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Indiecast is a weekly show from UPROXX Indie Mixtape hosted by music critics Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen. Every week, Hyden and Cohen discuss the biggest news and names in modern indie, as well as look back to moments that established the indie rock canon.

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Soccer Mommy, Plus: Beyonce, Drake, Tim Heidecker, And Goose
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen review Soccer Mommy's 'Sometimes, Forever' and talk about new music from Beyoncé, Drake, Tim Heidecker, and Goose.
Mailbag: The Greatest Year For Music, Album Tracklists, And The Ultimate Festival Lineup
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen answer fan questions about the greatest year for music, album tracklists, and the ultimate festival lineup
The 2022 Mid-Year Indiecasties
Steven and Ian honor the best (and worst) of indie music with the 2022 mid-year Indiecasties.
Mailbag: Bad Concert Experiences, Best Driving Music, And Pop Music Ripping Off Indie
Indiecast hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen answer fan questions about bad concert experiences, best driving music, and times pop music ripped off indie artists.
10 Years Of Japandroids' 'Celebration Rock,' Plus: Wilco And Sky Ferreira
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen revisit Japandroids' 'Celebration Rock' 10 years later and talk new music by Wilco and Sky Ferreira.
Kendrick Lamar, Plus: Harry Styles And Billboard Music Awards ‘Uncanceling The Canceled’
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen review Kendrick Lamar's new album. Plus, they talk Harry Styles' 'Harry House' and the Billboard Music Awards' attempt to "uncancel the canceled" musicians.
The Smile, Plus: Jack Antonoff's Indie Rock 'Minions' Soundtrack, Kendrick Lamar Discourse, And The End Of The iPod
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen review The Smile's new album, talk Jack Antonoff's indie rock 'Minions 2' soundtrack, the Kendrick Lamar discourse, and the end of the iPod.
Arcade Fire's Comeback, Plus: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen review Arcade Fire's comeback album 'We,' talk Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees and the return of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
A Look Back At The Albums Of 2002
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen review albums from 2002, talk Elon Musk buying Twitter and a 'Succession' cast member starting a '00s indie rock TV series.
A Message From Indiecast's Steven Hyden
A note about this week's Indiecast episode.
Kurt Vile, 100 Gecs, BTS vs. Built To Spill, And An Indie Rock Twitter Skirmish
Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen talk Kurt Vile, Built To Spill's new project, 100 Gecs' return, and and indie rock Twitter skirmish.
Jack White + Father John Misty, Plus: Wet Leg And Q1 Favorites
Hosts Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen review albums by Jack White and Father John Misty, talk about the Grammys' relevance, Wet Leg's debut LP, and Q1 favorites.

Podcast Reviews

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4.7 out of 5
416 reviews
tonydatts 2022/03/02
Great even if….
…both Steve and Ian admittedly know nothing about Fugazi. Clean it up. Love the Pod
BC from TN 2022/04/27
Hyden blocked me on Twitter yesterday from his personal page and apparently the Indiecast page as well. I’m not even sure why. I’ve been a loyal Indie...
BigDannySmack 2022/02/26
Hyden. Cohen. The Dream Team
When you need to know when the next vibe shift happens, they got back and they’ll be there to hash out trends.
tomsup4 2022/02/25
Favorite podcast
Two knowledgeable dudes having fun, talking tunes while also sharing great recommendations. It’s a good time, they don’t take themselves too seriously...
The Real Paggy 2022/02/22
Great Music Pod
My music playlists needed some variety, so I decided to check out this pod. Steve and Ian give great music recommendations and the pod is entertaining...
max1390 2022/02/21
As a washed 30 something this show is perfect
bullmoose342 2022/02/21
Great podcast featuring one of the all-time smartest music critics, Steven Hayden formerly of AV Club - Milwaukee. As an aging Dad of 4 struggling to ...
Brent from New Jersey 2022/02/20
Fun Commentary and Focused Riffing
Steven and Ian nail it with their coverage of indie rock. Their topic curation is solid. Even when I'm listening to a discussion of an album I hadn't ...
danryan1 2022/02/19
Great music podcast
Love it!
Dave Fresca 2022/02/19
Two of The Best
My favorite music critics going. The recommendation corner alone is worth the weekly listen.


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