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Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model and author of The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges...along with his co-hosts Kim Hopkins-Betts (Director of Outreach at Lives in the Balance) and parents Jennifer Trethewey, and Stella Hastings.

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When Solutions Aren't Mutually Satisfactory
On our last program before the Summer break, we talked with two callers about what to do when solutions aren't truly mutually satisfactory.
Is Plan B a Way to Get My Expectations Met? ...and other great questions!
We covered a few emails on today's program, including one from a parent that sparked a great conversation about whether Plan B is a way to get the adult's expectation met - the answer is "possibly" - listen for details!  Also, trouble shooting screen time-related Plan B.
Disrespect? Solve the Problem that's Causing It
An abbreviated (30 minutes) program today, but lots of territory covered...including how to apply Plan B to disrespectful behaviors. (Hint: you won't be working on the disrespect directly.)
What are Your High-Priority Unsolved Problems?
You can't solve everything at once, so you'll have to be selective in choosing problems to start solving first. The algorithm: safety, frequency, and gravity. Thanks to a mom who called in, you'll get a real-life example on this program.  
What to Do When a Child Becomes Physically Aggressive
The standard advice is defuse, de-escalate, and keep everyone safe. But Collaborative & Proactive Solutions goes further than that. It's crucial to identify and solve the problem that caused the child to become physically aggressive in the first place. Once the problem is solved, the child won't become physically aggressive in response to it anymore. And if you're only defusing, de-escalating, and keeping everyone safe, the problem won't get solved.
A Hodge Podge of CPS Help
Lots of helpful topics covered today including adjusting the model for kids with language difficulties, drilling for information, wording unsolved problems, and more!
Working Out the Plan B Kinks
If only solving problems collaboratively was really easy! Well, sometimes it is, but sometimes some fairly common roadblocks can get in the way, and on today's program we talked about a bunch of 'em, thanks to our callers and emailers.
There Ain't No Good Guys...There Ain't No Bad Guys
Well, aside from providing guidance to a few parents on diffiuclties they're experiencing with their children, we also heard from a parent who feels strongly that government shouldn't tell parents how to parent. While we didn't agree completely, it gave us a good opportunity to listen, something that seems in short supply these days...
Plan B Troubleshooting
On our first program of the fall, we heard from a mom who's having trouble engaging her son in Plan B...and having trouble keeping her energy up to stick with the process. Hopefully the guidance of our panel was helpful.
Finding Your Window In
Does behavior belong in step 2?  How do you find your "window in" with a reluctant older teen?  Dealing with guilt over giving in...all these topics and more were covered on today's episode.
Finally, the "F" Word Makes Its Way Onto the Podcast!
But probably not the "f" word you're thinking of. And, when it comes to wording unsolved problems well, even "f" words are relevant.
Clarifying Kid & Adult Concerns
Two callers provided lots of great conversation today - everything from sibling strife, can an adult's concern be "I feel disrespected," and how to revisit a solution that isn't working.

Podcast Reviews

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4.5 out of 5
102 reviews
notjewel 2022/03/29
Answers to so many of my parenting questions!
I’ve been searching and searching for a podcast like this. It gives me a place to start with my 11 year old who was recently tentatively diagnosed bip...
Sadiekitten 2020/05/30
Audio isn’t perfect but so what?
I’m starting from the beginning and I’m maybe halfway through the archive. I realize the audio isn’t the best but... compared to all we are gaining an...
DenBreeInNC 2022/01/21
Expected better audio
I understand it’s a call-in show, but the audio is so bad that my brain is exhausted from trying to cancel all the background noise. The content is so...
Rowanmininil 2021/09/11
Great info
But is there anyway to ask people who aren’t talking to mute themselves. I had to turn an episode off because the extraneous noise was so distracting...
ellen3141 2021/05/06
Important information...
I’ve read his books and now trying this podcast again. Previously deleted it due to horrible sound quality. The information is valuable to me, but it’...
everythingistakennickname 2021/02/01
Can’t hear/understand anything!
The audio is SO bad. I know I’d love the content of it was easier to understand. I have to concentrate so he’s to try and decipher what they’re saying...
Greenephoenician 2019/04/28
Dr Ross is very kind and knowledgeable
I just wish the sound quality was better but aside from that I think the content is so confusing and at the end of a caller I am not sure there seems ...
Jessicalee413 2020/03/04
Please work on the audio. It is very hard to listen to when one person is talking and another is breathing into their mic and rustling things in the b...
anistuce 2020/03/04
Audio needs
For the Love of God, please get some good audio equipment. Great topics and info-sound is so so terrible!
SadieG37 2019/09/27
Topics are good, but delivery of them is not good.
I wanted to love this podcast, but the quality is so bad. I love his books and watch you tube videos with him. I’m very interested in the topics, bu...


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