter account @tyson_jominy. Stewart asks about the EV of “Class of 2016.” Where are they now? Nissan Leaf and Model S are the only survivors.  17:00 — Brent asks about PHEVs — is there a market for PHEVs going forward?   19:30 — The Biden administration has suggested electric vehicle incentives proposals in the billions. How will this impact the market?

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