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The purpose of this podcast is to help medical students crush their emergency medicine clerkship and get top 1/3 on their SLOE. The content is organized in an approach to format and covers different chief complaints, critical diagnoses, and skills important for your clerkship.

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Bradycardia (Deep Dive R34)
Asymptomatic Bradycardia – usually don’t treat Symptomatic Stable Bradycardia – atropine, further workup Symptomatic Unstable Bradycardia – SIMULTANEOUS treatment with medications and electricity * Meds: Trial of atropine, then either epinephrine, dopeamine, or isoproterenol* Electricity: Transcutaneous Pace –> TVP DDX of Bradycardia – BRADIE Blocks (av blocks) Reduced vital signs (hypoxemia, hypothermia, hypoglycemia) Acs (acute coronary syndrome/ischemia) Drugs (beta blocker, calcium channel blocker, digoxin, organophosphate) Infection/Inc ICP (Lyme, myocarditis // cushings reflex) Electrolyte/Endocrine (hyperkalemia, hypermagnesemia, hypocalcemia // myxedema coma)
ERAS 2 of 2 – How to fill out the CV section
What is most important to programs from ERAS? SLOEs, clinical grades on EM rotations and residency interviews. How do you look good on interviews? Have a thorough ERAS application that gives interviewers lots to ask about! On ERAS, there are four sections in the curriculum vitae portion: * Education – honorary societies, medical school awards, other awards/accomplishments (e.g. college, volunteer, previous career awards)* Experiences –* Work (paid, unpaid clinical or teaching)* Volunteer (public service, leadership, clubs and organizations)* Research (labs, projects)* Licensure – only if previous medical career, legal history* Publications – papers, presentations, online publications Don’t forget to add some personality to your application with the hobbies section! Further Reading
ERAS 1 of 2 – The 8 parts of the application
ERAS Pt 1: The 8 Parts of the ApplicationThere are 8 parts to the application: * Personal and Biographic Information – mostly self-explanatory* Curriculum Vitae (Resume) – keep an updated CV throughout medical school to makethis easy to fill out, be concise but specific* Personal Statement – start early* Letters of Recommendation – should ideally have two SLOEs from rotations in EMdepartments plus one extra letter* Test Scores – transfer reports from USMLE or COMLEX* MSPE or Dean’s Letter – submitted by your school* Medical School Transcript – submitted by your school* Photo – business professional headshot with neutral background Further Reading: CordEM – SLOE 1 CordEM – SLOE 2
Round 34 (Shortness of Breath / Bradycardia)
You are working at Clerkship General when you are called to see a 70 yo male who is presenting with shortness of breath. Initial Vitals * Temp 98.0* HR 36* RR 28* BP 80/35* O2 82% Critical Actions * Interpret ECG Correctly (3rd degree AV block)* Order a troponin* Perform and Describe transcutaneous pacing* Perform and Describe transvenous pacing* Treat NStemi (ASA, Heparin gtt, nitro if BP improved after pacing) Further Reading Complete Heart Block – EMDocs Bradycardia – EMCrit
Ventilator Alarms (Deep Dive R33)
DOPES D-Displacement – endotracheal tube dislodges from trachea, or falls into right mainstem bronchus O-Obstruction – Mucous plugging, bronchospasm, patient biting tube P –Pneumothorax – Look out for pneumothorax, it can be subtle E – Equipment – Disconnected/unpowered equipment, ensure everything is powered on and connected appropriately S – Stacking – common in asthma/COPD due to inadequate expiration resulting in air trapping between breaths Further Reading LITFL – Post-Intubation Hypoxia CanadiEM – Approach to the Alarming Vent
Personal Statement Pt 2 – Brainstorming Ideas
Brainstorming ideas – how to make it personal * What makes me unique? 2. What are some specific experiences I’ve had in my life that have either made me want to do EM or given me the skills that will prepare me well for training in EM? 3. If a family member or a friend were to describe me to a stranger, what would they talk about first? Brainstorming ideas – how to make a statement * What do I bring to the table? 2. What am I looking for in a training program? 3. Where do I see myself in 5-10 years? Further Reading: Personal Statement Library
Personal Statement Pt 1 – Dos and Donts
Welcome to EM Clerkship Maddie Watts! The personal statement should be *personal* and should *make a statement*. * Start early* Use solid organizational structure* Address the big three questions – who? what? why?* Check for grammar mistakes* Explain any red flags Further Reading: EMRA / CORD Advising Guide NRMP Program Director Survey ALiEM Match Advice Series
Round 33 (Respiratory Distress)
You are working at Clerkship General when you are called to the resuscitation bay for a 55yo M presenting in respiratory distress. Initial Vitals * Temp 99.9* HR 110* RR 22* BP 122/82* O2 82% on BiPAP 10/5 100%FiO2 Critical Actions * Correctly interpret CXR #1 (multifocal PNA)* Correctly interpret CXR #2 (bilateral PNTX)* Treat with Oseltamivir* Troubleshoot vent alarm#1 (increase sedation)* Troubleshoot vent alarm#2 (place bilateral chest tubes) Further Reading: Acute Exacerbation of COPD – EMCrit COPD – EM@3AM
Toxic Plants (Deep Dive R32)
Cardiac Glycoside containing plants : Foxglove, Lilly of the Valley, Oleander, Squill * Contain cardiac glycosides, which act as a negative chronotrope as well as a positive inotrope.* Patients present with nausea, vomiting, visual changes, bradycardia/arrhythmia, and may develop hyperkalemia – a poor prognostic factor* Treatment is Digibind/DigiFAB – look out for the side effects of hypokalemia as well as anaphylaxis. Anticholinergic Alkaloid containing plants: Jimson Weed, Angels Trumpet, Deadly Nightshade * Contain alkaloids that act as anticholinergics ; often used recreationally* Patients present with delirium/hallucinations, pupillary dilation, anhydrosis, hyperthermia, skin flushing, urinary retention* Treatment is support care, with physostigmine for severe cases – remember to go low and slow! Toxic Mushrooms * Important to distinguish between acute onset symptoms (6hours) or delayed onset (6-24 hours)* Inocybe : acute onset ; cholinergic crisis; treat with atropine* Amanita Muscarina: acute onset; CNS toxicity – delrium, myoclonus, seizures ; supportive care and benzos as needed* Amanita Phalloides: delayed onset ; treat with NAC and maybe Silibinin* Phase 1: 6-24 hrs after ingestion, nausea vomiting diarrhea* Phase 2: transient recovery, 24-60 hours after ingestion* Phase 3: Hepatic / multisystem organ failure* Gyromitra: delayed onset; causes acute B6 deficiency leading to refractory seizures, treat with pyridoxine (vitamin B6) as well as usual seizure care. Further Reading: Stone Heart Syndrome – LITFL Gyromitra – Indiana Poison Center Anticholinergic Intoxication – EMCrit
Round 32 (Pediatric Vomiting)
You are working at Clerkship General when you see your next patient : a 3 year old male accompanied by his father with chief complaint of vomiting.  Initial Vitals * Temp 98.6* HR 50* RR 20* BP 95/55* O2 100% Critical Actions * Identify the history of ingestion* Check a blood glucose* Call Poison Control* Treat with DigiBind* Treat subsequent anaphylaxis Further Reading: EMCrit – Digoxin Toxicity The Tox and the Hound – Digoxin: to bind or not to bind
Opioid Use Disorder (Deep Dive R31)
* Opioid overdose is the number one leading cause of death in adults under the age of 50. * Many ED Physicians fail to recognize that offering MAT (medication assisted therapy) to victims of opiate overdose is one of the most effective interventions we can offer in medicine.* 1 in 2 using high-dose buprenorphine (≥ 16 mg) had retention in treatment – meaning NNT of 2! Further Reading: TheNNT – Opioid Use Disorder
Round 31 (Altered Mental Status)
Critical Actions: * Administer Naloxone* Minimize Unnecessary Testing* Discuss options for Rehab* Offer opioid replacement therapy* Provide Social Support Further Reading: Buprenorphine – EMDocs Naloxone – EMDocs Initiating Opioid Treatment in the ED – ACEP

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4.9 out of 5
693 reviews
abbull_3000 2022/03/15
Awesome Content
This podcast is great for learners of all levels. I used it as a PA student and at running through the episodes again as I enter an APP EM residency. ...
Ahimsa739 2022/02/24
Amazing content!
This podcast is truly a gem! The information is clinically relevant & the hosts are both very engaging.
12345233 2022/02/04
A gem
Honestly so helpful as an MS3. Brief episodes (aka you can actually have the bandwidth to pay attention) and covers the highest yield pearls.
deep haustra 2021/12/27
Best EM podcast of them all
This podcast is a game changer. I never hesitate to recommend it to classmates, as it is engaging, entertaining, and spot on! Many of the topics cover...
dks2114 2021/11/05
This podcast is just like working in the Emergency Room…
…..quick, informative, to the point, and never boring! Absolutely LOVE this podcast! It’s a great tool for residents and wonderful resource for medica...
GuezaOG 2021/09/12
Great podcast
Please keep up the case scenarios and deep dives!
GGWP ER 2021/07/24
FM residents favorite podcast!
Absolutely love the podcast. Very high yield, direct and to the point, and fun! Thanks Zack and Mike, really appreciate your work.
theyarefunnydamn 2021/07/04
Best EM podcast for med students ever
I have been listening to EM clerkship for a year now (on round 2 holla) and it is such a great resource for all students interested in EM. I recommend...
S. Check 2021/03/02
Pertinent and High Yield
I love this podcast. Really helped me during my EM rotation. It’s funny cause I did end up meeting Dr. Olson in the ED and I was able to recognize his...
njk123456789 2021/02/16
5 stars!
Amazing podcast. Highly recommend for any student and resident.


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