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Yoga is the Dissolution of Mental Activity
An explanation of the first four verses of the Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali.  It details the use of a simple, direct method to achieve meditation and samadhi.  Transcript: A quote: Today we are going to analyze one of the most important works on yoga: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Written around the year 400, it is a set of aphorisms or sutras. It is a practice manual of meditation. It is not concerned with intellectual study, but instead the actual practice of yoga. We all know in the popular sense yoga usually refers to a set of postures or asanas. Many of the popular western or modern yoga traditions reference the Yoga Sutras, yet Patanjali talks about asana (posture) as only one of the Eight Limbs or Ashtanga of yoga. The third limb is asana, which is your posture, but it is a foundational aspect. It is only a means to reach the real power of yoga, which is meditation (represented by dhyana and samadhi). The first chapter of the yoga sutras is about samadhi: an overview of what samadhi is and how to achieve it. Only later does Patanjali go through the 8 limbs of yoga. Today, we are going to begin where Patanjali does, directly with samadhi.
Peace and Where to Find It
If we were to walk through any office building or place of work, we would find that many of the workers look at computer screens with a background image of some peaceful beach or nature scene. The workers gaze at those images, wishing to not be where they are, and dream about being on that beach or in those mountains, at peace, with no stress or worries of any kind. No one wants to be where they are, so everyone dreams about being somewhere else. Many people work very hard to save money so they can go to those places for a vacation for a few days. Perhaps for those few days they have some excitement or some distraction, and maybe a bit of peace. Then they go back to their routine lives, back to the same problems and sufferings, and they dream about one day escaping it again. The truth is that peace does not come from our external circumstances. No matter how much effort we make to change our external circumstances, peace does not come from there. Peace comes from inside. Even if you are very wealthy and famous, and have everything that humanity dreams of having, if someone says just the right words to you, you will explode with anger, even violence, and can even kill someone... so, the fame and money brings no peace of mind. People who live on those famous beaches and resorts still commit suicide and other crimes. They have no peace. As much as we may admire those beautiful, serene-looking places, those supposedly perfectly relaxing circumstances, even if we retire there or live there, we would not have peace because the causes of discontentment are not outside of us, in our circumstances. Our suffering and our pain exist not because of where we live, but because of the quality of our mind. The causes of suffering and pain are within us. The cause of peace is also within us. To find peace, you do not need to seek outside of yourself, but inside. So, instead of looking for that relaxing beach outside of us somewhere in the world, we need to find it inside. But, when we look inside, what do we see? Not that beach, but this one: a beach packed with people. A crowded place, with no room to walk or sit or swim, and filled with clamoring voices, each one demanding its desires, demanding attention, insisting on being the only one who should be on that beach. This accurately reflects our inner state. Each one of those people is a longing, fear, resentment, some desire, some frustration, envy, pride, and all of them are constantly talking competing with each other, trying to stand out, and to be the one who's special. Our mind never shuts up. It is never at peace. It is constantly chattering about what it wants, what it lacks, what it fears. Truthfully, our longing for peace is the longing to escape the noise in our head, heart, and body. When you observe some people, you see that they constantly have music or a tv playing, or are always scrolling on their devices; they need constant noise, constant impressions. This is because they want to avoid the noise in their mind: the music, the tv, or the scrolling is like a hypnotic bandage that numbs them. If you turn it off, they feel the pain of their inner condition. The feelings of discontentment, stress, anxiety, and fear are all rooted in the constant chatter of our mind. Unfortunately, in modern times, we have not been educated about our mind and how to deal with it. We learn by example and by inheritance; when we're growing up and we adopt the habits that we observe. We're never given guidance or training in how to deal with thoughts, emotions and impulses and so they control us. They control our consciousness. That's why we are in a constant state of contradiction and inner conflict. We have contradictory thoughts, feelings, and impulses. As a young person, for example, when it's time for us to become defined in our life, we feel that urgency to develop a career and become self reliant, successful and that is normal and natural. But unfortunately, our pride in
Esoteric Christianity 09 The Healing of the Paralytic at Bethesda
The story of The Healing of the Paralytic at Bethesda is imbued with esoteric teachings on psychology and our greater spiritual work. Slides & Transcription: This lecture explains: What is the esoteric meaning of Bethesda? What does it mean in Kabbalah? What do the pools of water mean? Who is the “another” who comes in takes the place of the paralytic, preventing him healing? How does this relate to the letters מ Mem, ו Vav, ז Zayin, ח Chet, ט Teth, ש Shin, and ס Samech? … and more. Complete course:
Purpose of Gnosis
As we are now, we are overwhelmed by negative emotional forces and negative mental forces, which create tremendous suffering in our lives. Every human being struggles daily with unhappiness, doubt, anger, fear, and more. These states cause us to act in harmful ways toward ourselves and toward others, which in turn creates more suffering for everyone. Gnosis is a direct and very potent way of transforming these problems, because it works upon the very foundations of suffering. Gnosis is a method to develop discipline and psychological stability. It is a means to arrive at genuine inner tranquility. And the great beauty of Gnosis is that it presents a method which uses tools that we already have within: we do not need to rely on anything or anyone other than ourselves. Truthfully, our happiness and well-being is up to us, and when we discover how to cultivate such qualities through the transformation of our own mind, we arrive at the understanding of the message that has been given by every great Saint and Prophet. Read along:
Esoteric Christianity 08 Healing the Royal Official's Son
An esoteric explanation of John 4:46-54, Healing the Royal Official's Son. This story is about the healing of our own soul. Then enquired he of them the hour when he began to amend. And they said unto him, Yesterday at the seventh hour [ז zayin] the fever [πυρετός , puretos: “scorching heat”] left him. John 4:52 The hour of healing was the seventh, related to the seventh letter, ז zayin. We discuss how we must work with “left” side of the Tree of Life to achieve spiritual life [חי chaim].
Women Have the Power to Change the World
"It is certainly women who are able to transform the world, if that is what they want. The woman holds in her hands the key of power. Even the masculine biology is controllable by the woman; in fact, the woman controls the biological activities of the man (she has this power, and it is extraordinary, wonderful). The only thing that she must do is retain this prodigious force, this creative energy of the Third " data-placement="top" data-content= "(Greek λόγος) Generally speaking, Verb or Word of God. In the gnostic teachings, it refers to the universal intelligence of Divinity, which can be incarnated through the Direct or Straight Path. The First Logos is the Father, Brahma, Kether, Dharmakaya. The Second Logos is the Son, Vishnu, Chokmah, Sambogakaya. The Third Logos is the Holy Spirit, Shiva, Binah, Nirmanakaya. See Glossary: Logos" data-original-title="Meaning">Logos. She must not allow it to escape, she must not permit it to merge into the universal currents. It is for this reason that the married woman, in the chemical or metaphysical copula, must assume an edified and essentially dignified attitude. "Obviously, the Sacred Order of Love stems from the Earth’s most ancient times. We can recall (in Greece) the priestesses of love, the Hetairas (ἑταίρα). They were sacred in the most complete sense of the word, and knew how to administer that which is called “love,” and men had to be obedient to them. Let us recall there in the lands of Japan, the supreme priestesses. They ministered that which is called “love.” "Unfortunately, the people of this modern century have lost the true feeling of love. The modern woman must turn to the ancient wisdom, she must begin to educate the man. Sex is one hundred percent sacred, and she must teach the man veneration for love and respect for sex. If the woman acts in this manner, she will be able to transform the world in a definitive manner..." Before all, the woman must free herself from many constraining attitudes, she must approach the study of sex from a new angle, not considering sexology as “taboo” or “sin,” as a cause for shame, something covert etc. If the woman is to regenerate the man, she must confront directly the mysteries of sex; she must teach such mysteries to the man. Unfortunately the “intellectual animal” mistakenly called “man” not only does not know how to respect women, he commits adultery like an animal, fornicates incessantly, squanders money, that which is for his home, in the bar, in the casinos, etc. Unquestionably, the crude reality of the actions is that the woman is called to assume a new role. She needs to transform herself (by means of the creative energy) and teach the man the path of regeneration. But this will not be possible if she does not have a superior electro-sexual potential, which will permit her to realize such a magnificent labor... It is necessary for the woman to reserve her own creative energy. Only in this way will she be able to increase her electric potential, so as to have sufficient force or authority to enable her to transform the man, to take him from the bars and teach him the path of responsibility, to indicate to him the path of regeneration. A Reading from "Treatise of Sexual " data-placement="top" data-content= "The science of spiritual transformation through the combining of forces and elements within the body, soul, and spirit. While many relate alchemy to the Middle Ages, its precepts are timeless and found concealed within the esoteric aspects of all religions. The foundation of Alchemy is sexual transmutation. See Glossary: Alchemy" data-original-title="Meaning">Alchemy: Love, the Key of Spirituality and the Chemistry of the " data-placement="top" data-content= "Generally speaking, the emotional and spiritual aspect of a person. The common person does not have a 'soul' yet; they have the Essence or seed of the soul, which must be grown through the 'second
Kabbalah of Christmas
The birth of Christ is always celebrated on the 24th of December, at midnight. This warrants reflection: why is it that on the 24th of the 12th month, at 12 midnight that we celebrate Christmas. Kabbalah is the science of numbers, and helps us understand the laws that manage our self-development. Read the transcription and see the accompanying images.
Spontaneous Awareness
The Essence, or Buddha Nature, is beyond the body, emotions, and thoughts. It is beyond the mind. The Truth could never be grasped by the mind. Yet, when the mind is silent, then the Essence is free to apprehend the Truth. This lecture discusses the aspects of the Essence, the importance of meditation, and concludes with brief mediation practices.
Teleios Gnosis: The Path of Perfect Knowledge
Howbeit we speak wisdom [σοφία, sophia] among them that are perfect [τελείοις, teleios]… 1 Corinthians 2:6 τέλειος (teleios): that which is perfect consummate human integrity and virtue the realization of one’s ultimate purpose in life τέλος (telos): the end purpose or goal of something the telos of an acorn is an oak tree. Cease not to seek day and night and remit not yourselves until ye find the purifying mysteries which will purify you and make you into a refined light, so that ye will go on high and inherit the light of my kingdom. Jesus (Aberamentho),  Pistis Sophia, ch. 100 This lecture discusses: What is goal of the universe? What is our spiritual purpose? What are the forms of knowledge and how to do we know what is true?
Anthropogenesis Part 4
Anthropogenesis Part 3
Part three of a history of all the root races of the Earth, including the Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, and Aryan races. Evolution is a law of nature that applies to the development of the soul (consciousness), but not in the way most people realize. Furthermore, the Bible explains the previous races and ages (Atlantean, Lemurian, and more), and about fallen angels and the existence of demons, but one has to know Hebrew and Kabbalah to understand. This course reveals the essential clues to understand how we got to where we are now. Learn about the reality of the development of the soul as it is hidden in the Kabbalah, the Bible, the Hebrew letters, and the Zohar.
Beginning Here and Now: Entropy and Sacrifice
Learn how these two laws equilibrate every cosmic body and energy, from the cosmic level to the psychological, and how to utilize them on the Path of the Self-realization of the Being.

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4.8 out of 5
229 reviews
Diana ocasio 2021/05/28
These teaching felt like Home. Something within was awakening as I kept listening to each one. Life changing within my being and soul. Thank you all...
Bel of the Bal 2020/03/25
What a Beautiful Gift
Thank you for such Knowledge! ... Now, to turn the knowledge you’ve taught and apply it~ (Wisdom).
Lala0Luna 2020/03/21
So thankful for these teachings.. absolutely life changing?
monkeywithaniPad 2020/02/05
Thank you
zebulonjohn 2019/11/23
I spent my life chasing lust. Porno,drugs,fornacation,dapravaty of all levels;( my life WAS pure Suffering. I new NOTHING!!! My life was filed with...
JosephM02 2019/10/06
The teachings contained in most of these lectures have permanently changed my life. I began “seeking” a few years ago, and found many pseudo spiritual...
Tonantzin Tonali 2018/11/26
I found that the teaching feel true, useful and help me to see the basic truth behind the major religions and traditions that I am familiar with.
Hydlbyrd 2018/11/12
Life Changing, Eternally Grateful
Discovering Gnostics is a blessing. I’m seeing things from a different perspective and I have a better understanding of our existence.
dakotawillow 2018/06/29
Gnostic Teachings
Vast wisdom in this podcast
Arianaxx94 2018/07/28
Spewing judgement on a new level
I listened to the podcast on the sexual revolution. Some points made were very well put however the narration is aggressive in nature. I was not turni...


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