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A weekly chat about all things health, balance, weight loss and routines, for the woman of color who is adamant about breaking her limiting beliefs surrounding her body, unhealthy food habits, and creating the life she wants to lead in the body she's proud of. Join your host Shantel Taylor, nutritionist and weight loss coach, every Monday for short, sweet, and no BS episodes that will give you the jolt of inspiration you need to kick ass all week long.

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The 3 Things That Make The BIGGEST Impact on Your Weight Loss
When you start your weight loss journey, it can be hard to know what to focus on... But in my experience, slowing down and getting present to these 3 things makes the biggest impact on whether or not you hit your goal, or waste years losing and re-gaining the same few pounds. Tune in and find out! Ready to start your own weight loss journey? ( Join SHEtrition Here) Want daily tips and tricks for building healthy eating habits? (Find me on the 'gram ) or (Download Your Free 7 Day Meal Plan)
Weight Loss with Addition not Restriction —- My Experience Growing on Tik Tok, Thoughts on Intuitive Eating, and How Health Influencers Use Controversy to Get You To Pay Attention
Have you heard about the concept of Addition, not Restriction when it comes to weight loss? If you follow me on Instagram or Tik Tok then you probably have. In today's new podcast episode, we're having a casual conversation about what it REALLY takes to lose weight for good, my problem with both diet culture and the intuitive eating movement, and how you can start approaching your time on social media so that YOU can make the best decisions for your body. ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Find me on the 'gram ) (Download Your Free 7 Day Meal Plan)
The Real Deal About Processed Foods
In today's new podcast episode, I'm diving into all things processed foods… What they are, how they can both BE healthy and a part of a healthy diet, and how you can include them to still hit your goals. ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Find me on the 'gram ) (Download Your Free 7 Day Meal Plan)
Your Work From Home Weight Loss Crash Course
If you're a work from home-r, or even if you have a job that's a little more sedentary (like sitting in an office for most of your day), today's Force of Habit episode is just for you! Creating boundaries, consistent movement, and fighting the urge to work from the bed can be a strugggllleee. When I transitioned to working at home full time, I experienced significant weight gain for the first time in my life. It's something that's not super talked about! And if that resonates with you, tune into this week's episode to get the full scoop on the steps you can take to begin making progress right from home! ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Find me on the 'gram ) (Download Your Free 7 Day Meal Plan)
How to Build a Balanced Plate - The Foundation To Feel Good Weight Loss
Nutrition has been complicated over the years, it's true. It can feel intimidating to want to eat better, but having no earthly idea how to start and actually stay consistent with it, at that. In today's new episode of Force of Habit, I'm helping you create your first strong pillar to your weight loss… Building a balanced plate, and the five questions to ask every time you're creating a meal to know, if it's balanced, or not. ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Find me on the 'gram ) (Download Your Free 7 Day Meal Plan)
Becoming a Prep Queen - Meal Planning Hacks to Stay Consistent on Your Weight Loss Journey
2022/02/14 ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Find me on the 'gram ) (Download Your Free 7 Day Meal Plan) Hitting the drive-thru a little too often during the week? Or maybe got a few prepped lunches that you seem to "forget" about during the week? This episode is for you. Today on the poddy pod, I'm sharing simple, and easy hacks and tips that you can begin to implement into your schedule that'll help make weekly meal planning and prep a breeezeeeee so that you can begin to get more intentional and consistent with your nutrition, in order to start making the progress you want to see on your weight loss journey.
Beat the Bloat - Simple Steps to Take to Improve Your Digestion and Your Gut Health
2022/02/07 ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Find me on the 'gram ) (Download Your Free 7 Day Meal Plan) Tune into today's episode as I share one of SHEtrition's bonus trainings - Beat the Bloat! Bloating isn't fun. And chances are, if you're just starting your health journey or looking for things to continue to improve on, bloating is something that you may be experiencing daily. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it's also one of the most obvious sign your body sends letting you know that you need to pay a little more attention to your gut health. In this lesson, I'll walk you through what bloating is, how you can improve it, and a few steps to get your digestion on track for happy and healthy progress.
Your Weight Loss Beyond Diet and Exercise
2022/01/17 ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Find me on the 'gram ) I'm pumped because this episode we're talking about all the ways you can begin to tackle your weight loss… that go beyond diet and exercise. Weight loss involves 3 core pieces: Nutrition foundation and strategy Routine Mindset … And if one of these three pieces is missing, or isn't a priority, you'll get to the end of this year, setting the same resolution going into 2023. Don't do dat. In this episode, I'm talking about the pieces that you may be overlooking in your life right now, that have a direct effect on your weight loss, your hormones, and your consistency. Let's get into it!
Pt 6 Slay the Holidays: Your New Year Resolution Blueprint - How to Set a Goal and Actually Finish It (Part 2)
2021/12/28 ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Grab your free 7 day meal plan here) Wow! Can you believe it? We've come to an end in our Slay the Holidays challenge. The last few weeks together have been INCREDIBLE. So many of you conquered the holidays with flying colors this year, and managed to come out of what can be such a stressful season with a few new milestones under your belt. Proud? An understatement. Today on Force of Habit, I'm diving deeper on last week's topic (New Year's Resolutions), and this week, with specific strategies and tactics to give you the advantage to successfully hitting your goals this New Year!
Pt 5 Slay the Holidays: Your New Year Resolution Blueprint - How to Set a Goal and Actually Finish It (Part 1)
2021/12/20 ( Join SHEtrition Here) (Grab your free 7 day meal plan here) This week, we're getting ready for the New Year… And talking alllll about goal setting. But not just any ole' resolution. Today, I'm walking you through the 4 major components of a goal, and how you can set yourself up for a big WIN from the very beginning… Chances are, if you haven't been successful hitting the goals you've set this year, you're missing one of the core components. Listen in!
Pt 4 Slay the Holidays: Aht aht! Don't Stop Now - Finish The Year Strong
I know what you're thinking right now… It's just 3 more weeks until the new year. If I eat like crazy this holiday season, quit working out, and lay low- it's okay, because I'll bounce back in 2022 and hit all my goals. Next year is my year. Next year, I'm going to eat healthier, take care of myself, and finally lose the weight. Let me guess… You said the same thing last year, too ? Yeah. I remember those days all too well. Today on the pod, I'm giving you the end of the year pep talk you need to finish strong! And as an early Christmas present, I've got a little gift for you :) A free 7 day meal plan to help jumpstart your weight loss this month. >> (Click here to get your 7 day meal plan) >> (Join SHEtrition Today ) Here's to going into the brand new year WITH a win, not hoping for one!
Pt. 3 Slay the Holidays: You Can Socialize and Hit Your Goals... Here's How
And just like that, two holidays down- two to go! With Christmas right around the corner, holiday parties will be revving on up, and it's so important that you go into this new month with the right mindset, and the right tools in your back pocket so that you can hit your goals, and have the fun you deserve. And you know... I've got you friend. In today's episode, I'm sharing how exactly you can be the social butterfly of your dreams, and still hit your goals. And.... I'm not sugar coating anything. So fair warning, big girl pants need to be activated!

Podcast Reviews

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5 out of 5
338 reviews
S_Milkdud 2022/04/24
Becoming Intentional
I love her quick little nuggets that I can listen to in the morning before I head into work. Helps to keep me on task and not back slide to my old hab...
KenHagg 2022/02/22
I love this podcast. I feel so motivated when I listen and I don’t feel alone in my journey. Please keep the episodes coming!
Mommy2be520 2022/01/14
A blessing to my life!
I discovered Shantel a little while ago when one of her reels popped up on my Instagram explore page. It was perfect timing because I restarted my hea...
kei_andloc 2021/11/16
So good!!!
The carb episode is so good. She explains carbs so well to where I can literally for my meals in a way that will keep me full. She is the most realist...
Taemonae 2021/11/16
Slaying the Holidays
Even though she has talked to us inside the academy about carbs and macro balancing, this latest episode really gave me more insight on how to eat car...
cdb292 2021/07/13
exactly what i need in the mornings
shantel has been my transformation coach since october 2020. these podcasts episodes are the extra push i need when i need a recharge. my favorite epi...
Lakeshia Danielle Carter 2021/04/26
Such a needed podcast!!!
I love this podcast so much ? So much real and so much truth! The content that Shantel puts out is amazing, realistic, and doable for life application...
Ashley565 2021/04/20
Love it !!!!!
Literally just cried listening to this episode. I have been feeling really discouraged lately that I’m not seeing fast enough results, but this just m...
Tip50/50 2021/04/09
I love this listening to this podcast! It has helped me tremendously. When I feel as if I detouring from goals I just listen and it helps me get back ...
jw090112 2021/03/12
Love Love LOVE This Podcast!
I absolutely love listening to this podcast to start my mornings. Sooo many gems that have helped me to shift my mindset and grow towards my goals! No...


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