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The No. 1 InsurTech Podcast in Africa, for Africa, by Africa. Join us as we share thoughts, ideas about how technology and innovation can change the insurance industry on the African continent specifically in Nigeria. We would be having interviews & discussions with top industry C-Suites, innovators, InsurTech Founders, Investors from around the world. #IBSPodcast

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Octamile: Redefining Insurance Access and Customer Experience
On this episode we sit with Gbenro Dara Founder/CEO of Octamile one of the pioneer  InsurTechs in Nigeria. Octamile is helping insurers reach more and most especially new markets by integrating their products on Octamile’s Super API. Gbenro and team is able to offer insurance to customers on  digital platforms in various industries where customers are already transacting. Join our IBS community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
FSD Africa: Fostering Innovation in the African Insurance Industry
Accessing Capital as an InsurTech in Africa -IBS Webinar
Following the trends in 2021, 2022 looks to be the year for #InsurTechinAfrica to burst out than ever before. Key to that is the increased interest and activities of investors in the space. In this year's first #IBSWebinar we had an in-depth conversation about the realities of raising capital as an InsurTech operating in Africa and also understand what the investors are looking for in startups. Panelists: Ashley Immanuel - CEO, EFInA Sam Baddoo - Founder, Fleri Zacharia George - Managing PArtner, Launch Africa Gbenro Dara - Founder, Octamile Inc. Watch the webinar on our YouTube Channel Join our IBS community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Uncovering the Value Tech & Innovation brings to Insurance in Nigeria
In this episode we have a chat with Gigaloluwa Ilori former Head of Strategy Execution at AXA Nigeria and Founder of Agnosys Health, a healthtech company based in Nigeria and focused on providing quality home healthcare services to Nigerians. Our conversation with Giga touched on his experience in the insurance industry, his interest in Healthcare and how technology, innovation and collaboration can help propel the Nigerian Insurance industry to new heights in 2021 and beyond. Join our IBS community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Online market places & Insurance: A Glimpse at the Present and Future
In this episode we have a chat with Hermann Fried Managing Director of Bsurance, an insurtech company based in Austria. Bsurance is specialized in embedded insurance and our conversation with Hermann centered around his experience in insurance, what Bsurance is looking to achieve in the insurance space and what the future of insurance is going to look like. Join our IBS community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
A Pineapple Approach to Improving Insurance Experience
In this episode, we are joined by Sizwe Ndlovu who is Chief Technology Officer at South African InsurTech company, Pineapple. We talked about his journey into insurance, what Pineapple is looking to achieve and what the future hold for InsurTech in South Africa and RoA. Join our IBS community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Innovative Models, Tech that can Improve the Insurance Market in Africa
In this episode, we are joined by Marjorie Ngwenya who wears so many hats these days. She is a Past President of the prestigious Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, a leadership Coach, an Actuary by profession, an Author, Speaker and currently a Board Member of Tangerine Africa. We delve into her background and experience in the insurance space and also explore the current landscape as well as the future of the insurance industry. Want to reach Marjorie? Join our IBS community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Bonus: Promoting access to Quality Healthcare & Insurance with Recyclables
Nonso Opurum is the Founder and CEO of Nigerian InsurTech startup SOSO Care who are providing Nigerians with access to quality healthcare by leveraging micro health insurance and alternative premium financing options like collecting Recyclables. Their aim is to get more Nigerians insured especially those in the low-income bracket and are looking for partners to help them grow. Email: Website: Office email:
Successfully Insuring Africa's Underserved Population
In today’s episode, we are joined by two women pushing, reshaping microinsurance in Ghana and Kenya. Leona Abban (Country Manager, MicroEnsure Ghana) & Wairimu Njoki (Country Manager, MicroEnsure Kenya) shared with us their experience, the regulatory landscape in their countries and strategies they are employing in order to scale simple and affordable insurance products. Watch the IBS Women In Insurance Webinar featuring Adeolu Adewumi-Zer, Marjorie Ngwenya, Jihan Abass, Rahsidat Adebisi and Bimbo Onakomaiya: Join our community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Welcome to IBS Podcast
How OKO is Reshaping Agribusiness in Africa with Parametric Insurance
In this episode, we sat with Simon Schwall, a micro-insurance specialist and Founder of OKO; an insurtech company leveraging mobile technology & Satelite data to offer simple and affordable Crop Insurance to small-scale farmers in Africa. OKO is based currently operating in Mali and Uganda and is looking to expand across Africa starting with Cote D'Ivoire. Register for the IBS Women In Insurance Webinar: Watch our Anniversary Event featuring Rob Galbraith, Eunice Maina, Frederick Bisbjerg & Bryan Falchuk: Join our community on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Scaling Microinsurance in Africa: Models that Work
Having played in the microinsurance space in Africa for almost two decades, Richard Leftley is an authority on the topic. In our episode today, we ask him about the challenges so far, opportunities that still abound through innovation and technology and what models he has tried and which one has worked. Richard is Executive Vice President, Micro Insurance Company which was formally MicroEnsure. Register for the IBS Women In Insurance Webinar: Watch our Anniversary Event:

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