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A show for kids who love dinosaurs, paleontology, and other cool science stuff.

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62 - Tarbosaurus -The "Other" King of Dinosaurs
Tarbosaurus was the largest carnivore dinosaur in Asia. Like its North American cousin, Tyrannosaurus rex, this massive predator ruled its domain. 
61 - Amargasaurus - The Spiked-Necked Sauropod
It is one of the most interesting members of the sauropod family. It's most unique feature are the long spikes on their neck!!! What were they for? How were they used?  You'll fin d the answers to these and many other questions on this podcast.
60 - Herrerasaurus - King of the Triassic
When dinosaurs first appeared on earth, most were very small. But one was, at the time, a rather large carnivore. During the Triassic period, Herrerasaurus reigned as King of the carnivore dinosaurs! 
59 - Listener Submitted Questions and Who Would Wins
In this episode Dinosaur George answers questions submitted by the listeners as well as taking on some Who Would Win challenges! 
58 - Quetzalcoatlus - The Feathered Serpent
Quetzalcoatlus was one of the largest flying creatures ever discovered. Although it lived with the dinosaurs, it is not one. In this podcast you'll learn some amazing facts about this huge flying reptile from the Cretaceous period. 
57 - Balaur - Double Clawed Dragon
Is it a dinosaur, a bird, or both? The discovery of this unique dinosaur has left paleontologist with some unanswered questions. In this podcast you'll learn some amazing facts about this strange creature. 
56 - Parasaurolphus - The Singing Dinosaur
With its long  head-crest this dinosaur may have been able to make sounds. Want to hear what it might have sounded like? Listen to this episode and find out. 
55 - Who Would Win and Ask DG
This is a special edition podcast where DG only answers questions and covers some Who Would Win suggestions! 
54 - Iguanodon - Thumbs Up
Iguanodon is the second dinosaur named. It was a large and very successful herbivore that lived in numerous countries and different continents.  
53 - Brygmophyseter - The Shark Hunting Whale
We sometimes think sharks are the top predator in the sea, but 15 million years ago, a whale might have been one of the top hunters in the ocean. Brygmophyseter was an amazing predator with teeth like a Tyrannosaurus. In this podcast Dinosaur George will teach you about this amazing "Biting Whale". 
52 - Archaeopteryx - The Bird/Dinosaur
The discovery of Archaeopteryx had an amazing impact on paleontology and our understanding of the relationship between birds and theropod dinosaurs. In this podcast Dinosaur George will explain why it is such an important fossil. 
51 - Nanotyrannus - Is it Real?
Nanotyrannus is the subject of great debate among paleontologists. Some believe it is a miniature cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex, while others believe it is the skeleton of a juvenile T-rex. Is this a new species of dinosaur, or is it just a small specimen of The King? These and other questions will be discussed in this episode. 

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4.6 out of 5
118 reviews
greeking outer 2022/06/26
Clara saurus Rex 35378
Spot the difference el stinko Easy ??????????????????????? Medium ??????????????????????????????????? Hard ???????????????☘️??????????????????????????...
t .rex Ivan Li 2022/06/20
Oh dragon ? Ivan Li
Hello elstinko I have a survival guide and when are going do a podcast.Oh Elstinko hey what are you doing here dragon keira
Mich native 2022/06/15
Very Exciting and Funny!
I really like this podcast and it made me learn more about dinosaurs and it’s very funny!???????????? It is a great show !????????????
????? 2022/06/07
Spoiler alert!
I saw dinosaur George sneaking out in his El Stinko costume! He also reveals he’s El Stinko in one podcast!
nikhiltri 2022/06/15
I love you
Bdoggydovvv 2022/05/09
Podcast recommendations
Jurassic world hybrids other pterosaurs other spinosaurus relatives suchomimus megaraptor ect.
alligatorundies 2022/03/01
Best show ever!!
This is the best show ever!!! I listen to the show for the entire day. I know what Spinosauruses spine is for.
Johnny ? 2022/02/06
Quetzalcoatl atlas or a Anki Sarah tops
I want an episode about a Quetzel koalas or a Anki Sarah tops?? Thank you and I love your podcast I’ve learned so much also I know you’re El Stinko OK...
Tesla jelly Dash 150150 2021/12/21
I love your podcast
I love your podcast because animals and you are signed Leo McArdle
elijahrlb 2021/07/01
Awesome kids show… a bit shorter
My kids absolutely love this show. It has a segment on a “Feature Creature” that really teaches them a lot about various dinosaurs. He spends a lot ...


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