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Do you wish you could manage your time and get things done? Are you tired of juggling ALL THE THINGS and feeling exhausted and burned out? Do you wish there was a way for you to balance mom life and still have time for yourself? Are you ready to create simple routines that work with your current season of motherhood? Here you’ll find step by step solutions to help you create more time and space for all that matters to you as a busy stay at home mama along with practical ways to manage your time and structure your day so that you can consistently find time for yourself without the mom guilt. My mission is to help you reconnect to yourself and make time and space for YOU through simple rhythms & routines, realistic expectations, getting grounded in your identity, and growing in your faith. Hey mama, I’m Cason! I’m a Jesus follower, wife, and mama to 3 little girls. 7 years ago, I completely lost myself in motherhood. My reflection was unrecognizable. I felt lost, hopeless, and alone. Motherhood felt like one big hot mess that I had no control over and I became a victim to my thoughts & circumstances. I knew something had to give. It wasn’t physically possible for me to continue letting life happen to me, constantly spiraling out of control. But getting intentional would require that I stop giving into chaos, set clear direction, reclaim my time and prioritize things like rest, stillness and doing what I enjoy while also managing stay-at-home-mom life. And so I did. I began to create a more peaceful, joy-filled life that translated into other areas like my home, my calendar, and my motherhood. But that doesn't mean it was easy. It took years of learning, growing, trial and error, but I created a plan full of baby steps that helped me manage all of my time and get things done. A simple strategy that I could maintain, a lifestyle that helped me create more balance and confidence. And I’m ready to share with you how I did it! If you're constantly procrastinating, overthinking, or just unsure of where to start, you're in the right place! This show is for the mom who feels stuck in survival mode hanging on by a thread, but is ready to trade busy for balance; chaos for calm. These solutions that are simple, practical, and rooted in faith! It’s time for you to get back in the driver’s seat mama and tell your time, energy, and thoughts where to go and what to do. Start taking ownership of your time and begin to live an intentional, more fulfilled motherhood. You're about to step into the woman and mom God has called you to be. And finally live in freedom with confidence. That girl is inside of you and we're going to find her together through Her Pursuit Join the online community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/herpursuit Join the live mentorship: https://herpursuit.co/start Want to work together one on one? Find more info here: https://herpursuit.co/start

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84: Soaking Up Summer 5: Letting Go of Perfection and Enjoying Your Life RIGHT NOW!
Today we're talking about my real-life experience with striving for perfection, how I've overcome it and how you can too. We'll talk about everything from the power of lowering your expectations in a healthy & realistic way, figuring out what truly defines your worth and identity, how to release the expectation and the self-induced pressure that perfection puts on us. This is a good one, friend. Grab your headphones and press play! Tag the show as you listen today! Take a screenshot of your phone and tag @herpursuitpodcast in your stories. Join the online community here! Want to work together? Grab your session here.
83: Talking with My Husband Adam About All Things Life, Marriage, and Being a Dad (Part 2)
This is the second half of a conversation I had with my husband, Adam, about having 3 little girls, getting married young, and all things in-between. I wanted to have him on for a Father's Day Interview, but as you'll see it's mostly just us chatting about life, how we met, getting married, and lots of transitions. Be sure to listen to Part 1 right here before pressing play on today's episode. Don't forget to take a screenshot as you're listening and tag the show on Instagram to let us know what you think as you listen! (@herpursuitpodcast)
82: A Father's Day Interview with my Husband Adam on Life, Love, and Being a Girl Dad (Part 1)
Today I'm sharing a conversation between my husband, Adam, and myself that we literally recorded last night. This episode has been planned for months, but we somehow managed to push it off until the last minute... literally! But that's "life", right?! This guy has not only given me 3 beautiful girls, but he's also my high school sweetheart and best friend. He is the most amazing father to our girls and the greatest man I've ever known. I hope this candid conversation about everything from how we met to all that we've faced in the years since encourages you in some way! Grab some headphones and press play. Don't forget to take a screenshot and tag the show (@herpursuitpodcast) to let us know you're listening! Join the online community here!Check out herpursuit.co for more resources!
81: Soaking Up Summer 4: How to Find Time For Yourself With Your Kids Home All Day Every Day This Summer
Raise your hand if you've ever thought, can I just do something for myself?? With kids home all summer, it can be challenging to find pockets of time for us to do something for ourselves. We're always doing for our kids and husbands and while we're called to serve and pour out, it's also important to take time to pour into ourselves. Today's focus is not on the (WHAT) you would do if you had the time, but rather WHERE is the time for you to do something for.. YOU. Click here to access the freebie mentioned in this episode!
80: TIME TIP: Realistic Ways to Get Into the Word as a Busy Mom
Today, we're talking about REALISTIC ways you can read your bible and spend time with God even as a busy mama. Because newsflash — we're all busy!! I used to think I was like BUSIER than other moms... because she doesn't have to do this, or she has this, or she doesn't have to deal with THIS, or her life is just easier than mine... and I definitely just don't have time to sit and open my bible and read, study, pray.. But it turns out everyone is busy. No one really has extra time and we're all making the time for what's important to us. After today's show, I hope you have NO more excuses for not spending the time with God that honestly, you know you need and truly WANT! Don't forget to leave a review for the show and tell us how it's impacting you! Not a part of our community yet? Join us here! Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get a handle on your day, redefine balance, spend your time on what matters most to you, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus and create realistic rhythms and routines for your day so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! Book your session now!
79: Soaking Up Summer 3: Getting Honest About How Much Time I've Been Spending on My Phone & What I'm Going to Do About It!
I'm gonna be honest - this wasn't originally part 3 of this series, but after Part 2, I knew I had to share this with you and be SUPER HONEST about what I discovered and my summer plans for my phone. Think of this as a continuation to Part 2 of Soaking Up Summer, so if you haven't listened yet, go play that one first! In this episode I'll discuss evaluating boundaries with our phone, checking in on our screentime, re-establishing boundaries when lines get blurred, and how to do that in a clear and healthy way. This episode is kind of vulnerable because I'm literally telling you the amount of time I've been spending on my phone each week (you'll be as shocked as I was!) and also what I'm planning to do about it. If you find yourself continuously getting sucked into an unhealthy scroll, this episode is for you! Press play and let's dive in together!! PS - just promise not to judge me for the amount of time I've been spending on my phone, okay?! Don't forget to leave a review for the show! Then come join us in the online community and tell us what you're taking away from this episode!
78: TIME TIP - 3 Things You DIDN'T KNOW About Morning Routines
I'm not a morning person, but morning time is my new BFF so if you reallly  want a consistent morning routine, this episode is FOR YOU. I'm so pumped because my mornings have literally changed my life. And I know that sounds dramatic, but it's absolutely true. I'm going to share some mini truth bombs with you today, so I hope you're holding tight to your seat. These 3 things are going to completely transform the way you see not only your time, but your MORNING time specifically, so grab some headphones, reheat your coffee or just keep doing what you're doing and let's get started!! Mentioned in the show: Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get on top of your day, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! There are only a few spots available. Grab yours here!Listen to Episode 9 for 3 Reasons You NEED a Morning Routine!Join us in the online community here!
77: Soaking Up Summer 2: Want Less Time Scrolling Your Phone & More Time Being Present? Here's How!
Are you tired of getting caught up in the scroll? Are you done wasting time on socials? Press play on today's episode for a little dose of "tough" love and a big heart check. PS - You're not the only one wasting time on your phone. I also have to keep an eye on my boundaries around my phone and screentime and today I'm walking you through some tips that will help YOU do the same so that you can spend less time scrolling and more time being present this summer (and really year-round)! Are you enjoying the podcast? Don't forget to rate & review the show on Apple Podcasts. Join our online community here! Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get on top of your day, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus and create realistic rhythms and routines for your day so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! Book your session here
76: TIME TIP: How Many Summers Are There? A Perspective on Time
It's summertime and I want to question the narrative that we have to "survive" this summer with our kids home all day every day. How can we truly be present and soak up this time we have with them? How can we make the most of the season we're in? Today, we're going to get some perspective on time and just how many weeks (and summers) we have to raise our babies and spend as much time with them as possible. You know I'm all for a healthy balance, so this episode isn't to say you must be with them 24/7, but rather being intentional about the time we ARE spending with them. Grab your headphones and press play! Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get on top of your day, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus and create realistic rhythms and routines for your day so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! Grab your spot here! Join the online community here!
75: Soaking Up Summer 1: My Imperfect, Low Expectation Summer Bucket List + A Free Goodie for YOU!
Today I'm kicking off a new series "Soaking Up Summer" by sharing my low expectation, imperfect summer bucket list. Not only will I share a few ideas from our list, but we'll also discuss WHY this matters. Not that a bucket list is required by any means - it's all about intent, which we will discuss further in this episode, so grab your headphones or plug your phone into your car and let's get started! You can grab your FREE Summer Bucket List Printable here! Once you get it filled out (or write yours down on paper) post it to socials and tag the show @herpursuitpodcast I can't wait to see your ideas! Don't forget to rate and review the show and let us know how it has impacted your life and motherhood! You can do this through Apple Podcast.
74: TIME TIP-Hello Summer, Goodbye Structure?! Why Summer Doesn't Have to Mean Routines Completely Disappear as a Stay at Home Mom This Summer!
Does summertime have to mean goodbye to structure?! I say no. Not if you don't want it to! So in today's episode we're going to discuss rhythms. Here's some of what we'll cover: What is a rhythm? How can you create realistic rhythms this summer?Three steps to creating rhythms that fit your season.How you can keep some sort of flow & structure to your day (even in the summer)2 reminders & mindset shifts for keeping an adaptable approach For a full transcription or to read along, please visit the blog over at herpursuit.co Are you enjoying the show? Would you consider rating and reviewing the podcast? If so, you can do this from the homepage of the podcast on the Apple Podcast app. It should take less than a minute and it has greater impact than you know!
73: Do Your Days Ever Feel Meaningless? 3 Reminders From Scripture for the Mom Who Is Asking "What's The Point?!"
I don't know about you, but there are some days that just feel meaningless. It's easy to wonder if anything we're doing or saying matters. If we're not careful, we fall into the trap of thinking "this is so pointless". Today I'm sharing 3 reminders from the Bible that will renew your HOPE and sense of PURPOSE - right now,  in whatever you're facing. Grab your headphones or plug your phone in as you drive and let's dive in! Doors are closing for More Time For Mom! In this 30 day mentorship, you'll learn (step by step) how to reclaim your time, prioritize it, and consistently have more time to do that one thing that you can't seem to accomplish. This group program is for the mom who is looking for community, accountability, and a simple roadmap to go from busy to balanced - chaos to calm. Because it all starts with managing your time! Grab your spot now. We start Monday, May 23rd! Got questions? Email hello@herpursuit.co

Podcast Reviews

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5 out of 5
86 reviews
Mariel. May 2022/06/14
Too all the mamas!!
I have recently been in a journey of coming back to Christ. As a step mom I I realized over the years that I need God to be the base of my everyday li...
BoyMommaOf2! 2022/06/13
LOVE! Best podcast for mommas!
This podcast has helped me SO much! I look forward to listening to each new episode, GREAT podcast for all the mommas out there!
Lucy22488 2022/05/24
Love this podcast!
I am so glad I found this podcast. Encouragement for the faith-based Mama along with practical tips to keep you organized. I look forward to every epi...
LizzieNewMom 2022/05/12
Such a blessing in my life
Thankful for how Cason balances grace and truth in her message to moms! Jesus is using her podcast to encourage me tremendously in my life as I learn ...
MEJ2017 2022/05/01
So relatable
I’d imagine that most women, essentially those with kids, will find this podcast relatable.
Brooke Janae Photography 2022/04/21
This touches my mama heart!
I feel like I’ve found my long best friend through this podcast. Cason is SO relatable and her episodes are filled with practical advice and encourage...
kbvkc 2022/04/20
Cason is so enlightening and practical! I’m so happy I found her podcast. She is a breath of fresh air and I feel like I’m chatting with my best frien...
Dtay17 2022/04/19
Such a big heart
Cason has such a huge heart. She shares so much value, encouragement and super practical tools for SAHMs. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.
Jude and Flynn 2022/04/08
I’ll never forget you saying “when I finally figured out no one was coming to rescue me…” I totally felt the SAME way when my kiddos were little, the ...
StephersB88 2022/04/08
So glad I found this podcast!
What a wonderful podcast for Christian moms! Episode 53 spoke right to my mama heart and I am so grateful for the encouragement and practical tips. Li...


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