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Design Matters with Debbie Millman is one of the world’s very first podcasts. Broadcasting independently for over 15 years, the show is about how incredibly creative people design the arc of their lives.

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Celebrating Pride
Catherine Opie, Adam J. Kurtz, Robyn Kanner, Michael Stipe, and the Indigo Girls reflect on their journeys in this special Pride episode of Design Matters.
Susan Cain
#1 New York Times best-selling author Susan Cain shares how a bittersweet, melancholic outlook makes emotional room for beauty, creativity, and love.
Joan As Police Woman
Joan Wasser shares her musical journey from a classically trained violinist to a solo singer, songwriter, and rock star known as Joan As Police Woman.
Starlee Kine
Writer and producer Starlee Kine joins LIVE at the 2022 On Air Fest to talk about her remarkable career and hit podcast Mystery Show.
Dylan Marron
Writer, comedian, and podcast host, Dylan Marron, shares how hate on the internet fueled his podcast and new book, “Conversations with People Who Hate Me.”
Carol Lim & Humberto Leon
The effortlessly cool fashion designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon join to talk about two decades of creative partnership and professional collaborations running their fashion brand, Opening Ceremony.
Indigo Girls
Amy Ray and Emily Saliers talk about their extraordinary 30-year creative collaboration as the music duo, Indigo Girls.
Jack White and Ben Jenkins
A love for craftsmanship, design, and baseball brings music legend Jack White and design entrepreneur Ben Jenkins together. In 2016, Jack White became an investor in Ben Jenkins's sporting goods brand, Warstic. Today the company does so much more than manufacture artisan baseball bats.
Abbi Jacobson with Guest Host Dylan Marron
Costar and co-creator of the groundbreaking TV show Broad City, Abbi Jacobson, joins guest host, Dylan Marron, LIVE on the TED Conference stage.
Min Jin Lee on Well-Read Black Girl
Today, I’m sharing an episode from a new podcast I’ve been enjoying, Well-Read Black Girl, from Pushkin Industries. Glory Edim, author and founder of the Well-Read Black Girl community, sits in deep, honest and close conversation with authors like Tarana Burke, Anita Hill, Gabrielle Union, Brit Bennett and more. You’ll also meet literacy advocates and Black booksellers to hear what they’re reading and what it means to be well-read. In this episode, Glory talks with Korean American author and teacher Min Jin Lee. Min talks about what she learned about resistance from bell hooks, how the work she does on and off the page challenges society, and how she’s mentoring a new generation of writers of color. You can hear more of Well-Read Black Girl at
Best of Design Matters: Ethan Hawke
From the profound experience of making “Dead Poets Society” to the “Before” trilogy and his new book, Ethan Hawke discusses a life spent celebrating creativity in its many forms.
Best of Design Matters: Gabrielle Hamilton
Chef and writer Gabrielle Hamilton talks dueling artistic passions—and how she has found balance and focus in her creative journey.

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4.6 out of 5
1058 reviews
Teh Brw 2022/05/31
Starlee Kine Episode
Thanks you for having Starlee as a guest. I loved her Mystery Show podcast and have been waiting for new episodes to fill my feed since 2015! Didn’t r...
verdedafloresta 2022/05/10
Ethan Hawke
Debbie is the best interviewer! She has interesting comments and insightful questions. I love Ethan Hawke so much, and this interview is the best.
bvghvujvggmnhj 2022/04/27
I love you so much
VJWild 2022/04/14
Debbie Millman could interview Satan and it would be charming, insightful and un-pause-able, just like the rest of her interviews. She does her homewo...
cmdm 2022/03/16
wow…what charm and…
real curiosity and fun…
malfoxley 2022/02/21
Great show!
Debbie, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of people with creative lives and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests off...
ModPudge 2022/01/30
Always Worth It!
I listen to *lots* of podcasts; most of them are light and funny listens that liven up chores and other mundane moments. Design Matters is different. ...
evanseesred 2022/02/07
Great show but…
I’m a fan of the show. Full stop. That said, there’s something in this industry and in the TED-like circles that always bugs me. I recently listened t...
AvidPodcastListener22 2022/01/24
Always fascinating
Fantastic, real, thoughtful conversations with a wide range of fascinating, creative people. Highly recommend!
em_dash_ 2022/01/20
Great podcast!
Overall great episodes and conversations. Richard Saul Wurman episode grinds my gears….semi interesting talk but as a guest on the show he seems very ...


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