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Join Domenick Yoney and a cast of his fellow EV enthusiasts to talk about the biggest electric vehicle stories around. Brought you by the team behind

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EVs Debut At Goodwood, Ford Pro EV SuperVan and 2023 LEAF Pricing
➤ Kyle’s Model S Plaid pick up ➤ We Filled This F-150 Lightning Up To The Max ➤ Efficiency Showdown! Rivian R1T vs Ford F-150 Lightning ➤ Ford F-150 Lightning Takes On The Hogback Driver Assistance Challenge With BlueCruise ➤ Tom: Tesla And Non-Tesla Charging Adapters: Everything You Need To Know ➤ 2022 BMW iX xDrive50: InsideEVs 70 MPH Range Test ➤ Domenick: Cadillac Opens 2024 Lyriq Preorders After 2023 Model Sold Out ➤ 2024 Polestar 5 First Powertrain Details: 871 HP And 664 Lb-Ft ➤ 2023 Nissan Leaf Starts At $27,800, Offers 149 Miles Of Range ➤ 1,972-HP Ford Pro Electric SuperVan Is An E-Transit Custom Gone Wild ➤ Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Cybertruck Design Has Been Finalized ➤ Cadillac Shows More Of The Celestiq Concept's Celestial Cabin ➤ GMC Hummer EV Pickup And SUV See $6,250 Price Hike Across The Board ➤ Updated Arrival Van Gets EU Certification, Vehicle Type Approval
Chevrolet Blazer SS Teased, Megawatt Charging Launched, and NIO ES7 Debuts
In this episode: Citroen Ami Buggy concept going into production. Ford F-150 Lightning highway range test results, power outlet load testing, and efficiency comparison with Rivian R1T. BMW i4 M50 highway range test. Megawatt Charging System (MCS) launched by CharIN. Chevrolet Blazer SS gets a big tease and total reveal date. NIO ES7 debuts in China and has a solid state battery option. Ford Mustang Mach-E deliveries stopped temporarily. 
Cupra UrbanRebel Revealed As Brand Expands, Honda-Sony Joint Venture Creating New Company
On todays episode: Kyle gets a Rivian R1T, joins via Starlink Tom highway range tests the Rivian R1T Tom drives Xpeng P5 in Europe Cupra UrbanRebel revealed, should the brand come to the US as part of its international expansion Honda-Sony joint venture is creating a new automaker Mercedes EQB US pricing 
DeLorean Alpha5 Revealed, Buick Shares EV Plan And Shows Wildcat and Electra-X Concepts
On this week's episode: the DeLorean Alpha5 is revealed Buick shares its EV plans and shows off the Wildcat and Electra-X concepts the BMW iX1 debuts Chevy Bolt EV gets a big price cut Ora Funky Cat coming to the UK
Cadillac Lyriq Sells Out, BYD Seal Debuts, And Hyundai Plans US EV Plant
On today's episode: 2023 Cadillac Lyriq has quickly sold out BYD Seal, looking like a global product, has debuted in China Hyundai announces new EV and battery factory for the US
Honda Prologue Teased, Texas Tesla Model Y, And Genesis GV60 On Sale
On this week's show we discuss: Honda Prologue shown in a sketch for the first time Genesis GV60 has gone on sale Texas Gigafactory Tesla Model Y offered to customers
We Drive Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian Q1 Financial And Production Results
On this week's episode: We drive (and charge) the Ford F-150 Lightning Discuss Rivian Q1 financial and production/delivery results and Volkswagen reviving Scout to bring electric pickups to US
We Drive Lexus RZ 450e Steer-By-Wire With Yoke, Fast Charge BMW iX, and Highway range test Mercedes EQS 450+
On this week's episode: We drive a prototype Lexus RZ 450e with steer-by-wire with both yoke and round steering wheel Analyze the BMW iX DC fast-charge performance Discuss Mercedes EQS 450+ fantastic highway range test result
We Drive Toyota bZ4X and attend Ford F-150 Lightning Launch
On the show this week: We drive the Toyota bZ4X Attend Fully Charged Live Ford F-150 Lightning launch
BMW i7, Mercedes EQS SUV, And Lexus RZ 450e All Revealed
On the Podcast today: The debut of three premium electric vehicles - the Mercedes EQS SUV, the BMW i7, and the Lexus RZ 450e.
We Drive Jeep Magneto 2.0, Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept and VW EVs Get Big Range
On the podcast today: We Drive Jeep Magneto 2.0 Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept VW EVs Get Big Range Boost ...and more
We Drive Hummer EV, Bolt Production Resumes and New Niro EV Specs
On the podcast today: Kylie has driven the Hummer EV Tom helps launch BMW i4 and iX to customers Bolt EV/EUV Production Resumes Kia shows off the new Niro EV ...and more

Podcast Reviews

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4.6 out of 5
55 reviews
Rhoprime 217 2022/05/16
A Must Listen to Podcast
Easily one of the most informative and well-rounded EV Podcasts out there. The interplay between the hosts are great, and I look forward to each new ...
Planderson 2022/06/03
Usually great, June 3rd not the best example….
Typically this podcast is great, I love Martin, Tom and Kyle, and Dom is great if he can be the host… but if everyone is gone, plan to bring in guests...
tsstephe 2022/03/20
Great resource
Great podcast with lots of up to date info and news on the EV industry. Every episode I listen to I find myself learning something new or understandin...
BenTamme 2022/04/01
Solid EV podcast - Dom needs a different role
Absolutely love this podcast and mostly look forward to each week’s episode and bonus shows. But my god sometimes Dom is impossible to listen to. Kyle...
Blueoxbox 2022/03/30
Great info. Not real truck guys though.
I like the information shared and will keep listening. I wished that they had a real truck guy to explain the new truck EVs coming to market. For some...
Crisler 2022/03/15
Great podcast. Crisp presentation and full of great information
One of my favorite podcast. Lots of information with none of the contrived personality interjections so many podcasts fall prey to.
OlneyMd 2022/02/15
Thanks for the great content! Never miss an episode!!!
mick papp 2021/10/08
Love this
This podcast keeps my mind off the bad things and helped my away from suicidal attempts Thank you very much for these podcasts to keep me happy. Yo...
christooma 2021/11/23
Give Kyle an episode!
Let Kyle run an episode and you could shave 20+min off each episode. Get to the point, be concise, and move on to the next topic. Good coverage of the...
TKsOpinion 2021/11/15
Fun show that needs a new host.
I listen pretty much every week and Kyle, Tom and Martin are all informed and personable. The host, Domenick, is uninformed and has the personality of...


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