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Welcome to the HowToBBQRight Podcast with Malcom & Rachelle Reed. Here we talk all about our weekly YouTube recipes, what we’re grilling at the house, tips and tricks for grilling and our competition BBQ contests.

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College Baseball World Series, Country Style Ribs & Wagyu Flat Iron
This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, getting to and from Omaha was the worst experience we've ever had (00:22), but once we finally arrived, we were ALL OVER some delicious Ball Park Food (05:00). Nebraskans were much friendlier than people in our area (11:21). The Ole Miss Rebels WON against the Arkansas Razorbacks (12:05). Malcom made us “Gourmet” Microwave Cheeseburgers (15:25), despite his near-DISASTER while preparing Father’s Day Brunch (18:23). He made the BEST Sweet Onion Gravy I’ve ever tasted (26:04). Malcom bought fireworks that are almost TOO BIG to use (30:36), and our office “4th Of July” Celebration is going to have ALLLL the sides (32:40). We answer YOUR Burning BBQ-based questions, from Pulled Pork with bark (40:20) to Beef VS. Pork Country-Style Ribs (51:15). The Palmer Home Fundraiser is in FULL blast (54:35), and we're still getting prepped for the Townsend Rib Cookoff in August (56:10).
Blackstone Grilling, Mayo as a Binder & Smoked Beef Tenderloin Recipe
On this week's HowToBBQRight Podcast, we're hosting a BIG party for the top 5 donors in our Palmer Home Campaign (00:25), and we're helping put on Townsend Spice and Supply's SCA Steak Cook-Off (02:44), which will feature a "Middle of the Pack" cookoff for two lucky teams (03:50). Malcom wanted a Smoked Beef Tenderloin for Father's Day (07:08), and I want to know if Mayo is an appropriate binder (11:46)? What is the trick for smoking the perfect Beef Tenderloin (13:50)? How many people can ONE Beef Tenderloin feed (18:08)? Why are Red Wine Mushrooms the BEST mushrooms ever (19:25)? Malcom and I are headed to Omaha to see the big Ole Miss showdown (22:51). Is the "Sides Chick" shirt unisex (24:50)? Malcom reminisces about his first time eating the heart of an animal (26:49), and discusses his dreams of opening a "Ranger Danger" racetrack (30:25). Malcom made the best “Run-Em & Rub-Em” Ribs (34:17), with some OG Bacon Baked Beans to ride with them (38:58) and some delicious Southern Potato Salad (41:23). We accidentally meal prepped some delicious Philly Cheesesteaks (45:23) and Breakfast Tacos, AKA “Meat Torpedos” (48:44). Malcom wants to know what kinds of Ballpark foods I'm looking forward to (51:03), and we can't believe it's HOTTER in Omaha than it is in Mississippi (52:04). Malcom talks about his BIG Father's Day plans for this year (53:21).
Open Fire Cooking, Grilling Hacks & Trying the NEW Arby’s “Wagyu”
On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we offer up a chance to have a VIP experience with Malcom (00:38), discuss the brand new trout division in Townsend Steak Cookoff (01:54), and local events hitting our area (04:58). The Viral Grinder sandwich makes a return to the Podcast (07:28) which reveals Malcom's Blackstone Grinder Idea (09:06). From there, we go in depth about Open Fire grills (12:02), specifically the Argentine Grill from our friends at Crank It Up Grills (13:52). Malcom and I talk about the differences between dry aging and wet aging (25:00), and why that 19-Day Dry Age Tri-Tip was so delicious (30:19). We offer our thoughts on ceramic grills (41:12) . Malcom tried the new Arby's Wagyu Burger, and he needs to show Arby's a thing or two about how to cook a wagyu burger properly (47:06). We check in on our Facebook Community and offer some advice on Brisket storing and the BEST way to heat up Baby Back ribs (53:30). From there, we wrap up with Malcom’s upcoming trip to see the Viking’s Football Game, The Community Steak Contest, and the Sides Chick Demo this weekend (1:04:32).
Bloody Marys, Apple Pie Baked Beans & BBQ Pork Grinder Sandwich Recipe
On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we officially unveiled our new Podcast merch (00:17), and the chance to come kick it with Malcom has OFFICIALLY started (02:18). We found our new favorite Bloody Mary mix (05:10), and I want to know what Malcom’s perfect Bloody Mary recipe is (07:15). Malcom kicked off Memorial Day with a BBQ Pork Grinder recipe (10:26), and I want to know if a grinder is really just a sandwich (16:25)? Mark, from Swine Life BBQ, made us some amazing Milk Cow Steaks (21:44). We took the HowtoBBQRight crew to a Memphis Red Birds game (23:17). This Summer is the summer of Frozen Drinks (23:42). Malcom finally got around to trying Sugarfire Smokehouse in St. Louis (26:53), and hilarity ensued when we got around to trying an Escape Room (30:21). Malcom “spills the beans” about that viral Apple Pie Baked Bean recipe (34:06), and explains what exactly a Country Style Rib is (39:22). Malcom kicked my Crack Dip recipe to the moon (43:22). Arby’s has a new “WAGYU” burger on the menu (46:42), and Malcom is pretty sure I’m trying to settle a life insurance policy on him (49:56). There is a delicious Berry Cobbler coming soon to a TikTok near you (51:14), and we’re hosting a Father’s Day Steak Contest on our Facebook Community Page (53:28).
Talkin’ BBQ with Rib Champion Heath Riles
On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Heath Riles is the Rib Champion OF THE WORLD (00:15), which is a LONG way from his DIY Stick Burner days (02:20). Malcom wants to know Heath’s secrets (03:57), and we’ve decided On-Site judging is MUCH better than blind boxes (08:38). Should Memphis in May be back on The River next year (11:03)? His on-site judges ate the ENTIRE slab of Ribs (17:13), which reminds Malcom of his first pork judging experience (18:05). Malcom and Heath reminisce about the glory days of Internet BBQ Channels (21:39), and Heath talks about his new Retro Weber Kettle Grill (25:31). Heath spills the beans about his WORLD CHAMPION Rib recipe (36:37), and his latest recipe, Buffalo Rib Bites (39:00). Heath and Malcom have both built an empire around Youtube BBQ (43:11), and they’re preparing for Memorial Day with amazing food (46:12). Malcom is still in love with his Nacho Machine (49:20). Heath caught the Cooler Thief at MiM red-handed (51:09), while Jamie made a bologna chub “Christmas Vacation” style (54:58).  We’re getting closer and closer to our “Feed A Family” fundraiser (58:00), and Heath is competing in a few more BBQ Competitions, this year (1:00:06).
Winning THREE Trophies at Memphis in May 2022
On today's HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re feeding TWO families for Palmer Home this year (00:43), and preparing for a SCA Cookoff in Melbourne, AK in August (03:33). We loved being on our own “tent island” this year for MiM (07:56), though that didn’t stop the thief that made away with Chell’s cooler (10:20). I turned in a modified Chick-Fil-A sauce for the mustard sauce competition (15:30), and Wright on Que got us FIRST PLACE in Turkey (18:23). Mikey was a true Wing-Man with his perfect-score recipe (22:53), and we were all glad when the Nacho Machine made it through the night of thievery (25:24). Outlaw BBQ brought us some technically perfect chicken drums (26:45), and our Wagyu brisket and filets were probably too much for the judges to handle (31:06). We were able to hold over our bacon-wrapped stuffed shrimp (34:06) all the way through a severe weather warning (35:03). Kevin's Bison Ribeyes were just like Wagyu Beef (38:53), and I was officially declared “in charge” during the awards ceremony (41:34). Our ribs were torn apart by the blind box judges (45:10), but we got some amazing beer from “the Butter Man” from Minnesota (53:13). We narrowly avoided a sewage-smelling disaster on Saturday (55:09). We’re about to film a Memorial Day Grinder Sandwich recipe (57:53), and Chris from the H2Q Community won our “Best Rib Picture” contest on Facebook (1:00:10).
Kicking Off WCBCC ‘22, Backyard vs. Competition BBQ & Smoked Tomahawk on the Drum
This week, we’re gearing up to kick off our Palmer Home “Feed-A-Family” fundraiser (01:10), and Malcom’s excited for a local contest we’re helping coordinate (03:55). Malcom was officially declared the 2022 Margarita Master (06:53), which was still not as cool as the Nacho Machine we broke out again (13:10). Memphis In May Is FINALLY Here (16:25), and Malcom explains why he loves it so much (22:09). We remember that time I tried to ‘manifest” a Killer Hogs Win (28:34), and the crazy tent neighbors we had last year (29:54). We hosted a guy who got FIRED from his volunteer position (31:43), and accidentally kidnapped a stranger that one time (32:58). Malcom explains how to be the best-prepared sightseer at the competition (35:16). Last week, Malcom drum-smoked a Porterhouse Steak (37:10) and doused it in his “Bacon Tallow” Butter (46:57). We made BBQ Grilled Chicken Sammiches for Mother’s Day (50:00). I want to know what the difference between competition and backyard BBQ is (51:27), and Malcom reveals his TOP SECRET formula for PERFECT Competition Ribs (54:25). We have a whole selection of Bloody Mary mixes to try while we’re in the booth (55:16).
Hot Dog Burnt Ends, Flamin’ Hot TikToks & Cinco de Margaritas
This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo here at Malcom’s Shop (00:22), and holding our Annual Office Margarita Competition (02:50). Malcom used The Force and a Lightsaber in a recent TikTok video (07:06), and also tried out Mountain Dew’s newest flavor in a margarita (07:47). Malcom is ALWAYS down for handouts from the Liquor Store (10:44), and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos make fantastic crust on Chicken Wings (12:37). Malcom and I develop a sure-fire way to end all kid sleepovers (19:00). Malcom and Greg Rempe ended their BBQ Round-Table discussion on The BBQ Central Show (20:20). The “Red Meat Disease” would end Malcom’s career (21:44), and we are in full force for our Annual Palmer Home Fundraiser (27:00). The Memphis Grizzlies have a GOOD chance of winning the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs (30:03). I want to know if Malcom has tried Hot Dog Burnt Ends (34:39), and Kroger has been stocking Pork Belly (36:43). I found a super unique recipe on the Let’s Get to Cookin’ Community Page (42:47), and I rapid-fire some fan questions to Malcom (44:41). We’re hosting a Rib Competition on the Community Page (47:58). We are in knee deep in preparation for Memphis in May that’s NEXT week (50:30)!
White Meat vs. Dark Meat, Crawfish Season & Lemon Pepper Chicken Quarters
This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss the Memphis Grizzlies BIG win against the Timberwolves (00:20). Malcom made a Lemon Pepper Chicken Quarters (09:18), and I did a little research on the differences between White & Dark Meat (17:02). Malcom judged his first Crawfish Contest (23:35), and ate at a fancy-pants restaurant called Rizzuto’s (36:45). Michael almost caused me to commit “scooter-cide” on our ride together (41:20). We’re about to start a Giveaway for our Facebook Community (44:55), which has been providing some really cool ideas lately (45:40). Malcom’s got a hankering for a Crawfish Boil after last weekend (50:35), and we’re holding a Margarita Contest next week in honor of Cinco De Mayo (52:40). We’re also mid-preparations for our annual Palmer Home Fundraiser (55:30). 
The History of Southaven Springfest, Vortex Grilling & BBQ Meal Prepping
On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom made some Lemon Pepper Chicken Quarters for a recipe coming soon (00:45), and he discusses the benefit of using a Vortex versus High Temp Pellet Grill smoking (01:44). He did some research and development on his newest seasoning (04:41), and boiling corn has never been more delicious thanks to a guy in Iowa (10:20). It’s going to be interesting seeing how different crawfish judging is from judging barbecue (13:50), and we’re eating good at a steakhouse outside of New Orleans, this weekend (19:01). I pick Malcom’s brain about the best steak he’s ever had at a restaurant (22:51). Swine Life and some of the guys around the office are practicing for WCBCC at Southaven Springfest (27:19), where Malcom got his start in Competition BBQ (28:00). There is a lot of “Showy-ness” to Competition BBQ, these days (37:30), and has come a long way from Malcom’s Strawberry Shots (40:19).  A member of our Facebook Community turned a tractor combine into a bad-to-the-bone rotisserie grill (42:28), and Malcom has Hasselback Sausage Sliders in his near future (44:24). I ponder how good coleslaw would be using our Mississippi White BBQ Sauce (45:10). What is Malcom Reed’s MUST-HAVE Weber Kettle Accessories (46:29), and Pork Brisket NEEDS to make a comeback to store shelves (50:25). What else is coming up this week, in the world of HowToBBQRight (54:00)? 
Crawfish Judging, The “Old” Food Network & Easter Brisket Recipe
This week on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I talk about the Office Dip Contest going down today (00:21), and the recipes everyone is making for it (02:43). Malcom cooked an Easter Brisket this week, (09:45) which he paired with a homemade gravy (19:12). He’s very particular about his plate arrangement (21:53), but we’re going Coastal with our family Easter Celebration this year (24:20). We went to New Orleans, and got KICKED OUT of a concert last weekend (26:20). I got served chopped grass at a fancy restaurant (30:15). Still, we’re headed back next week for the Metairie Crawfish Festival (32:15). Malcom and I remember classic Food Network shows (37:09). Be on the watch for a Chorizo Queso recipe to hit TikTok (44:58). We’ve got some surprises coming up soon (54:35), including our Second annual Margarita Office Contest (56:20).
The Co-Packing Process, Mississippi White Sauce & Southern Fried Fish
On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Memphis In May is moving to Midtown this year (00:47), and there’s a new Outlaw Pit on Malcom’s wishlist (02:58). The latest and greatest Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce is now on the shelves (07:47), which formulates the age-old question about Mayonnaise shelf life (11:36). Malcom walks me through the process of bottling sauces and rubs (14:38), from finding a Co-Packer, to translating your recipe (18:41) and finally getting the new product on store shelves (28:34). We had a Fish Fry this weekend (31:18), with some easy and delicious Hush Puppies (35:02). Malcom insists he is still the Catfish KING (42:26). He’s perfected his crispy wings on the Pellet Grill (44:07). Walmart is now OFFICIALLY the place to buy steaks (50:22). Is it possible to hold a turkey, post-cook, for TWO days (53:33)? Malcom’s planning a BIG weekend in New Orleans (57:45).

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4.9 out of 5
441 reviews
Nolen.Ella 2022/06/07
Malcolm, don’t let the one and only hater get you down
Love, love, love your YouTube channel, your products, and your podcast. I typically don’t write reviews, but after reading the ugly review left by “Ch...
SuperChief05 2022/02/21
Best Grilling Podcast anywhere
I love the HTBBQR Podcast. It is like good friends talking about all things delicious. Malcom has such an easy way to share techniques and he and ‘Che...
Chief102 2022/05/14
Should stick to cooking tips and info
It’s a waste of time outside of cooking topics. And take the mic away from Tyler until he can form a sentence without like, and like, but like, and l...
Ssword fail 2022/02/10
Britton21 2022/02/04
Great podcast
Malcolm and southern Chelle are relationship goals!
huntdoggydog 2022/01/14
I love Malcom and rashell reed
Love this podcast ! Best YouTuber out there in the land on bbq
Kimba125 2021/11/04
You and your Gal are the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Love the podcast,, How to BBQ RIGHT, your guests, Hi Tyler! I am hook line and sinker. You all have taugh...
b b q dude 2021/09/29
Good stuff
Love all the bbq content
Rust Shackleford 2021/07/22
How to bbq right
Wanna learn how to bbq right? This is the place to listen up! These folks will teach ya.
Turnerx5 2021/07/10
100% Awesome
Really, a terrific BBQ podcast. Great recipes, great tips, and frankly, I love the rapport between Malcolm and Southern Shell. Great lessons in BBQ de...


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