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All elk, all the time, and only elk. Hunting elk is the aspirational pinnacle for most American hunters. Corey Jacobsen, 10-time World Elk Calling Champion, and Randy Newberg, long-time public land hunting advocate, have combined to lower the hurdles for aspiring elk hunters and provide insight from their combined decades of elk hunting mistakes that will give useful information to elk hunters of all experience levels. Brought to you by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and partners Sitka Gear, onX, goHUNT.com, Gerber Gear, and Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls.

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Talking Colorado Elk Hunting and More
In this episode (92), Corey and Randy talk about the Colorado elk draw results and the tag Corey drew, his hunt plan, viewer questions on Colorado, Wyoming changes to non-resident hunting tag allocation, population trends of elk states and related adjustments to non-resident tags, off-season prep, large elk in Michigan, when will point buyers start applying, Wyoming General tag options, the general nature of food patterns and specific nature of sanctuary patterns, and many other tangent issues, some not elk-related.
Elk Talk Q&A - Don't Overthink It
In this episode (91) of Elk Talk Podcast Corey and Randy answer listener questions, with topics including - overcomplicating elk hunting, don't over think it, Wyoming draw results and season plans, learning OTC units, researching elk forage information, elk calving and bear hunting, early antler growth, wrapping up the draw season, proven failure of preference point systems, 400 point bulls everywhere, use tactics suited for your hunting style, why elk are where they are, forage depends on the time of year, sizing your diaphragm call, don't call like a turkey, understanding transition ranges, and other random topics.
Elk Success - Offseason Research & Planning
In this episode (90) of Elk Talk Podcast Corey and Randy talk about the things they are doing in the offseason to learn more about elk.  With tags soon to come out, E-scouting will start in earnest, requiring a lot of time spent with maps, science reports, moisture measurements, and all the other online tools to help understand what will influence elk behavior this year. Randy goes into deep detail about the food-related topics he is researching and preparing for his video series, knowing the early season, pre-rut, and peak rut periods are primarily influenced by food availability or scarcity.  Add in a little shed antler adventure and this episode is a primer for your offseason research work.
Hunting and Surviving - Knowledge Weighs Nothing
In this episode (89) of Elk Talk Podcast, John Barklow of Sitka Gear joins Corey and Randy.  John's 26 years in the Navy, much of that teaching survival in Alaska, makes John a great guest to discuss what went right and what went wrong on Corey's Alaska elk hunt. Extreme conditions in lonely terrain require a strong mental game and preparation.  Topics covered include John's motto that knowledge weighs nothing, challenges of traversing steep terrain with heavy loads, backcountry illness, cold nights on the mountain, conditions for hypothermia, and a lot of other good information for comfort and success (and safety) on difficult backcountry hunts.
Kentucky Elk - Conservation In Action
In this episode (88) of The Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy share the mic with Gabe Jenkins, Director of Information and Education at Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources.  This is an in depth discussion of how Kentucky developed the largest elk herd in the eastern US.  Topics covered include the history or this transplant, the history of elk in Kentucky, public involvement in elk expansion, how it works with 90% private land, current population levels, efforts to expand within Kentucky, using this herd for seed stock in other states, hunting opportunities and how hunting is allocated, challenges ahead, and many other topics that show this grand endeavor as a real life example of Conservation In Action.
Think Like An Elk with Remi Warren
In this episode (87) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Randy and Corey are joined by Remi Warren who proclaims that September is for being loud.  Topics covered are about elk, elk, and more elk.  Remi talks about his preferred archery strategies, his aggressive calling, how to think like an elk, give bulls what they want to hear, how finding bulls is the hard part, how the setup is the key, you don't have to be a great caller to be a great elk hunter, and a lot more "Elk Talk Gold."
Utah, New Mexico & a Late Winter Listener Roundup
In this episode (86) of the Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy take on a lot of random reader topics relevant to winter and application season.  Those topics include Utah and New Mexico deadlines, burning points, shed antler facts, shed hunting complications and seasons, with it being application seasons, we do a round up of many quirks found in the western elk states, how tag allocations are made, legislators creating wildlife policy, elk move anticipating hunting pressure, impacts on regulation changes in neighboring states, how long is too long of season, travel management plans to protect elk, volunteering for RMEF, and a list of other random topics that are relevant to the time of year and times of our society.
Bulls for Billionaires & Blow Up The Point Schemes
In this episode (85) of Elk Talk Podcast Corey and Randy cover the Arizona draw system, including deadlines, fees, and how the system works.  After that, the discussion goes to "Destination Elk," junking the western state point systems, what's your resident elk tag cost, Bulls for Billionaires, killing bulls to lower elk numbers, changes to non-resident tag allocations, wildlife resources for a specific business group, wolves and rainbows, Corey is a point creep, RMEF access and conservation works, changes to existing point systems, "Commit or get," grassroots in Washington state, missing deadlines, sitting on a cactus, world's best grouse seasoning, and other random ramblings on a cold February morning.
Hunt Wyoming Elk in 2022 - Here's How
In this episode, Randy and Corey give their annual update about elk hunting in Wyoming and the details of the Wyoming limited entry draw process.  Topics covered include deadlines, preference points, random draw chances, GENERAL tag options, season dates and allowed weapon types, point buyers and point creep, guide requirements, non-resident tag allocation formula, Special v. Regular draw, and all other things you need to apply in Wyoming for 2022.
Destination Elk V4 and Peax Equipment
In this episode, Corey and Randy have Brice Bishop and David Brinker as guests from Peax Equipment, sponsors of Corey's Destination Elk- Season 4.  Topics covered include camp gear built for hunters and by hunters, the new concept for Destination Elk, nerding out on headlamps, weight versus comfort, why to use trekking poles, strong winds and tents, sleeping bags, teepee tents, the hard work required to film and edit seven different hunting camps as part of a single series, and other topics of camp gear.
Elk Hunt Planning - Mapping and E-scouting
In this Episode (82) Corey and Randy talk about what they do in the off season to research possible areas, looking at maps, trying to replicate the areas where you've seen elk, using maps for research, why you choose the camp you do, flexibility and mobility, define a sanctuary, differences in hunting pressure, value of boots on the ground, stuck in a funk, changing up what isn't working, best elk hunters you might never know, point buyers and point creep, and other topics for the upcoming elk applications and seasons.
Sharing Hunting Spots and Public Lands
In this episode Corey and Randy take up the topic mentioned previously, hunting spot etiquette and public land courtesy. Topics covered include sharing hunting spots, having spots shared, how to not ruin friendships, how to handle public land spots with strangers, First Come - First to Hunt doctrine, blocking trailheads, and a lot of tangents about upcoming seasons and applications.

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
1405 reviews
TyGarcia7 2022/06/20
Lots of useful elk info and entertaining
Greats guys. Keep up the great work.
ftggdhcthdyfhdgf yuh vegvgfgg 2022/01/12
Jk8016 you are a idiot
M17W 2021/04/22
Facebook and being King
Ok, go back. I had posted “Really great and fun podcast. LOVED the wedgie cartoon that showed up in IG today, and I want you both as King! I’d pay mor...
pelagic5 2021/08/25
Too much useless chatting
Gents, respect your audience and don’t waste our time with useless musings. I have to agree w/ comments in the one star range. It is like you have spe...
bowhunting1 2021/07/08
Very little useful information
If you want 1.5 hrs of product plugging and useless banter, this is your podcast. If you want to learn about elk hunting, I’d recommend listening to s...
scholla123 2021/06/28
90% bad dad jokes, 10% elk talk
If you have time to waste on jibber jabber and banter, this is the podcast for you. Minimal content.
nextridge 2021/03/16
Randy come on
Why do I feel like this podcast is like my two uncles talking in the garage over an awkwardly forced visit for a thanksgiving dinner? Same stories, sa...
Wyohunter95 2021/01/30
Senate Bill 143?
I’d like to hear both of your views on Senate Bill 144 that is proposing 60% of combination tags to licensed outfitters. This decreases that chance of...
Archery.43 2021/01/22
Everything Elk, and some
Anytime I see a podcast with either Randy Newberg or Corey Jacbson it's immediately on the download list. These two characters have great insight, top...
elkman elkman 2020/12/14
Great show, but one issue
Love the show and both guys seem are down to earth and super helpful. Only reason it didn’t get 5 stars was one thing that drives me nuts. They const...


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