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Our podcast series FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE is both inspired and created from my successful WOMEN CREATE magazines. These women consist of artists, foodies, entrepreneurs, and creators of the unusual and the exceptional. Their personal stores are filled with triumph, perseverance, inspiration, and a love and commitment to community. To share their stories join our fellow travelers, your kindred spirits, your very best friends, your new friends, and your yet unknown friends each week on our new podcast series: FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE.

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Ep. 23: Mindful Creativity with Donna Watson
In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Jo Packham and Donna Watson discuss how to find your own true, deep, personal, unique artistic voice in your artwork and bring it to a more conscious level of focus, thinking, and creating. Donna Watson is a mixed media artist for 40 years. Her mediums include painting, collage, assemblage, textile and handmade books. Her paintings have been accepted into many juried international and national exhibitions and she has received numerous awards. Donna has extensive experience as a juror and workshop instructor all over the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Her artwork and studio have been published in magazines like American Artist, The Artist Magazine, and Where Women Create. Her art has also been published in numerous books including MASTERS COLLAGE. More recently, her paintings have been included in the book COLD WAX MEDIUM and her collages are included in the book FRAGMENTATION AND REPAIR. She has also published a number of her own books at In addition to discussing her paintings and handmade books, in a later conversation, Donna shared a beautiful story on collaging for the first time that she'd like to share with you all: "I was painting with acrylics and a friend returned home from Japan and gave me some Japanese papers and bags and I was so excited to get anything from Japan because at that time I did not have much … that I collaged these papers right into my painting. It was the first time I had used collage ever." Learn more about Donna Watson:  Website Instagram  Facebook — Perry and Carlson Gallery - Mt. Vernon, WA Donna is the one and only featured artist at the Perry and Carlson Gallery. The theme of her show is The Beauty of Nothingness. The reception opening is August 6, 2-5pm PDT. — Handmade Book Club by Ali Manning Donna mentions this book club in her podcast: This is where Donna learned how to stitch the Coptic stitch and other types of handmade books.
Ep. 22: Going Through the Side Door to Creative Success with Cathe Holden
In this episode of our podcast, FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Cathe Holden, a licensed designer working in the quilt and craft industries, joins Jo Packham to discuss her journey to designing fabric collections and gift items for Moda Fabrics, papercraft products for Spellbinders PaperArts, and craft stencils for Cathe works and creates from her large and eclectic mercantile-style studio, which is featured in our Summer issue of WHERE Women Create. Listen now for insight from Cathe on not relying on traditional protocols when creating business partnerships — and more!   Learn more about Cathe Holden: Stencils - iStencils   Fabrics - Moda Fabrics   Moda Fabrics is available at many independent quilt shops and online stores,, and Etsy   Papercraft products -  SpellbinderPaperArts   Instagram: @catheholden  
Ep. 21: Finding Your Authentic Voice as a Young Artist with Kenzie Elston
In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Kenzie Elston joins Jo Packham for a second time, to discuss finding your voice as an artist, forming her own personal creative voice separate from her mom’s, who she works with at her parents' small design firm, Olika, advice for other artists, and much more! Kenzie Elston is a born creative who loves color, whimsy and all things floral. With a degree in graphic design, she works for her parents’ small design Kenzie has licensed art to a variety of companies. Outside of illustrating, Kenzie is a notorious collector of sketchbooks, antique tchotchkes, and novels and she lives for daily dance parties with her 2 young sons.   Learn more about Kenzie Elston: Instagram Website
Ep. 20: Passions Turned To A Profession with Sammi Thomas
In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, Sammi Thomas, the Content and Marketing Associate for Women Create joins Jo Packham for a discussion on growing up with creative influences and translating those learned creative skills to the corporate world.  As a young creative and professional, Sammi’s goal in her career, and life, is to always be implementing creativity. At Madavor Media, Sammi is the behind-the-scenes of our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, produces our FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE podcast, manages and participates in our Maker Moments webinars, and much more. In her free time, Sammi frequents art museums, especially those in the Boston Area, enjoys fashion and thrifting, is a lover of the outdoors, including hiking, snowboarding, and camping, and most of all, enjoys time with family, friends, and her adorable dog, Jax.   Resources Mentioned by Sammi The Dollar Eighty Strategy  Commenting is one of the key tools to increase engagement on all the most popular social media platforms. Lucky for you, this means you can implement the Dollar Eighty Strategy across these platforms to really catapult your engagement. Dollar Eighty is supported on: Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Dribble, Facebook and LinkedIn. In order to get the most out of the strategy, it is imperative that all your social media profiles are optimized for the objective that you’re trying to achieve. Remember – It’s called Social Media for a reason! Access more information and sign-up to start using the Dollar Eighty Strategy here! More About Sammi ... Sammi is a huge advocate for community service … working with nonprofits such as Fresh Truck, Toys for Tots, The Greater Boston Food Bank, and more. One organization that she would like to bring more awareness is to Artists for Humanity (AFH). AFH provides under-resourced teens the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design. AFH is built on the philosophy that engagement in the creative process is a powerful force for social change, and that creative entrepreneurship is a productive and life-changing opportunity for young people. Learn more: Please consider donating to or looking into the opportunities of this amazing organization. Or do some research to find an organization in your local area that supports providing opportunities for creativity to those who may not have creative influences and opportunities in their lives.
Ep. 19: How The Power of Art Can Bring Us Together with Seth Apter
In this episode of FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE, longtime supporter of WOMEN CREATE Seth Apter joins Jo Packham for a second time to discuss developing collaborative projects with other artists, his experience teaching art, upcoming workshop opportunities and more! Seth carries a strong belief in the power of art to bring people together and strengthen our communities. Whether it is a one-day workshop at a craft store or a nine-day international cultural adventure – Seth’s events going forward will be filled with so much more than just technique and projects. He has also published two books of his own, The Pulse of Mixed Media and The Mixed-Media Artist.   Seth's Upcoming In-Person Workshops: JUNE - A Case of Curiosities A Case of Curiosities. "Twice a year I travel to the magical Mabel Luhan Dodge House in Taos, New Mexico to hold a retreat in collaboration with Roxanne Evans Stout. This June, beginning on the night of Sunday June 12th with a welcome reception and ending on Saturday morning June 18 with our final breakfast together, we finally reconvene after missing 5 straight retreats due to the Pandemic. Together Roxanne and I will lead you through 5 full days of creative workshops, incredible meals, and some very special events and adventures. You start with a case/container of your own choosing and during the week we work together to paint, collage, stitch, weave, connect, construct, book bind, build, sketch and write to create multiple projects that fill your case and fill your creative mind. Email me at for specifics. Event is filled. Please contact me at if you would like to be on the list to be among the first to hear about our 2023 dates." JULY - Found and Gathered Found and Gathered. "At the one and only Ephemera Paducah in Paducah, Kentucky - one of only nine UNESCO designated Creative Cities in the USA and home to the National Quilt Museum and annual Quilt Show - this is an all-new three-day workshop event that is so much more than just a class. We will gather together, both within the workshop space at Ephemera Paducah and at several surprise locations in the area, and spend time transforming materials into a series of what might loosely be called artist books. Some will be stitched and bound, some will be loose and some will simply be scraps floating in between. The instruction offered throughout, for the group as a whole as well as one-to-one, will cover the range of techniques used in mixed media: surface design, using paints and inks, hand stitching, bookbinding, mark-making, gel printing, collage, creative layering, and more. The workshop is designed to alternate between focused instructional demonstrations and uninterrupted art-making. Click here for all the details. Event is filled."
Ep. 18: Listening to the Creative Forces Around You with Carrie Schmitt
Listen to Jo Packham and Carrie Schmitt, WHO IS a full-time artist, author of THREE books, and runs an online shop with her paintings and products. JO AND CARRIE chat about THE IMPORTANCE OF listening to signs around you and surrendering to those creative forces/spirits. Carrie also talks about her upcoming project, painting her house pink ... yes, you heard correctly: PINK! You won't want to miss this emotional, encouraging, and ENGAGING episode. Carrie also has an online monthly subscription class called Flower Painting Club, and she is opening an art retreat space in her home called House of Miracles for people to come and stay with her to reconnect with and romance their creativity.   Learn more about Carrie Schmitt: Website Patreon Instagram Facebook
Ep. 17: Staying True to Your Brand Identity with Jill Schwartz
Listen to the latest FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE episode as Jo Packham and collector and designer, Jill Schwartz, chat about knowing your why and staying Consistent with that, and your brand identity over the long haul. Jill, the creator behind Elements by Jill Schwartz, discusses representing yourself and your brand at events and conferences, how to refresh your brand without letting go of your true self, how growing up creatively inspired her love of collecting, and much more!  "I am a maximalist at heart and am so in love with all the little things that I collect. They are my treasures! I cannot help myself from falling in love with all the little bits and bobs of trims, vintage ribbons, sequins, metal stampings and semiprecious stones, tiny glass pieces, rhinestones, and vintage buttons and colors and…. that I use to create my work." Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Explore Jill Schwartz's unique, antiques-inspired jewelry line ... Elements!   Learn more about Jill Schwartz Website Instagram Facebook
Ep. 16: A Perspective on Photography from Jenn Bakos
Listen in to our latest FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE episode as Jenn Bakos, a full-time freelance photographer residing in the seacoast area of New Hampshire, joins Jo Packham on the mic. Jenn’s focus is food, product, small business, editorial, and lifestyle photography with a few weddings on the side, as well as being a longtime supporter and photographer for WOMEN CREATE. In this episode, Jenn provides background on her photography education, shares wonderful and funny shoot stories, and provides advice for those looking to begin, or improve their photography skills and career.   Learn more about Jenn Bakos: Instagram Website  
Ep. 15: Advice From An Art Virtuoso with Mary Engelbreit
Listen to Jo Packham and Mary Engelbreit, a virtuoso in the art community, discuss what it takes to make it to the top, how to continue to create new and exciting work, and Mary's partnerships with other artists, like Lori Siebert, who is a featured guest on this episode! Over 40 years ago, Mary Engelbreit launched her own company with a strong desire for creative freedom and a line of 12 greeting cards. The head of a highly successful business bearing her name, Mary is one of the country’s premier designers and artists. She is known throughout the world for her distinctive illustration style and design sensibility, modestly referred to as “eclectic traditional”. Mary’s signature art, imbued with spirited wit and warmth, appears on thousands of products, including greeting cards, books (design, gift, children’s, cooking, home, and art), calendars, stationery, fabric, crafts, kitchen accessories, dinnerware, and other home décor items. Learn more about Mary Engelbreit: Instagram Website Facebook
Ep. 14: Creating Art That Draws Out The Best In Us with P. Marin
Listen to P. Marin (Rachel), and Jo Packham dive into the topic of finding hope during tough times, P. Marin's kidlit writing and illustrating process, and believing anything is possible! P. Marin is the author/illustrator of the acclaimed Pig and Chick Series. She’s an SCBWI honor award recipient and was recently featured in the Winter edition of Where Women Create. She lives in Huntington Beach, California with her husband and their son who she affectionately refers to as The Domestic Zookeeper. When not spending time with family and friends, you can find P. Marin in her studio  With much going on in the world today, P. Marin no longer believes it’s only the little ones in need of hope. So, with her latest book, The Goal is Hope, she’s trading in her children’s book hat for one with a wider brim big enough to cover us all.   Learn more about Rachel a.k.a P. Marin:  Instagram Website
Ep. 13: Learning Art & Creativity with Marian Parsons
You can be born with the gift of creativity and artistic abilities, but you can also gain these skills through determination and enthusiasm. Listen to Marian Parsons, and Jo Packham chat about art and creativity as learned skills. Marian is the creative force behind the blog Miss Mustard Seed, a paint enthusiast, artist, encourager, bibliophile & lover of all things home. She is also the author of Feels Like Home, a home décor book released in October 2021. Marian lives in the Midwest with her husband, two boys, two cats, and a dog. She is the epitome of a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a spiderweb of creative endeavors including writing, photography, design, fine art, furniture refinishing and home décor. She has a habit of turning every hobby into a business, which can be simultaneously amazing and a problem, especially when it comes to creating a studio that accommodates all of her ideas.    Learn more about Marian Parsons a.k.a Miss Mustard Seed — Website Instagram Youtube
Ep. 12: The Key to Working as a Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo with Lori Siebert & Kenzie Elston
Listen to Lori Siebert, Kenzie Elston, and Jo Packham chat about all the ins and outs of what it is like working as a mother-daughter duo. In Lori's first podcast episode, she discussed her perspective of having a daughter who loves art just as much as she does. Now, Lori and Kenzie come together to share their story together.  Kenzie Elston is a born creative who loves color, whimsy and all things floral. With a degree in graphic design, she works for her parents’ small design firm Olika, who licenses art to a variety of companies. Outside of illustrating, Kenzie is a notorious collector of sketchbooks, antique tchotchkes, and novels and she lives for daily dance parties with her 6 and 4-year-old sons.   Listen to Lori's full episode HERE! Learn more about Kenzie Elston — Instagram: @snippetsofwhimsy Website: Lori Siebert & Co - Kenzie's Work Learn more about Lori Siebert — Instagram: Website: Lori Siebert & Co

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4.9 out of 5
16 reviews
Rmutts 2022/05/18
So inspiring!
I absolutely loved this episode with Seth. I had to listen it in sections because there was so much to digest. He is everything I aspire to be in my a...
Queen Anne's Lace 2022/05/15
Episode 19
I enjoy all the episodes but especially enjoyed listening to this one. Thank you for your tender heart and for the genuine affection you have for all ...
watercolor mom 2022/04/06
The Marion Parsons cast
Loved this interview… just purchased her new book and am looking forward to ingesting it! Love your magazines too!!
mverni_Art 2022/01/10
First time listening- was the interview of Lori Siebert and it was fantastic! Warm, interesting, fun, informative and just all the feels. Looking forw...
Miriam Schulman 2021/09/28
Great host and show
Such an honor to be featured here @schulmanArt host of The Inspiration Place podcast


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